KeepVid Android: Best YouTube Video Downloader for Android

Learning, entertainment, and fun, whatever you ask for, YouTube has a video of almost anything that struck to your mind. Keeping in mind the recent trends, smartphones, tablets and other Android devices are now being immensely used worldwide for surfing the internet. Thus, coming across any video which you need to watch whenever you want even offline on your handset was once a joke. But thanks to KeepVid Android that allows us to not only download our favorite videos but also facilitate us by converting YouTube videos to mp3 if we entail. All it requires is to download KeepVid Android APK on your device and enjoy favorite videos anytime anywhere.

KeepVid Android: Best YouTube Video Downloader for Android

KeepVid Android: Best YouTube Video Downloader for Android

KeepVid Android is one of the prominent developers for video as well as the music downloaders. It is fast, free and possesses a friendly UI that allows you to navigate without any difficulty. Talking about other downloaders, they lag in speed as well as annoy you with the ads that keep on popping up in between the video. From designing an aircraft to the cooking classes, tutoring to work out sessions, rhymes to the movies, thus the demonstration of any of your query is just a click away.

KeepVid Android Review

Features that makes YouTube Video Downloader for Android the Best:

Let us probe deep into the features of KeepVid video Downloader to figure out that why and how it firmly stands out the crowd.

Download YouTube to MP3:

Download YouTube to MP3

If the audio version is enough for you, then KeepVid Android video downloader does have a solution for you to this. Although it is preferably recognized as the video Downloader, it also enables its users to download YouTube video to MP3. In any video page, by pressing the blue button to download a selection window pop up. From this list, select ‘Music – Mp3’ option and the audio version will be downloaded to your device within seconds.

Share to Download YouTube Video:

Share to Download YouTube Video

This is probably the best feature that anyone would ask for. While watching a video and you need to have it in your handset immediately, just click on the ‘share’ button and select ‘download with KeepVid’ to download the video from YouTube.

Copy Link to Download Video:

Not being inside the YouTube App but you have the video URL. All you have to do is to paste the URL and just click the download button for a quick loading.

Multi-tasking Videos Downloading:

Now, there is no need to keep on waiting for downloading videos one by one. With KeepVid Android YouTube video downloader, you can download ‘Five’ videos at once. By default, maximum parallel downloads are set to three, but it can be easily changed to five via setting options.

Built-in Video Search and Browser:

Built-in Video Search and Browser:

Other than downloading the video from YouTube, you can avail the opportunity of directly downloading it from the app. There is a built-in web browser in the app from where you can search your required videos directly and download it from there.

Share Button enables you to share videos anywhere:

YouTube App only allows you to share the link. It will not let you share the offline saved videos. But when it comes to KeepVid Android YouTube Video Downloader, you can share the videos through any app you want to. To ensure the sharing of downloaded videos via any app in every possible manner; these apps uses native Android System share, thus, assist you in sharing your favorite videos anywhere.

Free Youtube to MP4 Online Downloader tool:

KeepVid also tends to support YouTube to MP4 downloader and converter. It is available in both the versions that are free as well as the commercial. This format is used to play high-quality videos on your smartphones, tablets and other Android devices.

KeepVid Android Final Review:

KeepVid Android YouTube Video Downloader is a joy full and fun filled application that shows quick results. Its user-friendly interface lets you navigate between the home screen and video platform quite easily. It also holds a history tab that contains the history of the downloaded videos.

This application is the only app available on the Play Store that allows you a one click download from any platform. Audio tool and multi-tasking function have ensured the convenience and satisfaction on the customer end.

So, don’t wait and grab the latest version of KeepVid YouTube Video Downloader APK for your Android system and enjoy your favorite videos for free.