WhatsApp Update 2017 Download for Android App APK

Download the latest WhatsApp Update 2017 on any Android Smartphone including Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC, Motorola, Nexus, Pixel, Huawei, Lenovo, Gionee, Oppo, Karbonn, Asus, Acer, One Plus, Alcatel, Celkon, Intex, and Xiaomi. Grab the new version of WhatsApp Update 2017 App APK.

WhatsApp Messenger, the free messaging app for Android and other smartphones has become extremely popular during the recent years. The trend of texting via SMS is becoming obsolete, or one can say that it has already been outmoded. Users prefer messaging and now even calling through WhatsApp, free of cost. It allows its users to share photos, videos, documents, group chats and voice messages.

WhatsApp Update 2017 Download for Android App APK

New Version of WhatsApp Update 2017 App with Video Calling

Talking about its recent Whatsapp update 2017 app, surely WhatsApp has always kept in mind the interest of their users as well as the current trends circulating in the market. In the past year or two, various updates have been made by WhatsApp which includes WhatsApp video calling, voice mailing, Google drive backup, tons of emoji and end of subscription fee.

WhatsApp Update 2017 GIF Support

This time WhatsApp has GIF support finally in its app. iPhone users were the first to get hold of this new update of WhatsApp, and now it’s the Android users who are being amused by this latest feature of WhatsApp. It enables its users to convert videos into GIF and share them. Simply following points should be taken into consideration:

  • In the conversation window, tap the attachment icon and make a video.
  • Once it is done, hit ok, when the videos trimming page appears select camcorder icon present at the upper right corner, and it will switch to the GIF image.
  • Send the video as a GIF up to six seconds long.

WhatsApp Update 2017 Download for Android App APK

WhatsApp has intensely increased the number of photo and videos that can be sent in a single message. Before the updates it allowed his user to send ten pictures in a single message, but now this number has been increased to 30 photos or videos at once.

New Version of WhatsApp Update 2017 Download

Furthermore, users are now allowed to watch video while it is being downloaded, just like streaming. This does not mean that the video will not be downloaded to the device. The moment you click on the button the video will start playing and feature only available on WhatsApp update 2017 for Android. So, if you want to avail all the new features of WhatsApp app, then download new version of WhatsApp update 2017 APK for Android.

Download WhatsApp Update 2017 App APK for Android

WhatsApp Latest updates now track the WhatsApp user’s location. Now you can locate the live locations of the members by WhatsApp Messenger App thus allows you to meet them up in real time.

WhatsApp Update APK 2017 Instant Messaging

Recent updates permit the users to write their replies to the messages in the text field in the absence of internet connection. And once the Smartphone is connected, all the queued up messages will be sent.

And finally, WhatsApp has come up with a complete redesigned storage usage menu. Users will now be able to see a detailed breakdown of exactly how much memory each chat or a group conversation has taken place. In addition to this, the users will also be able to see in a conversation that how much space is taken by Texts, Photos, GIF, Videos, Documents and Voice Messages.

The easiest way to update WhatsApp app is via Google Play Store. If you prefer downloading it manually, then here is the WhatsApp APK 2017 update for Android or log on to the WhatsApp update download page and get the Amazing 2017 Updates of WhatApp for your Android Smartphone.

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