TunesGo Retro – Best iOS File Transfer for iPhone / iPad / iPod

When it comes to iOS devices, everybody uses iTunes to transfer files from PC to iPhone / iPad / iPod. However, the iTunes is not the only one which can transfer files from PC to iPhone! One can find number of iOS File Manager which can easily sync your data across multiple devices. So, if you are bored of using iTunes or you feel iTunes is a big headache, then here is the best iOS File Manager and an iTunes alternative named TunesGo Retro.

The TunesGo Retro from Wondershare is one of the best and superb iPhone Manager that can easily transfer all your data from PC / Mac to any iOS devices. It comes with simple and intuitive design to enhance the user experience and it also doesn’t require any technical knowledge. The best thing it works without iTunes, so from now without iTunes also you can transfer audio, videos, photos, music, etc. to your any iPhone, iPad or iPod. Indeed, the TunesGo Retro is a featured-filled tool, so here we are going to see some of the best features of it.

TunesGo Retro - Best iOS File Transfer for iPhone, iPad and iPod

Features of TunesGo Retro:

iOS File Transfer

Best iOS File Manager

This tool not only allows you to transfer files from PC to iOS but also to iOS to iOS. You can transfer all your data from iPhone / iPad / iPod to another iPhone / iPad / iPod without any hassle. Also, you can connect multiple devices at a time so that you can directly transfer your data without having a backup. It supports audio files, videos, photos, playlists, contact and SMS for transferring. Amazingly, it converts non-supported iOS formats with supporting ones. In short, you can overall copy your one iOS device data to another iOS device.

Repair / Recover iTunes Library

iTunes Music Fix and Songs

In case, if your iTunes library gets corrupted or you may get a system crash, then you will lose your entire iTunes collection. But with the help of this awesome TunesGo Retro tool, you can immediately recover your iTunes library from your iPhone / iPad / iPod. This sync will include all the song information (ID3 Tags), playlists, play counts, ratings, skips and other details.

Optimize Library and Contacts

Fix your songs missing tags and covers with a single click in your iPhone / iPod / iPad. Easy to delete function for audio, videos, photos and contacts files.

Delete Duplicate Contacts

For contacts, you have better and handy options like merging contacts from various sources and identify the unique ones. You can also add or edit contacts and change details accordingly.

Quick GIF Maker

Easy GIF Maker

Quick GIF maker is the most amazing and a new feature introduced in the TunesGo Retro tool. You can make GIF from photos or videos from your iOS device. Just choose as much as the photos you want to include and make the GIF in a single click. For making GIF from videos, you need to choose video and a section of it. Additionally, you can also adjust the animation speed and see the preview.

Final Words:

The TunesGo Retro is one of the best iOS File Manager for iPhone, iPad and iPod. It comes with all the useful features in a single package. So, get a trial version from here and later on, you can upgrade it for a full version.