Top 10 Newest Icon Packs for Android in 2014 (Volume 1)

Android is the most versatile and customizable OS. No doubt, one may find numerous ways to customize their Android Smartphones to make it distinctive from others. The most common technique to decorate Android devices is to use “Launchers”. Well, you can find hundreds of Launcher Apps in the Google Play Store offering various customization features. You would like to check it out our article on ‘Top 5 Free Newest Launcher Apps for Android in 2014‘.

Top 10 Newest Icon Packs for Android in 2014

Once you have picked up your most suitable launcher, you can switch through various icon packs to refresh the look. Dig stock icons from Google Now and go with some newest icon packs that really make your device wonderful & eye-catching. As we know, the Google Play Store is a place where you can get all sorts of newest icon packs for Android Smartphones but to download and try every newest icon packs that exists is not a good move. So, to help you out with that problem, we have compiled a list on “Top 10 Newest Icon Packs for Android in 2014” that are worth checking out. Definitely, now, you can try each of them and select the best one among all.

Top 10 Newest Icon Packs for Android in 2014

#1. NSimple – Icon Pack [Paid]

NSimple - Newest Icon Packs for Android in 2014

An elegant icon pack comprising of almost 450+ icons. All the icons are coated with the whitish interface and include a nice soft shadow that gives a true 3D effect. The icons are clearly visible in a sunlight as well as in small screen brightness. In addition, this icon pack comes with seven beautiful wallpapers.

Get it from Google Play Store: NSimple – Icon Pack

#2. Trace – Icon Pack [Paid]

Trace - Newest Icon Packs for Android in 2014

Trace is a quite unique icon pack containing of white outlined transparent icons. The icons are crafted so nicely that even you can see the wallpaper through it. It supports icons for 850+ applications and extra icons for stock apps.

Get it from Google Play Store: Trace – Icon Pack

#3. Edges – Icon Pack [Paid]

Edges - Newest Icon Packs for Android in 2014

Replace the flat stock icons on your Android devices by the newly octagon shaped icons and give the fresh look to your eyes. This is the delightful icon pack consisting of modernized icons having different contrast background and the long apps logo shadow. Icons are compatible with 600+ applications as well as you can request specific apps icon using “Icon Request Tool”, if it’s not present in the pack. This icon pack is loaded with some unique wallpapers.

Get it from Google Play Store: Edges – Icon Pack

#4. Tyles Icon Pack [Paid]

Tyles - Newest Icon Packs for Android in 2014

If you are the one that loves the stock icons the most, then you should definitely give a shot to “Tyles Icon Pack”. It’s a stock inspired icon pack with the rounded corners and depth that gives a cube like look. As of now, it includes only 250+ icons and 7 custom HD wallpapers, but you can request for many more by contacting directly to the developer.

Get it from Google Play Store: Tyles Icon Pack

#5. Vibe – Icon Pack [Paid]

Vide - Newest Icon Packs for Android in 2014

A colorful icon pack is designed with a perfection of unique dimensional style and subtle shadow that represent beautifully on your device home screen. You can find a variety of icons for one app with a unique definition carved under vibrant colors. It’s one of the biggest icon packs which include 1350+ uniquely designed icons and adding more via regular weekly updates. You can also find 10 HD wallpapers under it.

Get it from Google Play Store: Vibe – Icon Pack

#6. Faint – Icon Pack [Paid]

Faint - Newest Icon Packs for Android in 2014

From the name itself, one can imagine that icons must be of fainted type. Well, it’s absolutely true but it comes with more than that! This icon set includes the rounded square faint icons with a subtle gradient and a faint shadow. It’s a minimalist icon pack define to give a new dimension to your entire home screen.

Get it from Google Play Store: Faint – Icon Pack

#7. Ruggy – Icon Pack [Paid]

Ruggy - Newest Icon Packs for Android in 2014

Have you tried a grunge style icon pack? If not, then “Ruggy Icon Pack” is really a worth to test it out! Ruggy is uniquely designed icon pack in which all the icons are sprinkled with dust and cracks that give a detailed grunge look. Icons are made with perfection that can easily be fitted with any background. As of now, it comes with 1800+ icons and more will be added soon.

Get it from Google Play Store: Ruggy – Icon Pack

#8. BULLET Icon Pack [Free]

Bullet - Newest Icon Packs for Android in 2014

After the quick success of professionally designed “Batman Icon Pack” and “Sketchy Icon Pack“, now the developer is back with another unique icon pack namely “Bullet Icon Pack”. The icons are grabbed from the stock launcher and then given a look of shot bullet holes, it’s looking quite amazing. This icon set comprises of 2000+ icons and one can grab them all for absolutely free.

Get it from Google Play Store: BULLET Icon Pack

#9. FlatWoken Icon Pack [Free]

Flat Woken - Newest Icon Packs for Android in 2014

Another set of flat icons with a rounded square interface and a subtle shadow. FlatWoken Icon Pack is available in both free and the paid version. The free version comes with only 50 icons and if you need more then you can upgrade to paid version. I recommended, once you should give a try to a free version.

Get it from Google Play Store: FlatWoken Icon Pack FreeFlatWoken Icon Pack Paid

#10. Blurred Circled Icon Pack [Free]

Blurred Circle - Newest Icon Packs for Android in 2014

A minimal and colorful icon pack with a circle themed icons. Every icon is encircled with a blurred whitish interface that suits your device visuals. The free version of this icon pack can be themed up to 1400+ applications. If you want to get the detailed look of the icons then go with for the paid version.

Get it from Google Play Store: Blurred Circled Icon Light FreeBlurred Circled Icons Light HD

Your Views…

So, these are the newly released icons packs for Android that you should try it out on your device. In case, I have missed any of the best icon packs for Android then tell me using the below comments box. Still not satisfied with the above mentioned icon packs? Share your own custom list of newest icon packs for Android with us.