Top 7 Best Camera Apps For Android Devices

Photography is what we do on a random basis and to act like a photographer we try to shoot photos professionally, though we are not! Now-a-days, Cameras and handycams are replaced by Smartphones possessing a high-definition camera. As we know, Smartphone is having less weight compared to Camera and Handycam, that’s the one of the reasons why people prefer to carry it. Secondly, it’s about features; today’s most of the Smartphones runs on Android Operating System, which has awesome features and great customizing capability as per the user’s needs.

Top 7 Best Camera Apps For Android Devices

The Stock Camera in Android Smartphones carry’s normal features, which we have already used in portable cameras. But to enhance the capability of Stock Camera in Smartphones, there are lots of Photo Editing Apps available over internet. These photography apps inherit extraordinary features to camera and give the best experience likes never before. So, based on the various features we have done sorting and compiled a list of “Top 7 Best Camera Apps for Android Devices”. In fact, these apps are also called android photography apps, as it includes different photographic features.

Top 7 Best Camera Apps For Android Devices

1. Cameringo – Effects Camera


A super effects camera app, which modifies your photo by giving various specialized and classic effects like artistic painting, Lomo and Lo-Fi effects, vintage, retro, unique borders and much more. Horizon level indicator is provided to control over the angle of the photo. Other features like clever image stabilizer, silent camera mode, Geo Tagging (GPS Location), guidelines, tap to shoot, macro-focus, etc. makes this app as the best Camera Apps For Android Smartphones.

Download :: Cameringo Demo | Cameringo Paid Version

2. Cymera – Camera & Photo Editor


A free but a powerful app having a huge variety of lenses and shooting modes with face detection technology. For the best experience features like Out of Focus, Anti-Shake, Timer, Self-Portrait, Touch Shots, etc. are included. Other than that it’s also best for editing photos to make it funny, cartoonic, realistic makeups and much more. If you wanna go for free version then Cymera is the one of the best camera apps for android smartphones.

Download :: Cymera

3. HDR Camera+


A special app for the taking HDR photos in just one click. Get the fastest HDR camera app, which can take pictures in vivid colors with a high resolution. Use your camera for HDR photography and start storing real life scenes using exposure bracketing and tone mapping features.

Download :: HDR Camera | HDR Camera+

4. Night Camera+

Night Camera

If you are fond of snapping pictures at night, then your device must have Night Camera+. It’s one of the best night photography apps for Android Smartphones to capture high quality images in low light. The app comes with awesome features and let you snap photos in any conditions including evening, night, twilight, or in any other dark environment. No matter how dark the atmosphere is, open the app and start snapping the photos!

Download :: Night Camera | Night Camera+

5. ProCapture – camera + panorama


Now-a-days, panorama photography is getting too much of the fame and yes we can take panoramic pictures on Android by using “ProCapture” app. In this app, Panorama mode automatically links together up to 12 photos to produce a high resolution panoramic image and you can even zoom every small detail. For the best experience, wide shot facility, automatic noise reduction, on-screen photo indicator, etc. are included in the app.

Download :: ProCapture Demo | ProCapture Paid Version

6. PicSay Pro – Photo Editor


Here is the app for the fun photography, make your photo funny by adding unrealistic things and cartoon comments. You can also give effect to make it memorable like Cross Process, Lomo, faux HDR, Tilt-shift, Pencil Sketch, etc. PicSay Pro is also awarded with one of the best photo editing apps for android devices.

Download :: PicSay Free | PicSay Pro

7. Vignette


The UI of this app is almost similar to the Stock camera app, but with the advanced features. It includes features such as digital zoom, time-lapse, self-timer, 70 customizable filters and 50 frames for giving effect, and much more.

Download :: Vignette Demo | Vignette Paid Version

So, install and use all the 7 Best Camera Apps on your Android Smartphone and let me know which are the best camera apps for Android and why? If you know any other apps with great functionality then surely inform us via the comments. Hope you will appreciate our collection of Best Camera Apps For Android by sharing with your friends.