Toneme.Net Reviews Scams On Their Unlocked Samsung iPhones

Unlocked Samsung phones are awesome

My friend told me about this site that was only selling wholesale distribution unlocked phones to countries like from India to Russia, and that its so big there that people in those countries have an average of 2-4 phones a piece. It’s a status symbol or something.

So I guess a few years back launched there public site and its pretty slick. I purchased a 64Gb iPhone 4s for $399, and paid the extra $5 for the next day air! I literally ordered it Wednesday evening and got it Friday afternoon. I wasn’t expecting it arrive till after the weekend.

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I seen other listing for the same iphone model, that were selling on ebay for $658!!! Go ahead check it out, I still see that listing for $658 on eBay. So to dispel any notions of an unlocked refurbished phone, this phone seemed like it was brand new, the box was brand new, it had the head phones and the charger.

Toneme said it was refurbished, but you cant even tell. There no wear and no damage. The phone also came with a Solavei sim card, I haven’t bothered to activate it yet for the one reason that in the shipping package was instructions on how to setup my unlocked phone to use Toneme’s ToneMe up service.

Basically you download an app (Zoiper) once you set up the app on the phone you can login into their control panel access for your phone number. There you are able to mess around with the voicemail setting, like having the voicemail email to an email address as a downloadable mp3. Now that’s cool.

The phone number that they provide you with also has text messaging capabilities. They tell you that it takes up to 24 hours for the sms messaging system to propogate to all the carriers, but as soon as I got the phone, I sent a text message and it worked. My brother replied asking who I was because he didn’t know who the number was texting him. Ha, its pretty cool.

I still have my ATT subscription and Toneme said that I could use their phone system via any WIFI or 3g/4g access. And that in the very near future Toneme will be distributing their own line of 3g 4g sim cards for there ToneMe Up calling plans. WHAT?? Is Toneme a new cell phone provider?? It makes sense since they can use the unlocked Samsung and Iphones that they are selling to the public as customers for their own service. AHHH the plot thickens.. The calling service via Zoiper is very clear, even when I switch to my ATT data plan from Wifi, it still had the clarity of WIFI and of the ATT plan.

So in my opinion this is great site with a great product and a very powerful idea. Check them out now they have deep discount sales when they have overstock but those sales literally last a few a day. Right after I bought my phone, I wanted to purchase a phone for my daughter, but the price was at $499 the next day. Couldn’t do it, my credit card limit wouldn’t allow it.

Here is the link.