5 Ways to Keep your Mobile Safe and Secure

Mobile phones have become an indispensable part of our lives; we don’t want to keep it out of sight for even few minutes as we are very much dependent on it. Smartphones are so convenient that many of us use it for browsing, shopping, banking or socializing purposes. A lot of crucial information is stored in these devices, and you can just imagine if it is stolen or someone has access to your accounts.

5 Ways to Keep your Mobile Safe and Secure

Here are some of the ways to make sure that your mobile devices are safe and secure.

5 Ways to Keep your Mobile Safe and Secure

#1. Lock your Screen

The first and the foremost thing is locking your screen with a secure password or fingerprint. Make unique combinations for creating a password that is not too long to remember and the password unlocking time should not be more than 30 seconds. The next time if you forget your phone in a coffee shop the cyber criminals will not find it easy to get the access to your account.

#2. Encrypt your Data

Keeping an extra layer of security to protect your sensitive data like emails, finance and banking apps is certainly judicious. For Android users, App Lock is an excellent option to set different passwords or PINs for various apps, but iOS users can only use it by jailbreaking their devices. However, Touch ID is one such fingerprint recognition feature that can help to lock it down.

#3. Use Antivirus

If you think that your smartphone is safe from the virus and malware attacks, then you are at fault. There are so many malicious apps and software that can wipe all your data, so download a good antivirus like Bitdefender Mobile Security to prevent infection on your mobile phones. With the anti-theft feature, Bitdefender can very well protect your Android devices from getting stolen, and it has zero impact on battery too.

#4. Backup your Data

Connect your device to a reliable cloud service or proprietary software for automatically backing up and encrypting data of the mobile phone. Backup processes are very crucial as nobody wants to lose the important documents, photos, and videos, messages, etc. when the phone is stolen or damaged.

#5. Track your Mobile Remotely

No matters you have an Android or Apple device you can track your handset remotely. Android Device Manager is an application through which you can log into your account and manage your device from remote places. Users can track the phone and lock, ring or erase the data from their phones remotely.

Moreover, iOS users will get the advantage of Find My iPhone app to track the Apple devices. By navigation to Settings and access to iCloud services.

Apart from these, you should also avoid using unsecured WiFi hotspots or public wifi or at least do not make any transactions using these hotspots. Your personal and credit card details are exposed as these wireless networks transmit data in the air. Follow this tips and take proactive measures to make sure that your phone is not an easy target for the criminals and hackers.