[Solved] Not Registered On Network for Samsung Galaxy Devices

This is a very annoying problem found in Samsung Galaxy S3 devices, that when the users update their Galaxy S3 devices to the latest Android version then their device is unable to detect the network saying “Not Registered On Network”. This problem occurs because after getting an update, your device IMEI number is changed to “SN 0000” and it shows that your device SN number had been broken. As no one can see their device in this “Not Registered On Network” condition, so it has to be solved as early as possible. Now, the question arises that,”How to get rid of this Not Registered On Network problem?”. You will definitely get the answer in this post.

[Solved] Not Registered On Network for Samsung Galaxy Devices

Today, in this post, we will give show you the complete procedure on “How to solve Not Registered On Network problem easily”. There are two ways to solve this problem – after searching over many forums and blogs, finally I found one method posted on Xda and another method is suggested by one user who has easily solved this Not Registered On Network problem. Before starting the tutorial; I must make you aware about the fact that, generally this problem (Not Registered On Network) is found in Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 2 so these two methods are checked and it worked too for both the devices. Hereupon, let’s go through the tutorial.

Update About Not Registered On Network:

  • For all the region, Android 4.3 Jelly Bean is available for all the devices.
  • First, update your device to the latest version using Kies or manually.
  • Second, root your device.
  • Then only, follow the below tutorial.

Working On:

  • Solved Not Registered On Network for Galaxy S3
  • Solved Not Registered On Network for Galaxy Note 2
  • Solved Not Registered On Network for Galaxy S4


Tutorial 1:

To Solve Not Registered On Network Problem for Samsung Galaxy Devices

1. Root your Galaxy device.

2. Install “busy box” on your device.

3. Download this “Ariza patch” and install it on your Galaxy device.

4. Now, open the app from the app drawer.

5. Just click on the button saying “PATCH” and it’s done.

So, now I hope your issue is solved and if you have any question regarding the patch then you can read below “FAQ’s” or share with us via comments box below.

FAQ’s from the xda-developers:

Q: This patch is gonna clone my phone ?
A: No,it’s gonna bring your network back.

Q: My imei number like 0000**** or 0049**** if i flash this patch it will work or it will bring my original imei number back ?
A: This patch is not about your EFS Folder it is just about network so it won’t fix your imei number or bring your original imei number back.

Q: I will do these 2 ways step by step ? Do i have to flash offical firmware first and then flash custum rom ?
A: No,you can choose one of them this is your decision.

Q: Can this patch fix my SN ?
A: No it can’t but it doesn’t matter because you will always be current.

Q: How can i use it on stock rom ?
A: First change your kernel with CF-Root and follow the steps.

Q: After this operation i will update my phone ? Is it a certain solution ?
A: No after the each update you should flash my patch.

Q: I didn’t wipe my daha cache etc. do i have to wipe ?
A: Super wipe will clean your system completely so it is doing everything but if you want to ensure you can do them again.

Q: I have a S3 which has a baseband XXALEF-XXLFB can i use your patch ?
A: I have made this patch for just flash my patch after the each installation. It works if your EFS folder is OK.

[Xda Thread]

Tutorial 2:

To Solve Not Registered On Network Problem for Samsung Galaxy Devices

As we are aware that we face this “Not Registered On Network” problem after updating our device Android version. To solve that issue follows the tutorial below.


  • Device must be updated to latest firmware or Android version.
  • The must have an root access and CWM Recovery installed on the device.

1. First, you have to download Modem file to flash on your device depending on your country/region.

Note: If you want “modem zips” for any other device then shoot us comment using below comments box!

2. Now, place the downloaded modem file (.zip) in to the root directory of your device internal memory.

3. Switch off your Galaxy device.

4. Boot in to recovery mode by following below key combination:

  • Press and hold – Volume Up Key + Home Key + Power Key for a few seconds.

5. In the CWM recovery mode, perform “Format Data” and “Wipe Cache” options.

4. From the main menu of CWM Recovery mode, choose “install zip from SD card” > give a path to “modem.zip” file > select “Yes” – to flash the file.

12. Once it’s completed successfully, your device will be rebooted automatically.

That’s done! As the device starts-up, you will see that your Network Connection is back. Start celebrations and enjoy! If you have any doubt or query then do inform us via the comments box below.

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