[Solved] Not Registered On Network for Samsung Galaxy Devices

This is a very annoying problem found in Samsung Galaxy S3 devices, that when the users update their Galaxy S3 devices to the latest Android version then their device is unable to detect the network saying “Not Registered On Network”. This problem occurs because after getting an update, your device IMEI number is changed to “SN 0000” and it shows that your device SN number had been broken. As no one can see their device in this “Not Registered On Network” condition, so it has to be solved as early as possible. Now, the question arises that,”How to get rid of this Not Registered On Network problem?”. You will definitely get the answer in this post.

[Solved] Not Registered On Network for Samsung Galaxy Devices

Today, in this post, we will give show you the complete procedure on “How to solve Not Registered On Network problem easily”. There are two ways to solve this problem – after searching over many forums and blogs, finally I found one method posted on Xda and another method is suggested by one user who has easily solved this Not Registered On Network problem. Before starting the tutorial; I must make you aware about the fact that, generally this problem (Not Registered On Network) is found in Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 2 so these two methods are checked and it worked too for both the devices. Hereupon, let’s go through the tutorial.

Update About Not Registered On Network:

  • For all the region, Android 4.3 Jelly Bean is available for all the devices.
  • First, update your device to the latest version using Kies or manually.
  • Second, root your device.
  • Then only, follow the below tutorial.

Working On:

  • Solved Not Registered On Network for Galaxy S3
  • Solved Not Registered On Network for Galaxy Note 2
  • Solved Not Registered On Network for Galaxy S4


Tutorial 1:

To Solve Not Registered On Network Problem for Samsung Galaxy Devices

1. Root your Galaxy device.

2. Install “busy box” on your device.

3. Download this “Ariza patch” and install it on your Galaxy device.

4. Now, open the app from the app drawer.

5. Just click on the button saying “PATCH” and it’s done.

So, now I hope your issue is solved and if you have any question regarding the patch then you can read below “FAQ’s” or share with us via comments box below.

FAQ’s from the xda-developers:

Q: This patch is gonna clone my phone ?
A: No,it’s gonna bring your network back.

Q: My imei number like 0000**** or 0049**** if i flash this patch it will work or it will bring my original imei number back ?
A: This patch is not about your EFS Folder it is just about network so it won’t fix your imei number or bring your original imei number back.

Q: I will do these 2 ways step by step ? Do i have to flash offical firmware first and then flash custum rom ?
A: No,you can choose one of them this is your decision.

Q: Can this patch fix my SN ?
A: No it can’t but it doesn’t matter because you will always be current.

Q: How can i use it on stock rom ?
A: First change your kernel with CF-Root and follow the steps.

Q: After this operation i will update my phone ? Is it a certain solution ?
A: No after the each update you should flash my patch.

Q: I didn’t wipe my daha cache etc. do i have to wipe ?
A: Super wipe will clean your system completely so it is doing everything but if you want to ensure you can do them again.

Q: I have a S3 which has a baseband XXALEF-XXLFB can i use your patch ?
A: I have made this patch for just flash my patch after the each installation. It works if your EFS folder is OK.

[Xda Thread]

Tutorial 2:

To Solve Not Registered On Network Problem for Samsung Galaxy Devices

As we are aware that we face this “Not Registered On Network” problem after updating our device Android version. To solve that issue follows the tutorial below.


  • Device must be updated to latest firmware or Android version.
  • The must have an root access and CWM Recovery installed on the device.

1. First, you have to download Modem file to flash on your device depending on your country/region.

Note: If you want “modem zips” for any other device then shoot us comment using below comments box!

2. Now, place the downloaded modem file (.zip) in to the root directory of your device internal memory.

3. Switch off your Galaxy device.

4. Boot in to recovery mode by following below key combination:

  • Press and hold – Volume Up Key + Home Key + Power Key for a few seconds.

5. In the CWM recovery mode, perform “Format Data” and “Wipe Cache” options.

4. From the main menu of CWM Recovery mode, choose “install zip from SD card” > give a path to “modem.zip” file > select “Yes” – to flash the file.

12. Once it’s completed successfully, your device will be rebooted automatically.

That’s done! As the device starts-up, you will see that your Network Connection is back. Start celebrations and enjoy! If you have any doubt or query then do inform us via the comments box below.

So, if you find this post on “How to solve Not Registered On Network for Samsung Galaxy Devices” useful then don’t forget to share with others.
  • Lin

    Regarding Tutorial 1, I have done the first 4 steps, Root permissions – Yes, BusyBox – Yes, but Phone Model – Not proper! It says my phone model not GT-I9300, GT-N7100..not to use the application.
    My phone model: GT-I9508. I’ve got a S4, so what else can I do now?

    • Yes, bro your phone model is different so let me ask you a question that have you updated Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean on your device?

      • Lin

        Hey, thanks for your reply. Yes, it is updated to 4.2.2.. and I’m a girl..bro 🙂

        • First of all, Oops! Sorry for not knowing that you’re a girl! Now listen you can go with Samsung Galaxy S4 “Modem file”, I have searched about it and some of them have said that you can go. So, depending on your baseband version download the file from the post given in the second tutorial and follow 2nd tutorial.

          • Lin

            Hmm.. I cannot find a ZMUAME1? And thanks again for your reply, it’s a bit too high tech for me, I’m trying though 🙂

          • Lin

            Think i found it.. would XXUAME1 work? and is it <<>> or <<>> I should download?

          • How can I say it will work or not without knowing your device baseband version. I hope you found this baseband version by navigating “Settings > About Phone”, right? Is it yes, then you are correct 😀 Go ahead then!

          • Lin

            My baseband version is: I9508ZMUAME1. Thanks for your patience! Another dum question: How do I access the root folder of the phone’s internal storage? That’s in the phone folder not the card folder yea?

          • OK 🙂 The root directory means the phone storage (don’t have external SD card), don’t place it in folder, just place the modem file directly in the phone storage without creating folder!

          • Lin

            You’re so sweet! I’ve gotten so far 🙂 almost there.. now the only thing I need is to have CWM Recovery installed on my phone. But, as I researched, The ClockworkMod Recovery file works ONLY on Galaxy S4 I9505. I’ve got a I9508.. Do you think you can help? Or maybe I should give it up..

          • I hope you should go for it because without network, the device is useless. So, now it’s totally up to you that you have to go further or not! Decide yourself only 😀

          • Wait, here is the CWM Recovery for your device only. Do read the whole post and each and every thread carefully! LINK

          • Lin

            When I’m in the CWM Recovery mode, my phone can’t find the modem file, which is I9505-XXUAME1-MODEM.rar, but it can find anothe zip file I also put in the root directory – SuperSU-v1.32.zip. Does it mean the phone can only read the “.zip” files but not the ones end with “.rar”? Anything I can do to fix/finish the last step…? Thanks Sohil!

          • Great! You get the recovery mode. Yes, only .zip can show-up in CWM Recovery mode.

          • Lin

            but all the mordem files are not in .zip but .rar

          • No! Scroll down and you will get this “CWM/TWRP flashable modems for Samsung Galaxy S4 – GT-I9500” – Check it out!

  • Skaapman

    Wow! Thanks dude. I struggled for hours before I found your post.

  • thank u my friend the first one worked for me.i was tired of checking different methods and almost lost hope .Appreciate ur work thakns again 🙂

    • Great! And thanks for putting the feedback here! 😀

  • Prakash

    Samsubg galaxy S3 I9300 …i have tried so many methods, still cannot get my network back. my imei no is 0049****** . I bought this phone in nepal, I am in dubai now. Please help would be much apreciated. plz plz plz

    • Bro first update your device to Andorid 4.2.2 Jelly Bean and then follow this procedure, you will definitely get your network back! If any help needed Iam here only!

  • David

    Hey. I did the tutorial 1: However, the ariza patch does not work on my phone model which is SGH-T999. Do you have solution to fix it with this model. I`m looking forward to your reply. Thank you so much

    • Have you updated your device to Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. I have already written in the post bro!

  • Furqan

    hey bro.. i have galaxy s3 gt-i9300, my emei is correct, serial number is also fine, but the problem is i cant get my network.. firmware version is 4.1.2, i tried ariza patch and modem file.. both didnt work for me, please tell me what shoud i do now? thanks in advance..

    • First update it to Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean ten apply the below mentioned method. You will definitely get your network back!

  • resti

    Hi Sohil memon; do tutorial 1 and 2 still working for S3 gt-i9300?
    problem: imei-0049 series
    serial number 0000***
    factory mode on

    scenario: i updated my rom from 4.2.2 to 4.3 via ODIN and downloaded the rom to sammoble; after 2 days, problems occured
    please help me if you have updated tutorial; by the way i’ve already tried your steps above but to no avail.

    • Flash the modem file according to your device baseband version and your problem will be solved.

  • resti

    by the way, i came through the efs folder and it was empty.. 🙂
    is there still chance to fix my phone? thanks a lot

    • Furqan

      hey resti.. same was the problem with me.. i had no efs backup, so i went to the repair shop, he repaired my imei, but serial number was 00000.. and factory mode was on.. i have a solution for factory mode, it worked for me and worked for every one.. but before going to repair shop, just correct ur factory mode first.. and serial number is 0000, dats not the big issue.. your phone will work.. here is the solution for factory mode.’
      first root your phone, then from the store download terminal emulator and write these commands step by step or paste step by step and enter after each command.
      rm /efs/FactoryApp/keystr
      rm /efs/FactoryApp/factorymode
      echo -n ON >> /efs/FactoryApp/keystr
      echo -n ON >> /efs/FactoryApp/factorymode
      chown 1000.1000 /efs/FactoryApp/keystr
      chown 1000.1000 /efs/FactoryApp/factorymode
      chmod 0744 /efs/FactoryApp/keystr
      chmod 0744 /efs/FactoryApp/factorymode
      and then restart your device..

  • Blake

    Modem file for XXEMF1 ???

  • keshav

    i’ve updated my s3 to 4.2.2 but when i try to patch it it stuck in download mode..

    • Bro flash the patch from the Recovery mode, it will be works fine. Make sure you flash (Example: “Patch.zip”)

  • keshav

    plzz help me..when i tried to follow 2nd method i couldnot find my baseband version is I9300XXDLIB

  • IMEI starts with 0049 end with 640000 Emergency calls only 🙁 how to fix this problem im running jb 4.1.2

    • I have alreay mentioned in the post that first you have to update your device to Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean and then only you can follow this guide and no one else can solve your problem.

  • should I upgrade stock or custom rom for jb 4.2.2? if its custom please share the link

  • hi, Modem file for XXUFME3 galaxy i9300?

    • You can go for XXEMB5 Modem file because it for Android 4.1.2.

  • Patrick

    Galaxy s4 tmobile 4.2.2 latest software model number sgh m919 please help have this problem for 2 months my phone have this problem please help the patch didnt work because of different model

    • You can get it from here.

      • Patrick

        Will this work if my imei was blocked by my provider tmobile ? Or is there another way around blocked or black listed imei if anyone would know it would be u cuz you know more than what I’ve found anyplace thanks in advance for your quick response

  • arbi

    When I apply patch it starts downloading and stucks on 0%….. any sugesstion? Gti9300. Rooted. 4.2.2 update..thx n regards.

  • Makhdoom raza

    Slam… Dear i have installed firmware XXEMF6 android 4.1.2
    on my gs3 and rooted it with cwm 6.4 then done all the steps that u mentioned in send method, nothing changed and my gs3 i9300 still showing no registered on network. what should i do no, plz reply. thanx

    • Means you haven’t read the post correctly, I have said that this method will work only if you have installed the Android 4.2.2 on your device. Do read the post carefully and then try the procedure man!

  • Makhdoom raza

    oopsss……… so can u plz help me how to get rid of it, while using 4.1.2

    • Bro update the device to Android 4.2.2. Just search on Google and you’ll get the result. Then only follow this procedure.

  • Thao

    Will this work for the S2? I have the Not Registered on Network for that device.

    • Of course, Wait and I will update the modem file till then you can try it out the first method!

  • elias

    man u saved my note 2!!!! you’re the best !!! the first method worked keep up the good work :D:D:D

    • Thanks for the feedback 🙂

    • Elli

      Can u tell me which 4.2.2 rom u install on your note 2 please share the link !!

  • amgalan

    my network has gone i cant get any signal

    • Which device you are using and tell the Android version? If not then read the post carefully!

  • kyawswar

    version 4.3 , no register on network problem .
    I tried so many firmware already same things .
    Please Help .

    • You have tried the below specified method? Does it worked?

  • moodikhan

    Sohil Memon bro in which city you are?

  • Nithish Thulasidas

    Bro..I’m in a pathetic situation for months!!. hav a galaxy s3 with 4.2.2 leaked firmware. with corrupted efs (accidently formatted efs folder),so as d imei 049xxxxxxand serial no.00000000.i managed to giv d phne for repair in a local shop and they repaired only d imei by some z3x box…by downgrading to 4.0.4 rom.but I got my network back.again after reaching hme,I backed up my efs folder.I found a new update later and I flashed it via odin and again d imei is gone.i somehow managed to bring back network and imei with d help of backed up efs and ariza patch.and is working on all my stock and custom roms 4.1, 4.2.
    bt as I’m sick of updating to new version, and as there are so many 4.3 roms available now for d s3, I can’t resist to stay in dis 4.2.2rom which is not stable and also official. do u knw something abt dat? pls bro.m waiting 4 ur reply.

    • I got it! But bro if you install any Custom ROM then you can definitely get your network. First, let’s try it out. Take the complete backup of this current ROM and then go and install any Custom ROM which you like and then check whether you are getting the network or not. If not then you can restore the backup. OR you can update your device to the latest Official 4.2.2 Jelly Bean ROM and then follow the post procedure to get the network back.

  • Nithish Thulasidas

    Bro m nt able to submit ma post

  • raj

    Bro I am getting the same problem of not regestred network on note 3 can u help me please

  • dbp

    hi bro im using i9300, with 4.1.2 my imei is ok but serial is 00000000 i cant get signal baseband is i9300DDEMG2 and using rom XXEMH4 which method I should use I have to upgrade to 4.2.2 or not

    • Try both the methods because sometimes one is working and other is not!

  • bry

    do I need to upgrade my note 2 to 4.2.2 first before doing the 1st method? it’s currently in 4.1.2

  • dbp

    hi bro im using s3 base band ddemg2 and rom xxemh4 my imei is ok but serial is 0000000 i m using 4.1.2 which method i should go for and I have to upgrade to 4.2.2 or 4.3 will also ok please reply me fast thanks in advance

    • You have to go for Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean itself!

      • dbp

        hi bro thanks for reply. can u please send me link of the 4.2.2 ROM. coz i dont think that there is any official ROM for s3. cam i use any custom rom like slimbean or pcman. please reply me fast if possible.

        • Bro you can directly update your device to the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean using Samsung Kies.

  • Niraj Risal

    need moderm file for samsung galaxy note 2 N7100XXUEMK4_N7100ODDEMK1_INU_


  • rafif

    i tried both solutions and they are both blocked by my security settings … so what now? i need my phone to work asap! so many projects and so many contacts i have to call

    • rafif

      oh i have a galaxy s4 19505XXUEMk9

    • Is your phone rooted? Have you updated to latest version?

  • Nasser Jamal

    Hi Sohail, I tried the first process . everything went well and the phone rebooted but the problem still exists. I am still not able to connect to network and still not able to make calls. What do i do next?

    • Which device you are using? What is the android version installed on your device? Is your phone rooted?

  • sami ur rehman

    hi salaam…how r u friend…yesterday I update my Samsung galaxy s3 4.3jellu bean…..after update no registred on net work prob …..ny baseband v is I9300BUUGMK1
    please help me

    • First root your device and then install “ArizaPatch” from the above link and your problem will be solved for sure! By the way you have updated manually or using Kies? It’s recommended to update your version using kies!

  • Georgia

    hi sohil, ive tried both your steps on my Galaxy s3 and still cannot register to the network.
    im on 3UK
    please help me….

    • Have you updated to the official Android 4.3 Jelly Bean using Kies? And then rooted?

  • iamerl

    bro pls help me. i flash my galaxy s3 i9300 to msteamHD android 4.2.2 based touchwiz rom without backing up my efs file.. and now my IMEI is 0499… and mu signal is EMRGENCY CALL ONLY
    . i am from philippines i tried thr ariza patch and i does not work.. plss help me..

    • Now, you can change the rom and try it out! Flash Android 4.4 KitKat ROM and let me know further details!

  • iamerl

    my baseband version is i9300XXUFME7..TNX ADVANCE

    • Not a problem, root your device and try ARIZA Patch to get your network back!

  • francis085

    i solved this problem w/o updating or by using samsung kies. etc.
    i dnt know d exact way i solved it i just sync (import/export) my contact to google account then voila it works i dnt know why?

    • That’s really great trick man! But I want to ask something, your phone was rooted or not? Earlier, you were on which Android version? And now updated to which version?

  • roh

    bro,i have a problem that after i updated my gt-n7100 to 4.3 via kies i cannot call it says network not registered.

    • Bro first root your device and then patched it using the “Ariza Patch” – your network will be back again!

  • Aby Abraham

    Hi Sohil, i tried many ways to solve the ‘not registered on network’ issue for my gt-n7100 which i bought it from kuwait. Yesterday I installed omega v19 rom but still the same problem. Plz guide me

    • Bro I have updated the post you have read that section? Update your device to latest version using kies if its not rooted or manually then root it and install the ArizaPatch, you’ll definitely get your network back!

      • Aby Abraham

        I cannot update it through Kies because my phone status is custom. So I go back from 4.3 to 4.1.1 by flashing N7100OJVALI9 through odin…same problem. Tried Ariza Patch which is changing my IMEI number.

        • Why you back to Android 4.1.1? You can get your network back on Android 4.3.

        • You can wait just one day, I found an awesome trick that will change the status of Samsung Android Smartphone from Custom to Official.

          • Aby Abraham

            Then it will be great !! Waiting for your response.
            Thank You.

  • Larry


    I have upgraded my note2 n7100 to 4.3 and now its say no network registered . i tried both the method mentioned above its still the same . Please help ..

  • Larry

    Hi ,

    Also when i click on patch for the “Azira Patch” after my phone rebooted it shows “SIM Card Not Detected ”

    Below is my 4.3 firmware

    • Your phone is rooted or not?

      • Hisham Aburob

        The Ariza patch file reached max downloads limit, please upload it again
        thank you

        • Uploaded bro 🙂 Sorry for the inconvenience 🙂

  • Jean Kabese

    The Ariza patch rendered my IMEI nul/nul. Do not put the ARIZA patch on your device!

    • Perooo1 ツ

      Had the same problem! I solved it flashing another ROM, try to do that!

      • Jean Kabese

        I just went to the Samsung Care (South Africa) They restored my initial IMEI and my network signal was back but I still couldn’t make a call (Not registered on Network). I need to go back and tell them to fix that completely.

        • ibrahim yucel

          then ıs ıt fıxed ,?

          • Jean Kabese

            They told me that my IMEI address has been somehow blacklisted. They said that it happens that IMEI address get wrongfully blacklisted and that I needed to contact my network provider and tell them about it. Samsung care did a test by putting a different IMEI address on my phone and it worked perfectly but when they put my original IMEI address back the “NOT REGISTERED ON NETWORK” message came back.

          • ahmed

            boss i need help with my note 3 just not registering to network and service providers say its blacklisted
            what do i do
            any help and i do have legal documents to show iv purchased the phone………….

  • Anders Kisen

    tried both methods non worked for me.
    i wiped the phone 100 times same with flashing stock ROM.
    My problem started when i flashed stock norwegian ROM.
    i think the device was sweedish/not from norway.
    any ideas what i should do?
    i have root.
    Galaxy s3 international

    • Jean Kabese

      If your IMEI is nul/nul or XXXX049 Try find a solution on the XDA developer forum. But my best advice would be to send your phone for repair. Once your IMEI is back you’ll just have to look for the correct (the one that match with your phone origin) android.
      Another advice : you better put android 4.1.2 or 4.2.2 on your S3 because it seems tonme that the Android 4.3 is not ready for S3 yet.

      • Anders Kisen

        Hi, i solved the problem some hours later after I send you the messenge.
        Anyway thanks!

        • Oyeniyi Bukola Adeyemi

          How did you do it please, i have tried both, yet the same problem persists.

          • Muheet Syed

            Download patched kernel and modem for your galaxy phone And flash it via CWM. And here is all scuccess!
            If you have gs3 then I can provide you a download link.

          • Ahsen

            Where can i get both of these files ?

          • Nyaniso Mbathane Mfumbe

            Can you please provide me with the files I have a gs3 with the same problem.

        • Emma Fancy

          Please send me link for Ariza patch file for galaxy note3 SN -900 thanks bro I’ll be expecting

      • bob

        try samsung kies there is tools upgrade and initialization

      • zAIN


  • Helal

    it didn’t work for me too i used a lot of modems out there i cant find the perfect one for my country ( Egypt ) – after alot of search i figured out that i cant use 4.3 jellybean at egypt unless its released here ( i guess ) so for now i cant use my phone or call any number …

    any suggestion ? should i re-install the 4.1.2 would that work for me ? or there’s another solution allows me to keep the 4.3 rom

    • Ahmed Nabil Eid

      i have the same problem with note 3 but i couldn’t solve it i don’t know what to do it couldn’t connect on the gsm but it can connect the wcdma networks only if u have a solution please reply thanks

      • Jonathan Dalesandro

        did u ever find a solution

        • Danielle Renee

          I am having the same exact issue with my Note 3

  • Yousef Alblooshi

    As samsung call center in the UAE (8007267864) said:
    First use another SIM card in the device, if it shows the same problem (not registered in network), it means your device is not imported from the dealer of your country. You can send your device to any samsund service center to program it to match your country system code.
    If the other SIM card worked in your samsung device, you should change your SIM card to a new one.

    some temporary solution it may work: put your device in Flight mode then try to make call, it will ask you to Off the flight mode, then press yes, and it work. (Sometimes) specially if you download SKYPE APP. In your device.

  • Avinash

    i need ariza patch for samsung galaxy note 3

    • Me as well. Did you find a solution

      • Lan Kuto

        i need ariza patch for samsung galaxy note 8 gt-n5100, running on android 4.4.2

  • joão almeida

    Hi every one, guys i have this same problem on galaxy gt i8730 (galaxy express LTE) can some one help me with the modem zip files pleaseeeeee 🙂

  • boris

    Hi i’ve tried evrething but the patch is not working for my phone samsung s4 mini GT i9195.Can you help me find the right patch for this model.

    • Claudiu Ocf

      i have note 4 and same problem to me… it dosent work in uk..and i am in uk now..it work on other countris like France.. i need modem file for note 4 (snapdragon) somebody is here anymore? the ARIZPatch dont have the note 4(N910F) on list… what we can do? alot of people have this problem… please help us !


    Anyone know which one to use for tell Mexico note 2 N7100


    I can’t seem to get my Note 2 N7100 to work with any modem any ideas ? Anyone?


    Telcel Mexico

  • Manoj Prabhakar

    what an asshole u r both the ways it didnt work instead it turned the imei to null/null

  • Rehan

    @Sohail Memon I have Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100 please help me solve network not registered issue

  • Rehan

    I try the solution mention in the Tutorial 1 but the ARIZPatch,apk is not working for Samsung Galaxy S2 can you please give me updated pack for the Samsung galaxy S2 GT-I9100. Thanks in advance

  • Oni

    1st Guide is actually misleading. Ariza patch doesn’t work on GT-i9500. I dunno about the 9505 variant, but as with 9500, it won’t help.

  • AngelPartida

    I have a SG S4 m919 T-Mobile. Could I have the modem file necessary for this one?

  • AngelPartida

    Also, when you mention about the CWM Recovery, is it an app i have to download. If so, how do I use it or what is needed for it to be prepared and function right unless there is nothing needed to do on it or it isn’t need at all. These steps are not very datailed.

  • Francis

    I clicked on the v[0,6] apply patch for Ariza and it’s not downloading. Any clues?

    • Samantha Seetaram

      Same problem I’m getting, did you fix it?

  • Amit

    Hi, I am using Samsung Galaxy SIIx made in canada here in India, with my previous network provider I did not face this problem but now I switched to other network provider and keeps on getting not registered on network….. can u provide a fix

  • Ahmed Minsh

    can anyone explain why this happened ? it make no senset

    its happened to my Note2 after i tried to update it from 4.1.2 to 4.3 custom ROM after i lost faith of upgrade soo i change from custom room to another untel it fix i don’t know what i did actul,,,, anyway .. to day my friend bought S2 with 2.3.3 and he want to update to the ;ast android 4.2.1 after he did has the same problem with (( not registed on network )

    and this tutorial didn’t help !!!

    • mohamed elsaka

      Samsung is enforcing regional lock on their phones after new updates especially 4.3 and 4.4
      Have the same problem here in Egypt with imported Note 2 from KSA

  • Huy Huynh

    how about the galaxy note 3?my phone has this problem too :((

  • Wilfredo Pagan

    Would any of those fixes work on a note 3 n900w8?

  • manoj

    i have this problem with note 3 and none of the above are working..can i get a modem file for note 3 cause the ariza patch aint doin great..or any other solution pls do tell..

  • Jason Le

    SGH-1336M. Canada(bell). Modem file? help please?

  • igerr

    fuck all

  • alan

    hello ariza patch is not working for my phone it is just saying downloading patch and not loading at all

    • Samantha Seetaram

      The same thing is happening to my phone :/

      • Samantha Seetaram

        Did u fix it?

  • LG

    Samsung galaxy ring sph-m840 modem file please. Thx!

  • s2user

    Ariza patch for s2 gti9100 plz and also the modem for s2, cynogenmod rom 4.4.2 kitkat. plz provide those two things .thanks. Country .. Nepal

  • Gino Gani

    The Ariza patch app is not proper for Galaxy GT-N7000… How can I solve that problem?


    modem file XXUFNB3 i need this file plz help

  • Sam

    Modem file for Galaxy Trend plus s7580 Please

  • Yaw Nkansah

    Can I be favoured with modem file for galaxy grand duos with custom omni rom 4.4.2 build version I9082DDUBMH2. I am located in Ghana, Africa.

  • Sajaad Hussain

    please upload modem for galaxy note 1 N7000 and also upload a compatible ariza patch for my galaxy note 1.


  • perwez

    Ariza patch ruined my mobile and I am not getting any network since I patched it. By mistake I did it. I had a problem with my wifi but I patched Ariza and lost my mobile network too. I have samsung galaxy S3. Looking forward for any authentic solution.

  • Moses

    Hi. What about solving the same problem for a Galaxy tab 7.0 plus (GT-P6200)? Have struggled with this problem for a whole year.

  • Samantha Seetaram

    i went through the entire process of step one but… at the ending of it where it says ariza patch downloading its remaining at 0% :/ do i have to wait hours for it to start downloading or finish? or is it not going to download?

  • Samantha Seetaram

    Hi, Can you upload modem file for galaxy S3, 4.2.2 I9300DDEMG2. I am located in trinidad and tobago.

  • Nasir Ali Sher

    It worked for me like a charm. Thank you for this. I was told by Official Samsung Service center that I need to pay 900 Dhs (approx. 300 $) to change my Galaxy Note 2 Motherboard. I was not too eager to believe them since my phone was otherwise working fine; only issue was that it was not registering on mobile network. I ended up purchasing a new Galaxy Note 3 since I was traveling.

  • MobiLECraCKerS

    I think this patch only works for specific phones

  • Rodrigo Silva

    Hi, and in galaxy Note 1 ( N7000) how process? because Ariza patch not acept

  • Jonathan Dalesandro

    Hey do you have a patch for the t-mobile samsung galaxy note 3 sm-n900t if so please let me know , Thanks in advanced .

  • emils dudelis

    hi can you give me the modem zip for latvian ?

  • LDJ37

    If I root my device my warranty will be lost. Is there anything else to do without rooting? Thank you.



  • aliro

    hi… please post some patch for galaxy s5, sm-g900h. I have not registered on network problem and can not find something to solve it. please help

  • as Tutorial 1 when i run ariza patch in my GT-I8190 “Root permission: No Warning!!! No Root, Please install Root”

  • Is there any substitute for the Ariza patch? My model is GT-i9295. It says “Your phone model not GT-I9300, GT-N7100 (SIII – NOTE II international) not to use the application.

    And instead of patch, it says exit.

  • Vera

    My note 3 had the same problem. I took out the sim card and put it back. Then it works. Hope it helps.

  • Zeki Kivrak

    Explanations are fully silly and misleading
    Simply go to mobile networks(most likely it is under further more settings under settings menu, choose network operators, and it is done…

    • Amber

      Unless it isn’t…. for example, I’ve been down for about 4 days now. I’ve tried that solution hundreds of times. It always says Unable to Connect, Try later.

    • Amber

      Unless it isn’t…. for example, I’ve been down for about 4 days now. I’ve tried that solution hundreds of times. It always says Unable to Connect, Try later.

    • Amber

      Unless it isn’t…. for example, I’ve been down for about 4 days now. I’ve tried that solution hundreds of times. It always says Unable to Connect, Try later.

    • Amber

      Unless it isn’t…. for example, I’ve been down for about 4 days now. I’ve tried that solution hundreds of times. It always says Unable to Connect, Try later.

    • Amber

      Unless it isn’t…. for example, I’ve been down for about 4 days now. I’ve tried that solution hundreds of times. It always says Unable to Connect, Try later.

    • Amber

      Unless it isn’t…. for example, I’ve been down for about 4 days now. I’ve tried that solution hundreds of times. It always says Unable to Connect, Try later.

    • Amber

      Unless it isn’t…. for example, I’ve been down for about 4 days now. I’ve tried that solution hundreds of times. It always says Unable to Connect, Try later.

    • Amber

      Unless it isn’t…. for example, I’ve been down for about 4 days now. I’ve tried that solution hundreds of times. It always says Unable to Connect, Try later.

  • Nitin Chhabra

    just backup your phone data and do a factory reset. It worked for me.


    I need this solution for Samsung Galaxy Express GT-I8730.
    not register on network

  • tomas

    hi, i’m searching (modem or ariza patch for my model) samsung galaxy s4 mini gt-i9190 , my phone lost the signal when i call, sending messages o 3g :S, ……………… if i can get the code of ariza patch may be that i can modify it for other models. i need know the programing language with that are creating routines.

  • amity

    ariza is not working for galaxy s4 gt i9505. could u help me?

  • Rashid Khan

    I have lost my imie number and baseband version….It show null null,, i have rooted my device, I have try to put custom rom on note 3 n900 after my phone rebooted and it’s show no network then I gone to setting about device status no imie number no baseband version…After that I gone to recovery flas the data ,chahe and gone download mode and I flash the official rom note 3 sm-n900 with odin it’s show the same thing no network no imie number no baseband version. ……what to do plz help me

  • Timppa

    Hello. Could I get the modem file N7000XXLT3 for a Nordic region Galaxy N7000 with 4.1.2.
    Thanx man!

  • Wei

    wow nice, after following the first tutorial, my note 2 rebooted and now it even tells me that i need to put in sim card, which have been inside the whole time, so now i got even greater problem.

  • hani

    I need modem samsung s3; sgh-t999 4.3

  • hani

    T-mobile not GT

  • Nyaniso Mbathane Mfumbe

    I need the modem.zip and cwm tool for the GT-S7580

  • master key

    Step 1:

    First, go to Settings.

    Step 2:

    Then go to Wireless and networks.

    Step 3:

    Then Tap Mobile Networks (If mobile networks not found then tap More settings and then find and tap Mobile networks).

    Step 4:

    Now tap Networks operators.

    Step 5:

    After complete searching…. Then select your Network Operator (Like Vodafone, Idea, AirTel, etc.)
    That’s it, problem solved.

    Updated Fix

    1. In Mobile Networks, set Network mode as WCDMA only and restart your phone. After restarting, follow above steps.

  • kororo

    here is my galaxy note 8 updated to kit kat, official version,.. suddenly my device cant connect to mobile data,not able to make calls and reccieved messages,.. the update sucks,..

  • Ian

    I can’t find modem for galaxy s4 I9500XXUGNF6 (South Africa model) plz help my Phone is having unregistered network problem

  • John

    Hi..pliss help me..after i did the step ..ariza path..i got scond trouble..my imei lost n my baseband bcame unknown..what must i do?

  • I have no registry to network on my samsung galaxy s3 gt-i9300, its happen after rooted it, so i tried to follow your recommendation and nothing change, how can i get it back to standard factory? now i see that imei enclosed on device is not the same with the one i find when i type *#06# so i need to know how to fixe imei problem and no registry to network too

  • Abdul Karim Mbazira

    Thnx but mine is galaxy note 8.0 & it say model not…….

  • Hi, can you share the Samsung S5 Active (G870A) modem file?
    Thank you.

  • Lucho Diaz

    Help with an S7562 that after changing rom does not recognize any network

  • Hamza Malik

    i need Modem Files for Sm-G900H

  • oben

    Hi do you have modem files for samsung galaxy s3 mini i8190
    my email pedro006p@gmail.com
    thanks in advance

  • Pradeep

    Samsung GT-S7582 modem file.

  • Pritpal Singh

    please provide modem file for galaxy s4 mini gt I9195

  • Lan Kuto

    Pls help me. I’m facing the same problem. My device is samsung galaxy note 8 gt-n5100, android 4.4.2

  • Claudiu Ocf

    i have note 4 and same problem to me… it dosent work in uk..and i am in uk now..it work on other countris like France.. i need modem file for note 4 (snapdragon) somebody is here anymore? the ARIZPatch dont have the note 4(N910F) on list… what we can do? alot of people have this problem… please help us !!!!

  • Tornike

    i have Galaxy s5 and what can i do? please help

  • jug

    ariza patch isn’t working on my GT-i9300

  • Sui

    Can I have modem zip for my note 2 please download link, it not register network, please

  • SaranG

    i need modem file for my gtn7100 and i use the ressurection remix rom with version Resurrection-Remix-LP-v5.4.8-20150620-n7100_v2 (india)

  • Gladson K Unni

    Hi i hv tab 3 SM-T211
    Android version Kitkat 4.4.2
    My problem is original IMEI gone
    Also my network
    I need modem file for my tab 3
    Please help mee.

  • Abdul Karim Mbazira

    Hullo. Thanx. Ariza patch worked on my friend’s Note 8.0 but on my Note2 SGH-T889 it says model not supported. Please help

  • Ndo

    shitty post. None of these solutions worked for me. Actually it just made my problem worse.

  • kshitij vaidya

    my galaxy not 4 is koren mead and i m from indian. i m in problem of register the netwok give mi solution

  • stevil

    Modem zip for galaxy note gt n-7000

  • Alex

    i have samsung galaxy s duos 2(Gt-i7582) with same problem how i can sollve this.

  • kashif khan

    Hello, anybody can help me to solve my problem.
    my s4 (gt-i9500) does not work on network after update lollipop 5.0.1. My phone’s basebend showing unknown & imei null. Please help me anybody I am very tens for my phone

    thank you
    Kashif khan

  • visar

    can you restore my imei on shv-e300s SKT korean phone its 0000000000000/01 and lost my network signal what can i do ??

  • Ginsmon Joseph

    Need modem file for Galaxy Note 3 LTE (SM-N9005).

  • Mhmmd Adnan

    I want modem file for my samsung core2 please help ???, there is no regestered on network

  • Roberts Svidrickis

    I have s7580 and i have not registered on network/ emergency calls only problem. I cant even change network mode, cant chooze anithing but WCDMA/GSM (auto connect), cant select network operators or chooze select automatically. It says error while searching for networks and unable to connect. Try later.
    I have reinstall original firmware update newest updates. Have hard reset phone. But nothing helps. Please help me.

    • Roberts Svidrickis

      Before that error phone was ok. This error is on any sim card

  • Lalit Mukati

    Hii….. I have gionee m2 and have the problem no service with my sim card i.e. mobile network not registered.. Please help !!!

  • Sajid Sindhi Laghari

    i have s4 i9500 i downgrade it then no registerd on network and i go to software master who flashed it but problm not solve why sir u have any solution this time i have lolipop versin

  • Sajid Sindhi Laghari

    messege me at +923053200666 plz i m very worried about my cell

  • Nothing of this solved the problem for me. The last time it happened, I put the phone in airplane mode, turned it off, turned it in with secure mode and then switched off the airplane mode. Signal appearead again almost instantly.

  • Kheang Channthou

    Need Modem SM-N920P fix “not registered on network”.
    Modem Fix Service

  • normalerBuerger

    1) will this work (numer 1) also on 4.4 Kitkat?
    2) when you want to overwrite the modem partition, why you dont use just ODIN? take some minutes and you dont have to change the recovery and root the phone?

  • normalerBuerger

    this Ariza patch did not work !! Its quite strange, it require Network, but when you enable WiFI there is NO patch button anymore!
    more bad, it changed my IMEI to 004999010640000 which is quite unusable
    (note 2 N7100 )

  • Emmanuel Nindagiye

    modem zip for samsung galaxy s6 edge