Pirate Legends TD Game for Android, iPhone and iPad

Pirate Legends TD is a defensive game that is much similar to Kingdom Rush, but due to its content and advance feature the entertainment value of this game is quite more than that of Kingdom Rush. It’s a multiple user profile game and one can create three different profiles at a time. The main aspect of this Pirate Legends TD game is to stop enemies from getting back into the ship. For help, you will have an access to the complete Caribbean map and you need to build various towers on each map to protect ship from enemies.

Pirate Legends TD Towers

In the first round of the game, you will be introduced to the major aspects of the game like building units, introduction of the new and defensive powers and later on introducing the new components in the game. As you go pro, many new things will be unlocked and the game becomes much more interesting.

As I said earlier that you have to construct cannon towers to prevent your enemies attack, but to slow them down you need oil tankers. If you don’t allow your enemy to come close to, you get an advantage of gaining bonus points and coins. One of my favorites is a tornado, which you can control by tiling your phone or iPad.

Pirate Legends TD Enemies

One of the most important and advance feature in this game which differs it from other battle games is that your ship actually contributes to the battle. Along with the tower, you get other avenues to protect your ship such as hiring allies will patrol around your ship to protect it from enemies.

Pirate Legends TD Visuals

Whenever you start a stage, you find an option of easy, medium and difficult. You can select accordingly, which one you want to play. As per graphics of the game, the game is quite smooth and crisp. Both the screen addiction and background effects provide the game with a new look. You can also see the great panda laughing around in the background. As per the sound and music of the game is concerned, it is quite good. You can use allies for the first few rounds only, the first one you get free and afterward it is payable.

Pirate Legends TD Enemies

The game is compatible with all Android Smartphones and Apple devices. On Apple devices, you can have an advantage of iCloud synchronization feature. So, at the end, the game is a fun game with good sound quality and new features. However the game sometimes hangs down when you use it frequently.

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