How to Recover Deleted Files Android using Dr.Fone Recovery Software

Nowadays everyone uses the Android-based smartphone, and a lot of data is stored on the devices. In case there is any form of data, it can be a terrible situation. Sometimes there is some important information like the contacts or the necessary files. If this data is gone due to any of the reasons, it becomes tough to get it back. In the case of the hard drives, recovery of data is not a very tough task as there is unlimited software to help you out but with mobile devices, these Softwares’ do not work. Here comes one of the very efficient for the mobile devices that are Android based and it is the Dr. Fone recovery software.

How to Recover Deleted Files Android using Dr.Fone Recovery Software

Dr.Fone Data Recovery Software for Android

Dr. Fone is one of the best recovery solutions that is being used in the Android devices. With the help of this software, the data can be directly recovered in case of deleted accidently or by any means. You can recover text messages and contacts that are deleted. Not only that, retrieval of photos, videos, and audios, etc. can be done. Whether the file is deleted or the factory settings have been restored, or the rooting of the device has taken place, in all the cases this software will work the best.

The interface of the software is very simple and easy to use. Thus, users with all level of expertise can use it. As the software is light in weight, you don’t need extra resources to get Dr. Fone installed on your system.

Steps to Recover Deleted Files Android using Dr.Fone Recovery Software

Here are some of the important steps that you need to follow to recover deleted files Android. Have a look at them below:

Step 1: Software downloading and installation

The very step while taking the initiative to recover deleted files Android is to download and the Dr. Fone recovery software into PC. The thing that is to remember while downloading the software is that you need to go only to a trusted website where you will get authorized software to be downloaded. A free version, as well as the paid version of this recovery software, is available. Although getting the free version is not a bad choice it comes with limited features only.

Step 2: Connect your Device with Dr. Fone recovery software

Then comes the next step where you can start the program over your system. Execute the first program that appears on the screen. Connect your Android phone to the device like PC or laptop with the help of a good level USB chord. Beware that more than 20% battery is available while the process is going on.

How to Recover Deleted Files Android using Dr.Fone Recovery Software

Please make sure you have enabled USB Debugging option on your smartphone. If not, then a pop-up will be shown immediately to make USB Debugging changes on your smartphone. Allow it, and you’re ready to go!

Step 3: Scan for Deleted Files Android

Finally, you can start scanning to recover deleted files Android. It’s a long and time taking process, and hence, it is important to wait for the task to get completed.

Scan Deleted Media to Recover

Easy tips to make the scanning process faster is to tick only the content that you need to recover and this way total time will get reduced.

Step 4: Recover Deleted Files Android

The final step is to get the back data that has been deleted permanently. Go to all programs and click the ones that you want to get restored. All the checked files will be saved somewhere safely on your PC.

Recover Deleted Files on Android


Thus, it can be easily analyzed that one successful tool that is the Dr. Fone software can be used to recover all the data effectively under any circumstances. Hence, if you have undergone any similar situation of data loss, get it recovered with Dr. Fone today!