Download Prisma APK for Android Latest Version 2016

Finally, the Android users can also enjoy creating artworks on their smartphone because Prisma app for Android is available to download. From here, you can download Prisma APK for Android and that too latest version compatible with all Android devices.

Prisma App for Android Download:

Prisma – a wonderful app which can transform photos into artworks. No doubt, the app has a unique concept like you never seen before and that’s the reason, the app has gone viral. Till date, only iPhone users were enjoying converting their photos to beautiful and unseen artworks, but now the app is also available for Android users too. It has been over 5 weeks at the Apple Store and the app is ranked under most popular photo editing apps with 7.5+ million downloads. Indeed, it’s a huge success and now you can enjoy it on Android by downloading Prisma APK for Android.

Prisma App for Android

The app has 33 artistic image filters using which you can create amazing photos. In fact, the filter resembles to the work of famous artists like Munk, Picasso as well as world famous ornaments and patterns. So, it’s not just an app, it’s a masterpiece which you can have on your Android smartphone too. So, get the latest version of the Prisma app for Android from the below link and start creating your artworks.

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Download Prisma APK for Android Latest Version

For Android, the prisma apk is still in beta phase and that’s the reason it’s not available on Google Play Store. But due to huge demand of frustrated Android users, the creator has started giving beta access. Well, we have got a beta access and here is the Prisma APK for Android. From below, you can grab the Prisma APK for Android and install it in a same traditional way. So, get the Prisma app for Android from below link.

Prisma APK for Android

Download Prisma APK for Android