Original Stock ROM for Galaxy S Duos GT-S7562

I am sure that you have definitely enjoyed with your device after getting root access and now you want your warranty back, that’s why you are here! To get warranty back, just you have to simply unroot the device and I have already written the post on the method to unroot Samsung Galaxy S Duos. However, that’s the complete process for those users who haven’t installed any Custom ROM. But, the users are running Custom ROM (e.g. KyleOpen ROM) on their device; they have to install the Stock ROM on Galaxy S Duos GT-S7562 to get the device warranty back!

Original Stock ROM for Galaxy S Duos GT-S7562

Today, in this article we will provide you the Original Stock ROM for Galaxy S Duos and also the method to install it. Surely, we will help you to get back your Official Stock ROM on Galaxy S Duos, just you have to follow the steps carefully. Firstly, read the whole post intensely and at some point if you feel that you are not able to understand any step then immediately shoot a comment via below comment box!

Things to be checked before installing Stock ROM on Galaxy S Duos

  • Do charge your device battery upto 70 – 80% to avoid trouble.
  • Take a full backup of your device in an external SD card.
  • Don’t forget to enable ‘USB Debugging’ (Navigate to Menu > Settings > Manage Applications > Development > USB Debugging – check box), otherwise your device will be handicapped.
  • Install Samsung Galaxy USB Drivers from here or download “Moborobo” Tool.

Files to be downloaded to install Stock ROM on Galaxy S Duos

Note: You have to download ROM file according to your baseband version of your device. To obtain the baseband version, navigate to ‘Menu > Settings > About’ and check it.

Procedure to install Stock ROM on Galaxy S Duos

1. At first, make sure you have installed the drivers correctly by connecting your device.

2. Download all the necessary files from the above links.

3. Now, Switch Off your phone completely and start your device into Download Mode by pressing and holding the ‘Volume Down + Home button’ together, and then press the ‘Power button’ till you see the Android Construction logo. Once again press ‘Power Up’ button to confirm.

4. Open “Odin.exe” (downloaded earlier) and connect your phone in download mode itself. If your phone is connected successfully the one of the ID:COM boxes will turn yellow or green in color.

5. Select the files as per below instruction to install Original Stock ROM on Galaxy S Duos. Files are found to be from the extracted folder.

  • Click on “PDA” and select file with “CODE” in its name.
  • Click on “Phone” and select file with “MODEM” in its name. (Note: Ignore this step if you don’t able to find such file)
  • Click on “CSC” and select file with “CSC” in its name. (Note: Ignore this step if you don’t able to find such file)
  • Click on “PIT” and select “.pit” file. (Note: Ignore this step if you don’t able to find such file)

6. Please make sure that only F. Reset Time and Auto Reboot options are checked on Odin. Don’t check any other boxes. (Note: Check Re-Partition box if you have selected “.pit” file)

7. Now, click on the “Start button” on Odin to start the installation process. Installation will take a few minutes to complete, so please wait for the complete process.

8. Finally, when the installation process is completed successfully you will see the “PASS” message on Odin and then your device will reboot automatically. Now, you can disconnect your device from the computer.

Congratulations! Now, you are on Stock ROM and your device warranty is back without any cost. So, I hope you all can install Stock ROM on Galaxy S Duos very easily by following above simplest guide. If you face any type of problem then immediately shoot a comment in a below comments box!

  • birval

    stock rom does not open

    • Means you have downloaded the ROM? If not then give me baseband version I will give you the perfect link!

      • Aditya

        What if the computer stops while flashing in the downloading mode….?? Reply fast

        • Your phone will be bricked and it’s really tough to recover it in normal position.

      • gan

        can you find the pls the stock rom of this device baseband s7562xxlh6..thanks in advance

    • anmol

      hiiii pls……… help galaxy s duos gt-7562 very very go slow why??
      se setting power saver no??? y
      pls how to root about old same 2012 ??????
      pls whatsapp number you. ?

      • You can root your device from here.

        • anmol

          me learn no 🙁 root ? you send youtube see send give pls

          • Bro there is no video for it sorry. And though this is the most easiest tutorial man!

        • can you please post a good rom for s duos except kyleopen rom. Its really working very slow

          • Bro no custom rom for this phone is available. If you get any other ROM then plz inform me also.

  • Rahul

    Please help I can’t find my rom.
    My Baseband Number: S7562DDBMG1

  • Ranz

    there is no ROM for S7562DXBMD1

    • Can you give me your region so that I can provide you the perfect link or you can download it from here for sure. any problem is there then comment here!


    there is no ROM for S7562DDBMG1

  • aasish

    after upgrading the fimware version on gt-s7562 there is no option of power saving appearing blocking mode for notification and mainly it consume more battery power by android os than display and bettry drain very fast,please tell me if therea is any option to get its original os/fimware. i have following fimware on my phone
    Model: GT-S7562
    Country: India
    Version: Android 4.0.4
    PDA: S7562XXBMG2
    CSC: S7562ODDBMG
    MODEM: S7562DDBMG1
    please help me

    • Download your firmware from here and go through the post for how to install it!

      • aasish

        thank you, but given fimware also doesn’t contain the power saving option(as original) after downloading.. 🙁 any new idea?

  • Carlos Cardoso

    My phone is rooted and i installed a custom rom. What’s the first step form me to take? I guess that first i should install stock ROM, and then unroot it right? So first step is following your instructions here, and after doing it follow your instructions in this post: /how-to-unroot-galaxy-s-duos-s7562/

    Thanks 😉 (sorry for asking on both posts)

    • No bro, first unroot it by following post as known by you and then go for installing Stock ROM.

  • Rodrigo Castro

    Can anyone help me put the stock rom?
    I’ve tried with Odin and tuturial, but now is always to appear the error: com.android.phone stopped. Already reinstalled the rom and is always the same thing happens.
    Somebody help me?

    • Bro can you say your Baseband version and your region which your phone belongs? As well as please specify me which baseband version firmware you have downloaded?

  • Carlos Cardoso

    hey i tried finding y STOCK ROM with the wbesite you provided but was unable. Then i googled it and found one. The problem is i can’t follow your instructions on ODIN because after extracting the ROM i only have one huge file that ends with “tar.md5” There’s nothing like CODE nor MODEM nor CSC…

    My baseband is s7562xxlj3 and my region Portugal. Please help, because i’m stuck in download mode with nothing to do. Thx

    • Bro no problem, if you find only one file!

  • Carlos Cardoso

    By the way i found my ROM here “sampro-pl/firmware/android/samsung-gt-s7562/”

  • so what am i supposed to do? which steps should i take..? please help cuz i really need to install that stock rom

    • Just go for “PDA” and ignore all the other files.

  • peppe

    I downloaded many ROMS for my GT-S7562 but they have only one file and not 3 like required by ODIN tool.
    Please, can you help me to find a flashable rom by ODIN?
    For example, the last ROM I downloaded is:

    • Hey If you have one file not a problem. Just go for “PDA” only!

      • Giuseppe

        Wow, that’s great!
        But do I have to set any particular configutation in ODIN program or the same one used when I have trhee file (modem, phone etc.. etc…)?

        • Yes, In case if you found any .pit file then you have to check “Re-Partition” box and then start the flashing process.

      • vishal

        do i have to extract the zip file, or should directly select the zip file???

        • Yes, you have to extract the zip from the extracted folder you have to select .tar files.

  • MAhesh

    Hey I didn’t find Firmware for my baseband Version : S7562DDBMG1 can u send download link for my email


    • You can get your baseband version from here. Download this 🙂

  • Abdul Mubasshir

    Hi Sohil Memon,
    Firstly I would like to commend you on this great post, I have been searching many websites posts to get my phone back to normal and I was failing each time I tried the recommended things they used to say.

    But I am glad that I have reached your post. It fixed my issue. I was so sick with the custom rom I had to get it out no matter what. Thank you for contributing your time to post this for Samsung galaxy S duos Users.

    I wish you success in your life.

    Thank You,

    • Thanks man for your blessing 😀 I am really happy that this post helps you!

  • rahul

    Also while connecting in downloading mode….the color is neither yello nor green..its smwhat Green+blue…..it’s showing 0:[COM7] also showing Added!! in message box….is iy okey..?

    • It’s really okay because you are using the latest version of the Odin.

  • rahul

    “SS_DL.dll” & “S7562XXBMG2_S7562ODDBMG1_S7562DDBMG1_HOME.tar.md5” these are the only files i got…..within the package i downloaded….

    • o problem just go for the “PDA” file.

  • sajid saiyed

    hi sohil,
    i have problem with my phone first will install custom rom and after that i want to install origional rom but having problem with that file.
    file is S7562XXAMC1_S7562ODDALJ2_S7562DDMC2_HOME.tar and after that my phone dosen’t start..
    my baseband virsion is ddmc2 plese help me..

    • Are you have choose the file under the “PDA” section?

  • I then took my phone warranty to send greetings unroot first took root, if you need to install ram guaranteed to send the original stock? warranty shall we send it to you can install a problem with that? Please respond to an emergency

    • yes, you can do that. Can you say the baseband version of the device and the region which the phone belongs?

  • vishal

    If i download any other country stock rom, will it make any difference??? plz reply

    • Ofcourse man, you have to download Stock ROM based on your baseband version and region.

  • duku

    Hello. Can you please help me? I cant find my ROM. My baseband version S7562LVJMB2 and im from malaysia.

    • Here is your firmware, download it.

      • duku

        thanks.. can I use it to flash CSC using odin? Or can u just give me the link for CSC package.

        • CSC files are found depending on region. Can you provide me the CSC version of your file so that I can provide you.

  • rahul

    While opening Odin.exe…..i didn’t find options “PDA” and “Phone”….only “CSC” and “PIT” are there…..what should i do..?

    • what it’s not possible man! do check once more.

      • rahul

        it’s what i’ve mentioned dear…!! my email id is sainirahul72@gmail.com….just ping me….i’ll send u screen shots….or mention ur email id here….!!
        options appearing are PIT, BL, AP, CP, CSC…

        • My email id is idroidspace [@] gmail dot com

  • shamal

    can we install another mobiles rom in s dous

    • Not please don’t ever try that otherwise you will brick the device.

  • Built on the number s7562XXALJ6 pda, code-named file downloaded sporadically, but I can not find the file? Have video ?

    • When you have extract the downloaded file which files you found, do let me know and from where you have downloaded the file?

  • Malak

    tried to install the Stock ROM for Galaxy S Duos Egypt region and it fail…
    What can I do ?

    this is the result:

    Enter CS for MD5..
    Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..
    Please wait..
    S7562XXALJ4_S7562OJVALJ1_S7562XXLJ3_HOME.tar.md5 is valid.
    Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..
    Leave CS..
    Odin v.3 engine (ID:22)..
    File analysis..
    Get PIT for mapping..
    Firmware update start..
    NAND Write Start!!

    Complete(Write) operation failed.
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

    • Ok, give me your device firmware version and the region which your device belongs.

      • Malak

        Thank you so much for your prompt response..
        How do I know its firmware version and region?

        • Just go to Menu > Settings > About Phone, from there you will get all the details.

      • Malak

        I want to Note that the mobile doesn’t start and it just show the Samsung logo

        • Do this:

          1. Switch off the phone completely
          2. Press and hold “Volume down + Home + Power Button” for few seconds. Select Recovery from there.
          3. Now you will be into Stock Recovery mode seeing some “4 – 5 options”. You can use volume buttons to navigate and power button to select.
          4. Now, navigate to “factory data reset” and click ok.
          5. Now, select Wipe Cache Partition and click “OK”
          6. Reboot you device.
          And you are done

  • kiran

    hai sohil thanks for your article.. i was successfully roll back to my stock rom,…thanks once agin

    • You’re Welcome 😀 Do Visit Again 🙂

  • Asim Baig

    how to get PDA no. plz mail me at abasim11@gmail.com

    • Extract the file and you’ll get the PDA

  • vishal

    My baseband version is S7562DDBMG1 (INDIA) . Which one should i Download ???

    Galaxy S Duos GT-S7562 INU S7562XXBMG2 Android 4.0.4 09.07.2013 1218740

    Galaxy S Duos GT-S7562 INS S7562XXBMG2 Android 4.0.4 09.07.2013 1218740

    INU or INS ??? or any??? both have same other values

  • Anoop

    Hi Sohil,

    I have read couple of your articles and which are informative and descriptive. Thanks for that.

    I followed the article (kyleopen-custom-rom-samsung-galaxy-duos-s7562/) to root & install CWM Recovery and KyleOPEN ROM v3.4.1. The procedure completed successfully, but the Phone is not detecting sim card and asked to restart it everytime, so became unusable. I checked my baseband which is S7562LVJMB2, so decided to change the baseband to S7562XXBMD6, which is compatible for KyleOPEN Rom following this article. I pulled the battery after I saw the “PASS” on the Odin, but still the phone not updated to S7562XXBMD6. I don’t know what to do to get my phone catch the Telecom Signal, Can you help ?

    Another thing is, my phone model under “About Device” is not matching with what I am seeing in Downloading Mode.

    Under About Device:

    Model Number: GT-S7562
    Android Version: 4.0.4
    Baseband Version: S7562LVJMB2
    Kernel Version: 3.0.8-1218740 dpi@DELL178#1 Fri Apr 26 18:03:32 KST 2013
    Build Number: KyleOPEN ROM v3.4.0

    Downloading Mode shows:

    Product: GT-S7562L
    Custom Binary Download: Yes (9 counts)
    Current Binary: Custom

    • Your problem is solved or it’s still there?

  • Abdulrhmn

    Please help!
    My Baseband Number: S7562XXLH6

  • Wilfred

    I have a problem with my GT-S7562 and I wish you can help me. I will want to flash to stock rom but i can’t.
    1. the phone won’t boot in recovery or download mode so i cannot hard reset.
    2. i cannot access the phone menu so i do not know the baseband number and the kernel number.
    the phone hangs whenever you press the menu button however you can make and receive calls on it.
    any help??

    • I hope you have installed the wrong baseband version firmware.

  • official rom for galaxy s duos ply give me a link


  • Hi,
    You say that I have to download Firmware according to the baseband. From the about device it says: S7562XXBMD4. I cannot find this baseband version in the list of firmwares.
    Could you advise of best firmware for this baseband and also I am in the UK. Could you suggest a version for here?

    Here is the result from *#1234#

    AP: S7562XXBMD6
    CP: S7562XXBMD4
    CSC: S7562OJVBM3


  • I LOVE YOU!!!!

  • shivam

    bro plz hlp me my baseband vre is s7562xxbmd2 nd m frm india ..plzz provide me a suitable firmware

  • ali

    plz help i cant find my baseband version S7562XXALH6

  • Michael Jackobson

    I need Stock ROM for Baseband version S7562DDBMJ1…Please provide me proper download link.Thanks in advance.

  • shrikant

    i have galaxy s duos which is from hong kong n csc is tgy
    and i want to change it to india inu completely….
    i tried csc changer but no luck
    do have any solution for this…

    • Provide me the proper baseband and CSC version of your device firmware.

  • mayank jayaswal

    Bro ur tutorials are best..plz tell me does baseband version change after rooting and flashing kyleopen rom…i want to go back to stock …plz tell me the link..my baseband version is s7562xxalj4…thnxx

    • Not a problem bro, you can definitely get it form here. Link. Search you baseband version and according to the Country download it!

  • ali

    they all are connected to hotfile.com and it had been permanently shut down now if u know another site for downloading the stock ROM plz tell us

  • Amin

    Hi dear.
    My s duos warranty is over they are said your phone is rooted but i dont rooted my phone..so what i do plz give me suuggetion to get back my warranty plz send on my mail id….

    • Bro go the downloading mode by pressing and holding “Volume Up + Home Button + Power Key” for a few seconds and from there, please tell me your device status completely!

  • naeem

    Please help me i can,t find custom rom for my s7562xxLJ3 my country is united arab emirates


    Hello sir,I tried to install cyanomod custom rom after rooting in s duos.Now the device does not start.Only the samsung logo appears.Wha to do.

    • Do this:

      1. Switch off the phone completely
      2. Press and hold “Volume down + Home + Power Button” for few seconds. Select Recovery from there.
      3. Now you will be into Stock Recovery mode seeing some “4 – 5 options”. You can use volume buttons to navigate and power button to select.
      4. Now, navigate to “factory data reset” and click ok.
      5. Now, select Wipe Cache Partition and click “OK”
      6. Reboot you device.
      And you are done


    i cant even upgrade via kies

    • No latest version available so you can upgrade via Kies!

  • suhail

    baseband version is not currect. anything hapends?,

    • Ofcourse, you might loose your network and warranty too!

  • Semih

    I’m searching s7562xxbmd4 stock rom belongs to Turkey but I can’t find. Can you help me?

  • Ashiqur Rahman Rony

    I got my galaxy s duos baseband S7562ZCMB2 in sampro (.) pl website but download link is hotfile link . HOTFILE is SHUT DOWN!!! 🙁
    Any IDEA from where i can download now? I have S7562XXBMG2 downloaded. Will it work?
    My Baseband: S7562ZCMB2
    Help Please……

    • You should try out this version, see it works or not. Because I can’t find another link and please make sure that you have taken the backup of the ROM, if anything goes wrong then you can restore it later. Download

  • joakim

    Here is the result from *#1234#
    AP: S7562XXBMF2
    CP: S7562XXBMD4

    • Can you please specify the Country or you can go follow this link to download the appropriate ROM file.

  • madhab

    my galaxy s duos 7562 keep restart when i turn on. i have tried “download mode” and “Recovery Mode” but as same it shows Samsung logo and off automatically……please help me……… how can i solve it

    • Aditya Singh

      Try any custom rom if it works then again install the stock rom this might help uh…

  • Joakim Mutuku

    results from *1234#

    am in kenya my device is galaxy s duos help me find stock rom

    • Kadian Sahab

      I have s duos with base band s7562DDBMG1 . I am in India .plz provide stock rom. Plz…

  • madhab

    when i connect on computer it shows on Odin as below














    • Try to change your USB data cable or port and then let me know!

      • madhab

        i have tried from different 4 USB data cable but as same result………….. 🙁

        • madhab

          i have tried for both ” Recovery Mode” and ” Download Mode” but as same result shows “SAMSUNG Galaxy S Duos GT-S7562” and off………………..

          • madhab

            how to fix dead boot on my phone…………………….. plz advice me………..

      • madhab

        nobody can solve my problem???????

      • Kadian Sahab

        Plz provide a stock rom for s duos with bas band version s7562DDBMG1. I am in India . plz hlp

  • Brian Rainy Chan

    unable to get past the bootlogo. In download mode my current binary shows samsung official but system status is custom

    • Brian Rainy Chan

      also theres only a file with HOME in its name

      • Brian Rainy Chan

        i chose the


    • George Syros

      I have the soloution for your problem! When you disconect your phone from the computer, go to the android recovery by holding: volume up + volume down + home button + power button together. Then select wipe data/factory reset. Now reboot your phone and you are ready!

      • Gipsy Danger

        hey ive try to go in recovery mode !! but it wont work anymore

  • jed

    good! 🙂

  • Swapnil Mokashi

    unable to remove construction logo.

    how to remove???

    plz help

    • Aru

      flach stock recovey via odin

  • Venkatesh Jv

    Any one….. please give perfect stock ROM for my Samsung S DUOS which I got from KUWAIT. I didn’t know my PDA, BASEBAND…. please also mention these…I think it’s relative to Iraq, Iran… I remember that my stock rom had power saving mode instead of blocking mode for my mobile

  • crown

    my baseband s7562XXLJ3 is not on the list. I am in Nigeria

  • bungo

    My galacy s duos fladh screen and the exclamation triangle symbol shows so pliz tell me to remove this symbol my mobilr is not prperly roote

  • Tarun

    my galaxy s dous stuck on samsung logo and doesnt do any further processing

  • jonatas

    o banco de rom demora muito pra baixar, leva 16 dias pra baixar, sendo que minha net é de 10 mega, queria saber o que fazer? obg!

  • Saif

    I try all step. But when my phone reboot i see this warning on my home screen. What can i do now?

  • abhishek

    i m using s duos.i have rooted my device and installed beautiful rom but now when i start my device it gives a notification that application has stopped plz guide

  • Noor Ahammed

    there is no firmware for s7562DDBMJ1
    Region india

  • Akila

    My base band version is S7562XXLJ3 but i cant find that on samsung updates site… what if i try different baseband ? i searched for my baseband everywhere but ddnt found it…

  • Glenn Russel Pineda

    my galaxy s duos has a baseband of S762XXBMD4 and i cant find any stock rom for this. helpp! 🙁

  • humandoll

    my samsung duos can’t connect to wifi… it keeps on Turning On…. and then nothing happens

    • Khổng Minh

      same you. i can’t open wifi, it keeps on turning on, too. and a few minute after turn off screen, my phone auto turn off power. who can help me?
      sorry my english is not well . i’m vietnamess


    helpppppppppp…….. usb not recognised error… installed much drivers n …kies.. odin… not detecting ???? 🙁 WTF ????????

  • muhsin

    i ıstalled cyanogenmod android 4.4.1 in my sdous gts 7562, now there ıs no network and bluetooth and some more problems, now i want to return to old one

    • Maulik

      Fuck!!! Off… U r made fooll…. Now contact to Samsung Care for official Firmware… There is no other way to get back old vrsion…

      • Sahil Gupte

        brooo u can just falsh a stock rom back using odin

      • Aru

        hey man there are many way no need to go to Samsung care

  • dsiva09

    pls help me my s duos 7562 WiFi dus not working its blinking on /of freezing how can i solve thise prob plz helpme sir pleeeeeeeeeeese reply

    • Aru

      hardware problem bro..

  • Sekhar

    can u help to find out the original or suitable firmware to my galaxy sduos 7562 basebabd version: S7562DDBNE1 (AP: S7562XXBMD6 and CP: S7562DDBNE1)

  • Louise Ramos

    i have problems on my gt s7562, i installed king root on my phone it works, but when my phone lags i reset it this is the third time i reset it, its opening and pass thru samsung logo it even asks for the language, wifi up to time when i click next it doesnt appear. i tried hard reset T.T what should i do? :((

    • Mehmet Emin Şahan

      Ur TouchWiz is missing. Try another region’s rom (it’s a little bit risky) or if you can do install touchwiz (it must compatible with your device). Sorry for my bad Eng. I’m Turkish.

  • Big Star

    guys i need sock rom including the arbic language plz and fast if any one can replay me

  • Oscar Matamoros

    My phone is Model: GT-S7562L, BaseBand: S7562LVJMB2, this ROM fixs to my phone? If not, please tell me wich one is the best to it. Thanxs