Official Stock ROM for Samsung Galaxy S5 [All Carriers]

Rooting any Android device opens-up many great possibilities of customization in our own’s way like installing the custom ROMs, root apps, themes, etc. Not only that, we can also enhance the device performance and also pull out some hidden features of any Android Smartphones. No doubt, playing with a rooted Android device is quite amazing. However, sometimes we are so messed up with the device that we start facing serious issues such as slow performance, freezing, unusual restarts, force close errors, etc. So, in order to resolve all the issues and to get your device back to a normal condition, you need to unroot and restore Stock ROM on your device.

Official Stock ROM for Samsung Galaxy S5

Well, if you are struggling with the issues on your Samsung Galaxy S5 then restore the official Stock firmware to bring it back in a normal condition. Here, you will be guided through the simplest procedure to unroot Samsung Galaxy S5 and how to install the official Stock ROM for Samsung Galaxy S5. Here, you have to just follow the below mentioned steps carefully to get your device warranty back again. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Things To Be Kept in Mind:

  • Ensure that your device must possess charging upto 70 – 80% to avoid trouble.
  • Don’t forget to take a full backup of your device in an external SD card or on PC.
  • Do enable ‘USB Debugging’ on your device found under “Settings” option.
  • Install Samsung Galaxy USB Drivers from here or download “Moborobo” Tool.

Download Files:

1) Odin v3.09

2) Official Stock ROM for Samsung Galaxy S5:

  • Links at the end of the post


  • Download Official Stock ROM for Samsung Galaxy S5 from above links according to your device model no. and service provider.
  • Also you have to download ROM file according to your device baseband version. To obtain the baseband version, navigate to ‘Menu > Settings > About’ and check it.

Step To Install Official Stock ROM for Samsung Galaxy S5

1. At first, make sure you have installed the drivers correctly on your PC.

2. After download files, you need to extract them all in one specified folder.

3. Now, Switch Off your phone completely and start your device into Download Mode by pressing and holding the ‘Volume Down + Home button’ together, and then press the ‘Power button’ till you see the Android Construction logo. Once again press ‘Power Up’ button to confirm.

4. Open “Odin.exe” and connect your phone in download mode itself. If your phone is connected successfully the one of the ID:COM boxes will turn yellow or green in color.

5. Select the files as per below instruction to install Official Stock ROM for Samsung Galaxy S5. Files are found to be from the extracted folder.

  • Click on “PDA/AP” and select file with “CODE” in its name.
  • Click on “Phone” and select file with “MODEM” in its name. (Note: Ignore this step if you don’t able to find such file)
  • Click on “CSC” and select file with “CSC” in its name. (Note: Ignore this step if you don’t able to find such file)
  • Click on “PIT” and select “.pit” file. (Note: Ignore this step if you don’t able to find such file)

6. Please make sure that only F. Reset Time and Auto Reboot options are checked on Odin. Don’t check any other boxes. (Note: Check Re-Partition box if you have selected “.pit” file)

7. Now, click on the “Start button” on Odin to start the installation process. Installation will take a few minutes to complete, so please wait for the complete process.

8. Finally, when the installation process is completed successfully you will see the “PASS” message on Odin and then your device will reboot automatically. Now, you can disconnect your device from the computer.

Congratulations! Now, you are on Stock ROM and your device warranty is back without any cost. So, I hope you all can install Stock ROM on your Samsung Galaxy S5 easily and smoothly. Still, if you need any help then immediately shoot a comment in a below comments box!

Download Official Stock ROM for Samsung Galaxy S5

Model NumberDownload link
Galaxy S5 SM-G900ADownload
Galaxy S5 SM-G900F (Snapdragon)Download
Galaxy S5 SM-G900H (Exynos Octa)Download
Galaxy S5 SM-G900T (Snapdragon/T-Mobile)Download
Galaxy S5 SM-G900P (Sprint)Download
Galaxy S5 SM-G900V (Verizon)Download
Galaxy S5 SM-G900T1Download
Galaxy S5 SM-G900IDownload
Galaxy S5 SM-G900MDownload
Galaxy S5 SM-G900W8Download
Galaxy S5 SM-G900R4Download

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    download boümündeki yazılar çok yabancı anlamyamıyorumm ne yapmam lazımm

  • Dan

    Manakuium lan

    • Samer

      Nice name xD

  • prozzi

    which firmware to be downloaded for an Indian samsung galaxy s5 sm g900h..??

  • Ahsan

    prozzi download SM-G900H (Exynos Octa)

  • Yaniv Atia

    hi i have g900f android 4.4.2
    baseband g900fxxu1ance

    can i install android 5 ? and if i can.. which?

    • Alexis Lina

      you can install android lollipop but not this one because you have a G900F but it exist a rom for your model

  • Anirban

    I have an Indian s5. Can I use the firmware from Kazakhstan ?

    • Samer

      Any countries work, but some services might not

  • ismel vigil

    Anything for Cricket wireless

    • Samer

      I don’t think so..

  • ismel vigil

    My device is sm-g900az

    • Samer

      Well go find it then..

  • These download mirrors are freaking slower than Internet Explorer…

  • Paul Martoken

    will this let me downgrade from the latest BOG5 firmware from verizon? ive rooted many of my s5s but this one keeps coming up fail….i have the G900V

  • Jack

    Umm, I was wondering if flashing these roms will trigger KNOX when flashing through odin. I cannot find a reliable source about whether odin will trip KNOX even if the rom is official and signed with official firmware and kernel. Also, are these roms signed and official, and have the official kernel dumped from the actual phones. Sorry but I am kind of noon to flashing. I want to downgrade to 4.4.4 or 5.0. Is it possible to flash these roms through recovery mode without any custom recoveries, as I want to keep my phone official and in warranty. I am aware downgrading will wipe my data, I just desperately need a different version of android than the current one. Thanks

  • mckillio

    There is no option for PDA/AP or Phone. There is AP which I’m hoping is PDA/AP. There also aren’t any files with Code, CSC, or .PIT files in the ROM.

  • Anita Bacon

    Is there not a download for g900r4? If not, does anyone know where I can get stock ROM for my USC S5

    • I have added your phone, do check the post updated post again. Thanks.

      • Anita Bacon

        Thank you so much! I have been reading so much on so many sites…LOL. There are some confusing threads out there about what can and cannot be done. I’m running 5.1 custom ROM now. Not really thrilled with it. What I want to do is go back to the 5.0 my phone came with and when I rooted with Odin my sms and mms worked as did my fingerprint lock. Making and Receiving calls are luck of the draw. I really picked a crappy custom ROM for my first flash… Anyway if you can give me some insight, that would be amazing !!


        • Anita, you just need to download the “Stock ROM” from above link and follow the mentioned steps to get back to official ROM.

  • spinn360

    Can I install the latest stock rom for my phone or do I have to install the stock rom that I was on originally?

    • Samer

      You can get an updated version if you want.

  • HaveAGoHero

    Is it possible to install stock Samsung ROM in order to remove the Verizon ROM I currently have?

    • Samer


  • karing

    are not they all stock firmwares & not stock or unbranded roms?

    • Samer

      Most of them are branded by phone carriers.

  • freedom fighter

    cant find anything for G900F-XXU1CPC9
    i think i messed it all up a while back, but managed to install polish original rom somehow. Anyway after the latest update everything has gone wrong, now my fone is 6.0.1 and it types backwards=sdrawkcab, not joking hahahaha)
    I got the fone in russia but i’d prefer any rom that will be in english, and 5.0.1 if possible, it’s been rooted and rerooted most likely, but everything was great till this last update…….i’m kind of scared to install the old firmware, but i think i have no choice.

  • felix asemota

    sm-g900f is checking on screen and when i switch lock and open it will restart the screen is not stable what do i do?