Official Stock ROM for Karbonn Titanium S5

After getting root access on any Android device, we would surely like to play with the system files. Not only that, we do install Custom ROMs, customized themes, Root apps, and much more on our device. Although, we are aware that rooting void phone’s warranty then also we’re not stepping back. Ultimately, after playing thoroughly with the device, we again want Stock ROM back on our device to make it normal. Hopefully, you will not get any Official ROM from the manufacturer’s site directly because they are against the rooting. So, today, I am here to provide you the Official Stock ROM for Karbonn Titanium S5.

Official Stock ROM for Karbonn Titanium S5

If you own rooted Karbonn Titanium S5 running on any Custom ROM then from here you can install the Official Stock ROM for Karbonn Titanium S5 to discard the Custom ROM. In consequence, if your phone stuck up on the manufacturer logo or you face some other problems then also you can install the Official Stock ROM for Karbonn Titanium S5 to solve the issues. Surely, I will help you to get back your Official Stock ROM on Karbonn Titanium S5, just you have to follow the steps carefully. Firstly, read the whole post intensely and at some point if you feel that you are not able to understand any step then immediately shoot a comment via below comment box!

Necessary Things To Be Done:

  • Do charge your device battery upto 70 – 80% to avoid trouble.
  • Take a full backup of your device in an external SD card.
  • Don’t forget to enable ‘USB Debugging’ (Navigate to Menu > Settings > Manage Applications > Development > USB Debugging – check box), otherwise your device will be handicapped.
  • Install ADB Drivers from here.

Download Required Files:

Steps To Install Official Stock ROM for Karbonn Titanium S5

Step 1: Once you download the above files on your Computer as well as extract both the files on the desktop.

Step 2: Open the flash tool folder and from there launch “QUALFASTx.x.x.exe“.

Official Stock ROM for Karbonn Titanium S5

Step 3: Now, click on “SEL PATH” button and give a path of “Official Stock ROM” extracted folder and check “Reboot” option.

Step 4: Switch off your device and enter into fastboot recovery Mode to do so:

  • Press and hold “Volume Up + Power button” for a few seconds, until the screen flashes and then release all the buttons.

Step 5: Now, connect your device to PC with the help of USB data cable.

Step 6: At last, click on “OK” button on Qualfast Tool. Wait for the process completion.

Step 7: Finally, you will get a message saying “Download Success”.

The phone will take 10-15 minutes to start and initialize all the services & apps, because this is the first time you are starting your device after installing the ROM. As soon as you get the setup screen means you are back to the Stock ROM. Nevertheless, if you face any issue or error while installing Stock ROM for Karbonn Titanium S5 then do report us in the comments box below!

  • I think the official rom Link is removed. and also i don’t find Nemesis one custom rom. pls. send me both the link on


  • vishal

    is this really a stock rom for titanium s5 pls reply

  • vishal

    thanx a lot bro 🙂 …. link some coustom rom i tried nemenis one need some other rom now 😀

    • You’re welcome and bro you have installed this Stock ROM on your device?

      • vishal

        not till now but surely will install soon … had u tried installation is there any bug? and after installation root will remain or not?

        • Bro, it’s an offcial ROM so there will be no bug. Bro Install it and then tell me.

  • rahul

    Buddy can u tell me the upcoming roms for ritanium s5.i

    • If it comes, then I will surely inform you about that. Just subscribe us and you will definitely get a mail about that!

  • Bro! Can I install karbonn titanium s5 official stock rom on karbonn a9+ device…?? so that i can get jellibean on karbonn a9+??? pls reply

    • No bro, never do that, you’ll brick the device for sure! And you can update your Karbonn A9+ to jelly bean!

      • Then How can I get jelly bean on karbonn a9+??? presently it is having ICS? when i click on “check for upgrade”, its doesn’t give me update?? what to do now?

        • Bro there is no official update available for your device and you can’t get the jelly bean on it!

  • Sandy Adhikari

    I have Titinium s5 but when i bought it, mobile data is not working on it and then I Tried Nemesis one custom rom but it also donot help me to recover my problem, so i want your help please help me. all the gprs setting are kept and check its correct and mobile data is also on but the Mobile data is not working, help me i am waiting for your reply.

    -Sandy Adhikari

  • Manoj

    bro when i’m flashing nemises one it showing that system aborted why?

    • Have you installed CWM Recovery on it?

      • Manoj

        again it showing like that?

        • The problem is resolved. Download the file again and check the procedure.

  • Sandy Adhikari

    Stock Do not Installed It Display Installation Aboard , I download it and convert into ZIP file, But Not Working 🙁 Please Help Me I Am In Big Trouble.

  • Sandy Adhikari

    I have tried after installing CWM recovery but same problem repeated. Please Give Me suggestion so that this Stock ROM can installed. Now I have Nemesis One – Best Custom ROM for Karbonn Titanium S5 Instaalled On My Mobile. Waiting For Your Reply So Please Do Reply Soon .

  • Sandy Adhikari

    So Do I have To Download It Again?

    • Yes! Download it and falsh it as per I have mentioned in the post!

  • Sandy Adhikari

    It Works For Me Thanks Bro!!

  • GopalHebbar

    Is this working?

    • of course man! Check the above comment, it’s confirmed that it this method works!

      And bro you don’t even know that no other blog is giving you the Stock ROM of this phone and I am doing so as well as finding out the correct method from the other developers, so please respect us man!

      By the way method confimed check it out and enjoy 😀

  • gurudev

    my bro owns a titanium s5 bt his phone doesnt show the software update whereas new titanium s5 does. so is this version of latest titanium s5 stock rom?

  • does the phone shoud be rooted for this prositure or i can do it directly and the qual fast is not geting instal on my pc as i am using windows 8.1 plz can u make a video for this or just reply me it will be ok

    • No rooting required. Bro I own Nexus 4 so I can’t make the video and this process works perfectly s many of the users confirmed 😀

  • kushal

    after install custom rom my phone is gone i am not able to make any out going or incoming call will installing this will fix it pls reply as i am facing lot of difficulty

    • Of course bro! Its an official ROM 😀 Go or it!

  • Milind SB

    Hi Sohil, Would u have Official ROM of Karbonn S1 Titanium………. I will very happy if you provide me this.

  • kushal

    thanks its working you rock boss

  • I’m gonna try this official stock rom on my karbonn titanium S2. I think both the devices S2 & S5 are mostly the same so this rom would definately work for my S2 Device! After flashing i’ll Inform that it is working or not ! 😀

  • Ravasaheb

    can I update Celkon ml5 to 4.3 or 4.2.2 after root plz send me mail and link plz plz help me

    • Bro I will surely find out the way to do so.

  • Sandesh Shrestha

    Do any of you have a stock rom for titanium S2??…. i think i bricked my device and i don’t know how to fix it now

  • Abiram Menon

    hey, can i copy the zip in memory card, go to CMW and update it like usual rom flashing ?

    • Make a habit of reading the post! I have already described the procedure.

  • sohil bhai i flashed the other karbon and its done the first one i flashed with bad display so i think that the file problem but the second one hang on logo done by flasher and firmware working thnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Prashant

    thanks it really worked.

  • Akshay

    I just rooted my Karbonn titanium s5 but i don’t know how to flash on CWM recovery so i can’t flash a coustom rom … plz haelp me


    my karbonn s5 software updating death solusan

  • Jude

    i bricked my device, how to unbrick it ?
    karbonn s5

  • shubh mishra

    bro download link is broken :/please update it. only you can save me 🙁

    • It will be uploaded soon bro, just wait for 2 – 3 days we are coming on track! Thanks 😀

      • Shubh Mishra

        Bro Please inform me via email when Link is updated. Thanks in advance

        • The link is updated. Download it and Enjoy!

  • kirtpreet

    you save me bro . i shall be thankfull to you

  • Arvind

    No captured or download pictures. Please help me!

  • neeraj

    thanks for this post..ive got my bricked phone back…. thanks to u..

  • altaf shikh

    good work .thanks success

  • anchal

    sohil i played my phone i will try many rom i will not get my camera qauility can this offical rom back my phone camera with awsome qaulity .that rom is factory made rom or experimeted

  • Taran Jeet

    Hey mate , i install this rom i got no any problem 😀 😀 Very great job 🙂 🙂 but u miss 2 or 3 steps to add :p . 1st – all guys confused to see format card/format userdata what to do 🙂 . 2nd- NOTHING 😀 😀

  • mayank


    I need the stock camera app of titanium s5.
    anybody please help.

  • Subhan Shaikh

    please provide stock rom for Karbonn Titanium S2!!1 my phone is stuck on booting screen please i want to re-install please provide as fast as possible

  • Nitin Joshi

    how to instal kitkat on s5

  • Thor

    Worked like a charm of a friend’s semi bricked Titanium S5.

    • Akshay Poklekar

      my camera has been stopped working. I have tried another custom roms also in Titanium S5. But still my camera is not working. I think I bricked my camera while installing rom. or maybe camera driver has been corrupted. please help………

  • D’Pein

    link doesnt work 🙁

  • anilkumar pingili

    hi , can you help me get ride off problem

    i had rooted my karbonn s5 n it successfull rooted that ok

    after that i had installed various apps

    superuser, cleaner etc,

    and i also installed “chainfire 3d” and i had give permission to superuser to root access

    and again i had given the permission to chainfire 3d to root access

    then my phone gone to booting

    for 1 to 2 minutes

    and i taken out battery

    and kept again

    now the phone is not opening ie only showing booting screen

    please help me

    my phone model is karbonn titanium s5 andriod version 4.1.0 jelly bean

    pls help me i bought it just 5 months before

    pls help me

    my email id

    • akash

      i have same problem plz help

    • Jeewan Kafle

      my broblem is also as like yours

  • usan

    qual fast doesnt works in windows 8? or what???
    this process works!

  • bhatiavinod88

    my karbonn a21 device is not in warrenty i have rooted my karbonn a21
    and install font changer software i change the font in it then it say reboot phone
    i restat phone but when i restart phone it shows firstly karbonn logo and then go at anination it and android does not open

    then i press volume + and power on it shows green screen it does no turn into red to restore factory setting and does not show the list
    then i press volume- and power key it only shows ENTER QPST DOWNLOAD on black screen

    i went to customer care they say that it is software sorting problem they say that phone is dead.
    i want to itself repair it. Is there is any method to repair it or fresh install android in it?

    and pls give me software link with tuutorial

    also give me karbonn a21 drivers and how to instal in pc

    i search so many website but i can not found any solution then i foun your link relatd to this and i m telling problem to you
    pls give me solution with tutorial
    pls help urgent

    alo pls tell me that there is any method to reinstall android in karbonn a21 as we install fresh window in pc after corrupt
    pls give me solution with tutorial

  • Vignesh Pillai

    Pls help, Reboot checkbox cannot be selected in QUALFAST2.0.5…

  • Sandy Adhikari

    Hey Admin Can You Upload Stock ROM for Karbonn Titanium s5 plus With Procedures Please, I Badly Need It.

    • Anwar

      Hi sandy, i need your help.plz reply

  • mohit turan

    When i change font of rooted karbon titanium s5 it suddenly stop and now i switch on my phone but the screen become blank

    PlZzz. Help

  • Akshay Poklekar

    my camera has been stopped working. I have tried another custom roms also in Titanium S5. But still my camera is not working. I think I bricked my camera while installing rom. or maybe camera driver has been corrupted. please help..

  • Akshay Poklekar

    my camera has been stopped working. I have tried another custom roms also in Titanium S5. But still my camera is not working. I think I bricked my camera while installing rom. or maybe camera driver has been corrupted. please help….

  • shubham shahu

    What can I install this ROM on Karbonn titanium s5 ultra

  • Gurpreet Hanspal

    if reboot option nt able to check den there is no last after complete process “download successfully” option appear on first row but ur phone will nt reboot automatically ..u have to do it just stuck on fast boot green color screen… after complete set up u just put phone battery out and put in again den restart den it will work perfectly.

  • balaji thewar

    after flashing ROM of titanium s5 the internal space shows total 1.39GB…is iit done right or messed up with inteernal storage
    plz do reply