Movavi Mac Cleaner – Most Convenient Way to Remove Junk Files

Over time every Mac ends up having a hard drive that is cluttered with junk files. Some of those files may be cache and log files that haven’t been deleted, while others may be leftovers from apps, unused localizations, duplicate files, and so on. Odds are you may not even be aware how much junk is on your Mac – but rest assured there’s probably quite a bit.

The reason why junk files are bad for your Mac is twofold – the more junk that is on your Mac, the less hard drive space will be available and the slower its performance will be. As such you should delete it all periodically – but trying to manually track down junk files that are scattered across your entire hard drive can be tedious, but you can avoid that with Movavi Mac Cleaner.

Movavi Mac Cleaner – Most Convenient Way to Remove Junk Files

Movavi Mac Cleaner Features:

As its name suggests, Movavi Mac Cleaner is a Mac cleaning software that specializes in cleaning junk from your Mac. That will start as soon as you launch your Mac and it initiates a scan that will analyze your hard drive from top to bottom.

Once the scan is complete, you can use the features in Movavi Mac Cleaner to:

  • Display your hard disk space usage visually so that you can see exactly where space is being wasted.
  • Automatically delete all the junk files from your Mac with a single click or select and only delete specific types of files.
  • Uninstall apps (including native OS X apps) without leaving behind any leftovers and track down files left behind from apps that were previously uninstalled.
  • Remove sensitive or confidential files securely with the ‘Shredder’ so that they are overwritten and cannot be restored even with specialized software.
  • Protect your Mac from viruses, malware and other threats with the firewall and antivirus.

All in all, you should have no trouble cleaning the junk files from your Mac – along with any other apps and files that you no longer use. By the time you’re done with Movavi Mac Cleaner, you should be able to immediately see how big a difference it made – both regarding the free space on your hard drive as well as your Mac’s performance levels. Because it is so convenient to clean your Mac, it shouldn’t be too much of a chore to get into the habit of doing so regularly to keep it in great shape.