Mobile Applications: Make your App Location Aware

We welcome you to the platform of Radar that has taken an initiative of introducing the core concept of location awareness to your mobile applications simply with a few lines of code. But what location awareness exactly is? Well, it is a fascinating technology of the present times that embraces sensors and procedures for detecting a geographical site of a mobile device and delivers it to another person or any application.

location awareness

How does location awareness work?

What I believe mobile phones have become one of the essential components of our lives. Wherever we go we carry it along and no doubt mobile technology has allowed us to break down geographical boundaries and stay connected from anywhere, thus, proving location to be more important than ever.

Various technologies apply cellular phone infrastructure, wireless access points or GPS to determine the physical location of electronic gadgets like cellphones, tablets or laptops. The users can then choose to share this information with the location-aware applications. These location-aware applications then forms the feasibility to present the users with resources, for instance,

  • An exact location marker on a map.
  • Restaurant menus and reviews in that specific area.
  • Quickly find the nearest store location.
  • Sending push notifications upon entering a mall or a shop
  • Tracking of the delivery drivers.
  • A snooze alarm set for a particular stop while using a customer train service.
  • Updates or cautions regarding nearby bottlenecks in traffic, and much more.

What is Radar and how does it work?

Nowadays, mobile applications have accomplished creating universal hype which is gaining massive acceptance in every field and walk of life. Living up to the standards of a competitive market, mobile app developers are putting more emphasis and energies to come up with something unique and exclusive each time. This is where ‘WE’ – the Radar has taken a step forward to provide ‘The Best’ to the app developers by offering easy and quick processes for incorporating location awareness technology to the approaching mobile applications.

Radar is basically a location platform for mobile applications that allows app developers to add location context and tracking to various mobile applications on the basis of simple and a couple of lines of code.

Radar functions to provide toolkits dubbed as software development kits or ‘SDKs’ for both iOS and Android smart devices. These toolkits are helpful in improving the skills and abilities to add code lines to any of the mobile applications. Moreover, Radar takes a quick course of action to develop these capabilities within a few hours. While, on the other hand, taking a start from scratch, the development may take weeks or months till it has its final shape.

What are the Radar’s exclusive offers to its clients?

Radar chiefly works in three lines of products which are:

  • Geofences
  • Insight
  • Places

Let us begin our journey to have a deep understanding of each of the product it is offering to its current as well as the potential clients.


‘Geofence’ represents the place which your organization needs to monitor. It can be a retail store, a neighborhood, a delivery or more.

Geofencing is the act of drawing and defining virtual geographic areas that trigger a specific action when a GPS fleet tracking device enters or exits the geographic zone. It is mainly correspondence between virtual setting and the real world geographic area.

Geofences are being used in a variety of applications. It is capable of representing any type of area you need. For example, service companies, like satellite installers, might create a geofence around the office to determine how frequently the technicians are stopping by the office or transportation companies may use geofence to draw virtual perimeters around a customer’s location so that they know when a driver arrives.

When it comes to Radar, we claim more powerful geofencing than native iOS or Android geofencing, with cross-platform support for unlimited geofences, polygon geofences, and stop detection.


Radar offers you to turn on the ‘Insights’ to receive your desired events. Upon turning it on, Radar can learn a user’s approximate home and work locations and tell you when a user is at home, at work, or be traveling.

Radar stores historical location data for each user and based on that stored data, Radar learns each user’s approximate home and office settings. So in this way Radars generate an event when a user starts or stop traveling. However, Insights works in the foreground and background.


Lastly, we support a feature called ‘Places.’ Radar let you know when a user is at a particular place even if you have not set up a geofence for that place. For instance, it can be a chain, e.g. Starbucks, or a category, like an airport.

Furthermore, Radar is integrated with Facebook Places. Therefore, it uses them to determine if a user is at a certain place or not. Radar creates events when a user enters or exits a place.

Wrapping up:

Radar strongly believes that location awareness has become the need of the present times which surely going to rule the mobile application industry in the near future. Numerous applications have reaped out massive accomplishments with the best utilization of Radar services, encompassing Warby Parker, Via, SeatGeek, Chick-fil-A, and Raise. Radar’s location-based software development toolkit allows having a keen knowledge of consumer’s behavior and location. The applications so developed can be equipped with thrilling features that will definitely achieve attracting good enough customers and cultivating fair amount of revenues.