LG G6 Specs Revealed: Everything you need to know

After the disappointing launch of the predecessor – LG G5, LG has a lot to do to prove and to gain their lost confidence from their users. Here is what has been leaked so far about LG G6 that is soon to be revealed live at MWC Event to be held on 26th February 2017.

Compared to their rival Samsung Galaxy S7, LG G5 landed in a ditch with intense statistics of their unsold sale. This time LG is under immense pressure to set things back into their right places. The release dates of LG G6 is anticipated to be 9th March in South Korea followed by the US on 7th April, thus gaining an edge over their competitors who neither have plans to reveal their upcoming launch at MWC event nor is their new attraction expected to come until the end of April.

LG G6 Specs Revealed: Everything you need to know

LG G6 Specs Revealed: Everything you need to know

What’s new about LG G6?

Referring towards the leaks, it seems like LG G6 is ready to rock the boat when we talk about its features. So, let us find out what surprises do LG have for us with their G6 Smartphones.

LG G6 Screen and Designs

There were rumors that LG G6 is going to have a curve display which is more likely to be negated now as LG is facing certain supply issues. The Same problem has been popped up with its body which was rumored to be entire of glass and metal but it seems like LG has to compromise with its this idea too and if supply chain problem persists then it indicates that LG has to think about redesigning its phone completely.

The report further explained that LG will now include the traditional Flat screen LCD and moreover has decided not to modularize their Smartphones, keeping in mind their previous flopped experiment.

Furthermore, LG G6 will be equipped with non-removable battery – the best rumor so far received.

LG G6 Software

LG has already launched one of its Smartphone LG V20 featuring Android Nougat. So, no doubt LG G6 will come with the latest build of the software.

How will Powerful LG G6 be?

It was previously speculated that LG G6 would be supported by new Snapdragon 835 chipset, which apparently has already been carried by its rival, but the previous suppositions are now being doubted – Forbes reports. According to reports, LG will keep going with less powerful Snapdragon 821 chip.

The chances are that LG may surprise us with USB Type-C port and retain 32GB storage with 4GB RAM.

LG G6 Camera

Unfortunately, no rumors related to camera have been turned out up till now, but we are hoping to get the similar setup with G6, the one we received from G5; dual camera configuration – 16-megapixel shooter and eight-megapixel wide angle affair.

LG G6 Battery Life

LG G6 may feature wireless charging. In October 2016 LG announces a Quick Wireless Charging pad which claims to charge an empty smartphone battery to 50% in less than 30 minutes.


Well, it seems like LG will offer new premium design this time featuring the removable battery and modular idea to die. Still exactly what unique features it has for its users is yet to be revealed in real time soon.