KyleOPEN Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy S duos S7562

(Post Updated: Reason “Version updated of KyleOPEN Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy S duos S7562 to v3.4.1)

Still searching Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy S duos S7562? I know you have tried and removed the unofficial build of CyanogenMod 10.1 because of fake build and hand problem. But yet you have not stopped to search Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy S duos S7562, that’s why you are here. Thanks for being here, I will not disappoint you. In fact, I have found a KyleOPEN (developed by cheatman: xda-developers) Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy S duos S7562, which truly works on Samsung Galaxy S duos without any error & hang problem. Due to lots of features I am unable to mention here but you can check it out all the features of KyleOPEN Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy S duos S7562 from here.

KyleOPEN Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy S duos

I know, you are in a hurry to try out the new Custom ROM for Galaxy S duos, no doubt we will surely guide you through the complete process on How to install KyleOPEN Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy S duos S7562 but before that you have to read the perquisite, disclaimer and other important notes.


1. Your phone must be rooted and CWM Recovery should be installed. If not then follow this link on How to Root Samsung Galaxy S duos S7562 and Install CWM Recovery

2. Make sure your mobile should possess 70 to 80% battery

3. Enable USB debugging mode (Menu (app drawer) > Settings > Manage Applications > Development > USB Debugging – check box)

4. Ensure that you have backed up your all important data.

Disclaimer: We are not the developers ( if anything happens to your phone while performing mentioned tutorial then don’t blame us. And this ROM is not developed by us so if some functionality is not working then it’s not our responsibility.

Step by Step Guide on:

How to install Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy S duos S7562

Step 1: Download KyleROM Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy S duos from below link.

Step 2: Place the downloaded KyleOPEN Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy S duos S7562 into the SD card.

Step 3: Switch off your phone to boot into the CWM Recovery mode by pressing and holding Volume Up + Home button together, and then press the Power button.

Step 4: In the CWM Recovery mode, select option to format / factory reset and clear all caches (dalvik, data, cache).

Step 5: Now, come to the main menu of CWM recovery and from there select “Install zip from sdcard” and go to the path where you have placed KyleOPEN Custom ROM. As you select the installation will start and it will take 3-5 minutes to complete so don’t hesitate let the installation to be completed.

Step 6: Finally, when the installation process is completed select “++++Go Back++++” and then choose “reboot system” to reboot your phone. The phone will take 10-15 minutes to start and initialize all the services & apps because this is the first time you are starting a phone after installing KyleOPEN Custom ROM.

That’s it. Hurray! You have successfully installed KyleOPEN Custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy S duos. If you encounter any problem while installing Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy S duos then put your problem/queries below via comments and we will surely help you!

  • harshvardhan

    Signature failed comes up when this is done. What to do

    • Arbaz Khan

      you have perform data wiping task. (To do so, select “wipe data/factory reset“, then select “Yes” for confirmation and wait till the data wipe is complete. Now, go to CWM recovery main menu. Select “wipe cache partition” and after that, select “Wipe Dalvik Cache” under advance option to perform Dalvik cache wiping.) Do this and installed again your problem will be solved.

      • harshvardhan

        YOur reply is highly appreciated but I’ve done that too.

        Followed step by step the procedure mentioned in your blog. Some how still stuck with the same.

        Now may be may be ….

        tell me if I’m wrong here. I’ve had rooted my phone.. then around after 12 hours after finding this page I tried installing this custom rom. Would the difference of time in rooting and installing custom rom may create such problem.

        as it happened when I was rooting. but was solved when I did two things continuously.

        • Arbaz Khan

          Firstly, Thanks for visiting again 🙂

          As per you are saying, its not possible there is no time difference. But, it may happen that you have not rooted your phone properly. That’s why you are facing problem. Good to hear that, at last your problem has been solved. Now, it’s working fine na?

    • George

      Dude please Help.
      Network issues
      and i dont have my stock rom
      im Stuck!!!


      network upand down plzzz

    • Raaj.S

      first try to install cmw then unzip it and try It worked for me …but got signal issue particularly when we are trying enable to data mode if got collapsed in between or not able to do that try this link here you can get original samsung stock rom 512mb

  • Israel


    I’ve a question? Is it works on a samsung galaxy s duos model S7562L? Because you only mentioned the model S7562


    • Arbaz Khan

      I must say, it will work but before installing make a backup so if problem persists then you can restore.

  • harshvardhan

    The rooting is completed. I’ve rooted my phone 7 times now in past 2 days. But the custom rom is now a problem.

    when i install it the signature it comes with a signature fail error. then if that does not comes up it comes with an error .

    wrong device = i9000 this made me believe that the rom is more for i9000 thats galaxy S not galaxy S duos …

    thats y its creating problem . I would highly appreciate if there is any video on this so that I can check if it actually working or not.

    • Arbaz Khan

      Bro, First I must say this is pure for Samsung Galaxy S duos only. No doubt! I have installed on my brother’s phone. Ok let’s solve your problem. From where you are trying to install zip ? IF you are installing from CWM Recovery then give it a try without CWM.

  • Harshvardhan

    Finally I got it done. Thanks for your support.
    Athough m not happy as my contacts are lost.
    I would request you to edit you blog and mention one very important thing.

    THIS ALL (ROOTING installing CWM recovery and intalling custom ROM) should be DONE in ONE GOOOOO.

    No restarting should happend in between.

    • Arbaz Khan

      Oh! Thank God, at last you got it 🙂 Ok I will edit in my other post 😀 Thanks for informing 🙂

  • Harshvardhan

    May i know what benefits would I have for this rooting n installing ???

    • Arbaz Khan

      Bro, I have not written that post. If you will search Google then you will lots of links. In Simple, there are lots of advantages in rooting and few disadvantages.

  • Harshvardhan

    well few thing was missing from this custom rom .. Gallery, infinite scroll option. and Direct calling is not working.
    neither is direct messaging works.

    Another thing, was power saving option . samsung got it disabled. But you gave it back.
    the blue color was good 🙂

    • Arbaz Khan

      Thanks for informing about the Custom ROM, but I can tell its better than Stock ROM 😀

  • harshvardhan

    There one more problem and that’s a huge one.

    The mobile internet doesn’t work. It works on Wi-Fi. but not on more internet. If you switch it on. the whole network will be gone for both the sims.

    Check it out man. If possible try to get a fix for these issues. Coz this is the only custom rom available.

  • Max

    HELLO, i have installed this KyleOPEN Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy S duos S7562
    on my mobile. it worked fine for 24 hours and after this the smartphone lost the ability to make calles from both sims,
    network error but wify worked fine.
    i had to remove this rom, do you have another rom to install.
    Best regards,

  • bro…Der is no networK on phone after installing dis kyle ROM….only wifi is worKing….Do we need to install VaMshi kernel or Sumthing????…plz help

  • Neema

    plzz tell me how to install cwm recovery on s7562 plzz….

  • harshvardhan

    hiee man… Well sorry to give you trouble so much …. actually I have the link you gave to remove the bugs in kyle.. but there is this ICS that is a prerequisite to be installed before other things.I hope you’re getting that link you may see the point 1 there is some download for ICS given see the point 7 which give 3 files to flash.. but the problem is with the download the files are not there.I got only md5 file that to be S7562XXALJ4_S7562OLBALH5_S7562DXLJ3_HOME.tarnow I need to know where are the other files i.e. CODE, MODEM, CSC and .pit fileI need help urgent I’m looking forward for this ROM to get installed again.

    • No Problem….Bro they are no pre-requisite. If you want o install with odin then you have to do that. But I have given the shortcut way to install 😀

  • harshvardhan

    Finally I’ve installed it. Everything on that post …

    got the latest version. But I’m sorry to say. Its not help full it actually …..

    But thanks any way for your help. The battry performance with this ROM is worst 🙂

    • lol 😀 And thanks for your help also, to give such information 😀

      • Arbaz Khan

        KyleOpen ROM is updated to v3.2.0. Check it out 😀

  • REZA

    plz update the post bro . KyleOPEN ROM v3.2.0 is relased .

    • Arbaz Khan

      Bro Thanks for informing and the post is updated 😀 Enjoy!

  • harshvardhan

    How to Update Galaxy S Duos S7562 to XXALJ4 Android 4.0.4 Official Firmware

    search this on google and go to team android link … follow the steps. your phone would be good and going. dont worry.

    • Arbaz Khan

      That’s a official ROM, you will also get on also 😀 That’s not a problem 🙂

  • harshvardhan

    Hey you’ve updated the kyle version.

    Nice I like that. but by any chance .. does this has better option. Just to be sure.

    As you already know. I’ve had my mobile rooted 14 times now. So, I mean if this is free from bugs then only I’ll install it.

    I hope you understand my point here. Also the battery problem is a disaster in S duos. So if there’s any solution to it. Would highly appreciate your efforts 🙂

  • harshvardhan

    Hey one major change that’s required in this. That toggle buttons for various feature are missing only a few are available.

    Well people are now a bit more lazy.. I hope you know what I mean. Having toggle buttons has its own benefit 🙂

    Could you see something that could be worked here. Specially if you remember the battry was draining more rapidly in here than the stock rom.

    I would suggest please give a check on that.

  • cumhur

    after kor 3.2.0 i need a light package for most essential applications. any suggestion? thanks

  • Caio

    Não tem o Intall Zip From SDcard oq faço??

    • Arbaz Khan

      Yes, you have to place it into external SD card and install zip from SD card from Recovery Mode.

  • Pablo

    I would like to know if this ROM is usefull for a S7562L model.

  • Akhil

    Signature failed!!
    i dnt got advance option ..

    i all ready did
    Wipe dat/factory reset
    Wipe cache partition

  • sahil sharma

    bro help me….
    tell me how to change storage of installing apps from phone’s memory to memory card in samsung s duos

  • Ahmed

    No Music Player, No Gallery
    Help :'(

  • clinton

    is it stable??

    • No! having some little bugs, which are ignorable 😀

  • brother,, my mobile has one problem,,,if i on the phone,a yellow simple is show on end of the scrren plz help me and how to i install jelly bean os on my samsung galaxy s duos

  • rajesh

    i’m unable to make calls and receive calls now…and gallery app is missing…wat to do for it bro????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • hi… is it work on any custom rom or only on stork rom

  • Harshvardhan


    recently I get to know that Samsung service centre is updating this devices (S Duos) to jellybean.
    Only for the devices in warranty period. However, I still don’t get it how’s it possible.

    A suggestion. it would be highly appreciated if you please show some screen shots of ROM you put here.
    Special about the quick launch buttons as in this rom it has been cut down to 4-5 although previously there were way much more.

    So, please include some feature about this ROM. not everyone can try and check it.

    All the best 🙂 have fun 😉

  • adhiseshan

    I want to remove kyleopen v3.0 from galaxy s duos I have installed with S7562XXAMC1_S7562ODDALJ2_INU stock rom but still kyleopen is present i want a completly remove ie full factory reset of my phone and install ZSAMC1 Android 4.0.4 Firmware

  • Maggie

    Guys, please tell me whether i should really install this stuff or not. i already have downloaded the necessary stuffs for installing kyle open ROM, but after reading the comments i am afraid that network issues may arise. so should i go for it or should i wait for another good rom to come up.. suggestions are much appreciated….

    • Harshvardhan

      I’d suggest as of now don’t go for this. If you’ve never installed it. However, if you don’t have any issues testing it. Then only you can go for.

      These guys have also mentioned some where in the same post on how to install the stock rom of samsung.

      so if you think you don’t like the Kyle Custom rom. You can go back as normal. I’ve already tested it 14 times.

      So you can count on this guy or may be me too 🙂

      All the best if you’re doing it.

    • Maggie

      when wil it get moderated?

  • hey bro dis file is too large..around 882mb..even though i managed to download it..but i am nt able to install it as it is not zipped..what should i do nw??

    • Bro thanks for the information. I have updated the post. You can check it out and now you can download the .zip file to flash!

  • Zuss

    I hope that this thread is still alive… I am face a problem while I am trying to install KyleOPEN through CWM. I cant understand from the time that the KyleOPEN is an .md5 file how it should be installed as a .zip one? and anyway I tried that out by zipping the .md5 file but there was also no success.
    I am using the CWM-based Recovery v5.5.0.4 and I always firstly clean cache and dalvik. My cellphone is SAMSUNG Galaxy S Duos GT-S7562. The result from trying to install from both .zip and .md5 is that:

    — Wiping cache…
    Formating /cache
    Cache wipe complete.
    Dalvik Cache wiped.
    — Installing: /sdcard/
    Finding update package…
    Opening update package…
    Installing update…
    Installation aborted.

    Waiting for your reply,
    Thank you

    • Sorry for the inconvenience! The link is updated and now you can download the .zip file to flash into CWM Recovery!

      • Zuss

        IF we finally have a problem with the signal of the SIM, and we want to return to the stock ROM? There is no patch
        for KOR to repair this signal issue?

        • Get the latest ROM and your problem will be resolved!

  • aasish

    i was going through your instruction but my phone cant open hang on startup logo how can i fix it? please help me

    • Do this:

      1. Switch off the phone completely
      2. Press and hold “Volume down Power Button” for few seconds. Select Recovery from there.
      3. Now you will be into Stock Recovery mode seeing some “4 – 5 options”. You can use volume buttons to navigate and power button to select.
      4. Now, navigate to “factory data reset” and click ok.
      5. Now, select Wipe Cache Partition and click “OK”
      6. Reboot you device.
      And you are done

    • i have same problem

  • Swapnil Mehta

    My baseband version is S7562DDBMG1 .
    May i get stable custom rom with no bugs ??
    If any give me the links ?

  • rohit

    network problem how to fix?

    • Solve it from here.

      • duku

        I’m having the same network problem after installing the kyleopen rom. If I download the ROM image from xda-developers, should I repeat the whole installing process again? Help me :'(

        • I have put the link from the XDA only, it’s official man I am not fooling you but from there developer has said to flash some file to solve the network error, so check that out 😀

  • Shaik Latheef

    my baseband version is S7562DDBMG1 is it ok to install this custom rom

  • kamal

    please anyone tell me which is the latest version between kyleopen rom 4.1 and android 4.0.1 ics cream sadwich

  • Momamed Hassan

    After I installed Kyleopen Custom Rom I did not get network signal from 2 Sim cards.

    I found the solution in CSC file for my country.

    The problem I am searching all sites for CSC files but I can not find anyting.

    Please help me to find it

  • multimedia like gallery,music video app is not working in from this rom.
    and there is repeated crash also…….. how to fix the problems…please help

  • Julio Anchieta

    I made the whole procedure as described above. The installation was a success, realized that the device has a significant improvement, but after reboot, do not start multiple processes. The WiFi does not work at startup and gets a “yellow triangle” in “Samsung Galaxy S GT-S7562 Duos” screen Another observation is the device type. Mine is the GT-S7562L but when he starts the letter “L” disappears, so also appears in “Settings> About Device> Model Number”

    • Means you have installed the ROM on wrong device, so now you want the original firmware back?

  • prasenjeet

    please tell me from where to download kyleopen

    • Bro the link is already given in the post, please read out the post carefully!

  • Karl-El

    custom rom is unavailable. Please give us a working link!

    • The link is updated, you can download now! Thanks for letting us know 🙂

      • Karl-El

        Thank you bro! got the package. When i trying to install the package i CWM it says verification failed. why that ?

        • Now, go to the CWM > Advanced option > just choose File verification! (It will show the message as file verification turned off!)

  • adel

    hello ,

    i need your help , i have based stock s7562xxbmd4 , does this custom rom works properly ? if not can you kindly tell me what custom rom does work fine

  • sudhir kumar

    after installing this rom my music player and photo Gallery can’t Show why…??

  • dave

    i followed all the steps but after installing i can’t find the gallery, music player and i can’t access the external sd card. really need some help here

    • Bob Allen

      Go to the XDA developers thread regarding this model. In the directions on that thread it says you need a certain base rom flashed before you flash Kyle open rom. The link for it is in those directions as well. I would bet if you go back, follow the XDA developers thread to the tee you should be able to fix it. In other words reflash stock rom, then flash the base rom, then flash kyle rom.

      • Ahmed Madder

        what’s the difference between stock rom and base rom ?

    • Nithin Varghese

      Try install some g-app pack


      Just go to file manager>settings(use left touch sensitive button)>General settings>Access mode>switch to Prompt User mode.Then get back,now you can manually use mnt/sdcard or mnt/exsdcard according to your need.

  • sayooj Sreedharan

    Can’t install some apps like Google chrome, no bloat etc

    • Asif ali

      take gapp zip from xda and install it via recovery

  • Guest

    my mobile shown
    signature failed
    what can i do for update my phone
    plz help me

    • Asif ali

      you may be on another baseband version try it via odin…..

    • Talib Alam

      you haven’t insatall CWM recovery to your phone thats why i happens……..

  • Swapnil Mokashi

    when i install kyle open rom zip into external sd card in booting mode my mobile shown “signature failed”

    what can o do ???

    Plz help

    • Asif ali

      you may be on another baseband version you may be on another baseband version try it via odin…..try it via odin…..

    • hari

      you should boot in CWM recovery mode
      normal recovery mode shows signature failure

    • Nithin Varghese

      Skip signature verification

  • mashiha17

    asif brother what will makes changes if i use odin while installing this kyle open rom? does it take stallation as our depended baseband ?

  • Abdelrahman Rahal

    i tryed n i did it but the android version still 4.0.4 no changes

  • adel

    link not available for downloading 99.59% and its stop please fix link

  • Sanjay Krish

    i followed the steps clearly right from the begining but i didnt get the cwm mode …how can i fix this problem

    • Sohil Memon

      So, it means you haven’t installed the CWM recovery bro!

    • Jesus Romero


  • Jesus Romero

    can this fix my phone because it aint turning on its just stuck on the samsung logo with the exclamation mark and when i charge it the battery pic has no green color showing that it is charging can u guys teach me here and help me

    i have a theory that chainfire3d did this jackasses things to me i just do the blbablalba cwm in chain fire and it reboot and there u have it a samsung galaxy s duos not turning on

    hoping 4 ur supp0rt…

  • Fabricio Diógenes

    I installed a ROM so that getting appearing on the home screen one screen black yellow names how do I fade this screen. email

  • Anuj Ojha

    I can’t make a call as there is no signal or reception for the sim card.. its as if I have no sim card on the phone. pls help..

    • Sam Christen

      Hi there,
      I had the same problem, until I wiped the chache and data / factory reset in cwm. After that, I installed KyleOpen again and now it works!

  • DarkPhonixXD

    PLS help me, since i installed it it doesnt read my sim… so i cant call somebody, i have no moobile internet, etc. PLS PLS help me

    • Sam Christen

      Hi there,
      I had the same problem, until I wiped the chache and data /
      factory reset in cwm. After that, I installed KyleOpen again and it

  • adrian

    can i use rom manager for installing roms??

  • viv

    Hi! this is my first time doing everything from rooting to installing custom rom thank you so much 🙂 i’m glad my phone didn’t encounter problems but why is gallery and mp3 player was removed? please do reply with my email here thanks 😀 i also saw your answers about flashing a base rom bafore the kyle open and i won’t do that hahaha. anwyay i found on play store some substitute for those missing . my question is missing those two is not that a big deal right? won’t affect that much to my phone? :)))

  • Deepak Kumawat

    the instaltionwent normal ,,,but i can open my keyboard thus i cant comple the starting era of installing

  • sudhakar

    i m facing one error at time of installation E:signature verfication failed

  • ADZ64

    Brilliant !! works for me on my GT7562. So Thank You for u r efforts. Just loaded the new rom and device seems to be a little more responsive and faster.

  • hassam bin hassan

    i installed custom rom successfully in samsung galaxy duos s7562 but after that my wifi turn on but can’t search any network (available in area). Can anyone tell me whats the problem?? my email

  • arif

    verry nice rom. fine working…. tnx..

  • Danial Pushparaj

    i want to change the kernel to kyle open or not .am now on cosmic rom v2.5.reply soon please!!!

  • Jagan Rock

    hi.. sir im using s dous GT-7562 baseband-S7562DDBNE1 can i try ths ??


    Thanks I finally got rid of laggy official rom.Although my phone’s look has been changed to something like ics+jellybean yet my phone phone still shows android 4.0.4,Why is it so?and there is no any option to update even.


      please someone reply

  • Shelvey Elmo Dias

    Dead link plese help i need Kyle open custom rom link

  • Pardeep Saini

    How to root samsung 7582 plz telll me

  • did russ

    I have broken screen Samsung gt s7562. I am looking for custom ROMs that had already USB debugging and adb enabled before installation. Does kyleOpen has this feature? Even if I go with these steps I will be stuck in step that needs USB debugging enabled.