How To Unlock Moto X/Moto G Bootloader Officially [All Carriers]

Updated: you can follow the below guide to Last year, there was a huge buzz, when the Google purchase Motorola and everyone was excited about the new Google series of Android Smartphones merging Motorola. Unfortunately, the excitement goes down, when launched Moto X called “Google Phone” with the features – which we are generally seeing in almost all the Smartphones. People were forced to ask,”Is this what we are waiting for?”. However, we can’t get through the Google and have to use what we are given.

The Moto X overlaid with 4.7-inch AMOLED display and packed with Motorola X8 Computing System with 2GB RAM, embedded 2200 mAh battery, inbuilt storage 16 or 32 GB NAND flash and runs on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. Now, features are not much more promising, so in-order to unleash the Moto X – definitely we have to root it. And, we are aware about the fact that by default Google devices has locked bootloader. Hence, before going for the rooting process, we have to unlock Moto X bootloader.

How To Unlock Moto X Bootloader Officially [All Carriers]

Presently, I am here to show the complete tutorial on, “How to unlock Moto X bootloader officially for all carriers”. Yes! You read the title correctly, I am not going to use any third-party tool or some sort of software, I will drive you through the official Motorola website and show you the one way to unlock Moto X bootloader for all carriers. So, without wasting much time, let’s start the tutorial immediately!

Disclaimer: This blog ( is not affiliated with Google, and unlocking bootloader is an offense because you are breaking the security of the device. Truly, we are not responsible for damage or harm that may happen to your device while following the tutorial. Follow at your own risk, without ripping any of the below steps ūüėČ

Tutorial Prerequisites:

Steps To Unlock Moto X Bootloader

Step 1: Get ready with the following things.

  • Moto X device
  • USB Cable
  • A Computer system with drivers and Android SDK installed.

Step 2: Go to the official Motorola website to choose Moto X region/carrier. Depending on your Moto X variant, click on the specified link to unlock Moto X bootloader.

Unlock Moto X Bootloader Guide Image - 1

Step 3: Now, You will directed to the bootloader unlocking page having some pre-defined steps, you have to just follow it carefully and you’re done as well as I am here to help you with the process.

Unlock Moto X Bootloader Guide Image - 2

Step 4: On the same page, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “Proceed Anyway

Step 5: Now, you will ask to sign-in with two different options.

  1. Sign-in the same Google ID entered when you have activated your Moto X device.
  2. Otherwise, if you own Motorola ID then go with it. You can also Sign-up to get the Official Motorola ID.

Unlock Moto X Bootloader Guide Image - 2

Step 6: Now, it’s the time to get your Moto X device ID and Unlock key to unlock Moto X bootloader. Although, you have already downloaded and installed the necessary tools on your Computer, so don’t need to download again. Go to the next step.

Step 7: Procedure to get device ID Unlock key to unlock Moto X bootloader.

a). Switch off you device.

b). Press and hold “Power button and Volume down button” together and connect¬†your device to your computer with a USB cable.

c). Navigate to the folder where you have install “Android SDK“. (For example: “C:Android SDKsdkplatform-tools“)

Unlock Moto X Bootloader Guide Image - 4

d). From there, open the command prompt by pressing “Left Shift + Right Click” and choose “open command window here“.

Unlock Moto X Bootloader Guide Image - 5

e). In the command window, type the following command.

  • $ fastboot oem get_unlock_data

Unlock Moto X Bootloader Guide Image - 6

f). You will get code similar to the below image on your command prompt.

Unlock Moto X Bootloader Guide Image - 7


g). Now, you need the unique unlock code for your Moto X device. To do so:

  • Copy the code from the command prompt and paste it into notepad.
  • Remove “(bootloader) or INFO” and white spaces from the code to generate your unique unlock code.
  • Refer the unlock code specified in the below image.

Unlock Moto X Bootloader Guide Image - 9

h). Now, copy the device ID string¬†and paste it into the “Make Sure you Device Is Unlockable” on the webpage to make sure that your device can be unlocked or not. Click on button saying “Can my device be unlocked?

Unlock Moto X Bootloader Guide Image - 10

i). If you device is eligible then you will see a Request Unlock Key button and you’ll receive¬†an email with your Unlock Key having¬†20-character alphanumeric code, which will help you unlock Moto X bootloader.

Step 8: The actual process start from here to unlock Moto X bootloader.

a). Turn off your device.

b). Again, boot your device into “fastboot” mode. The procedure is already specified above.

c). At the same time, connect your device to your Computer via USB cable.

d). To check that your device is successfully connected or not, type the following command in the command prompt (Opened from Android SDK folder).

  • $ fastboot devices

e). Now, to unlock Moto X bootloader, simply enter the following code in the command prompt itself.

  • $ fastboot oem unlock UNIQUE_KEY

Note: UNIQUE_KEY refers to the code which you have received in an email, it is case-sensitive.

f). If the above code is entered correctly, then¬†your device’s screen will confirm that your device is unlocked and that’s it, you have successfully unlocked the Moto X bootloader.

Step 9: Your device will be rebooted and you’ll receive following pop-up. Ignore it and start you device.

Unlock Moto X Bootloader Warning

Congratulations Guys! You have unlocked your Moto X device successfully. No doubt, this is a very long process and also some of the beginner users find this guide really tough. But, you don’t have to worry guys, I am here to help you, just shoot a comment containing your problem/queries in the below comments section.

Hope, you find this guide, “How to unlock Moto X bootloader officially for all carriers” useful. So, don’t forget to share this post with others also.
  • Hi idroidspace,

    I have been trying to delete some carrier installed apps such as virtual voice mail on my Sprint Moto X. By unlocking it, would I be able to delete such apps? Is it safe? Or is there some other recommend method? Thanks in advance.

    • Bro unlock the Moto X bootloader and I will provide you the way to root your device and then you can delete all the bloatwares apps.

  • Manohar Maddineni

    How to re-lock the bootloader? AKA, how do I get the warranty back?

    • nick0296

      It will void the warranty on consumer phones, but won’t void the warranty on a developer phone

      Relocking isn’t possible if done with the Motorola method

      • Shiloh Trigg

        How can you relock? From a non Motorola unlocking

  • Kevon L

    Is there not one for att or am i missing something?

    • jimmy

      articall says ALL CARRIERS , doesnt say acept att

    • For ATT and Verizon, you need the Developer Edition phone to unlock the bootloader the official way.

  • Ali Beklik

    I have mac with mavrik iOS can’t complete the commend please help

    • ThomasMoneyhon

      impossible. Mac computers do not run iOS

  • Zaheeer Husssain

    Can I use the same for MOTO G?

  • daniel

    Buenas amigo mira llegue hasta el paso en que me da la cadena que tengo que ingresar en la pagina y al momento de ingresarla me dise que el código no es desbloqueable el dispositivo como le puedo hacer???

  • Mike Otero

    the Verizon prepaid moto G does not qualify

  • Divyesh

    First of all, thanks for such descriptive steps. I see the Bootloader Unlocked warning now when I start my phone. But then when I insert another SIM it asks for another code “SIM network unlock PIN”, I am not sure what is that. Please help.

  • raul

    after step 9 my phone doesnt starts heelp

  • Thomas Seeling

    I own a Moto X 2013, and at first I was not sure which entry in the table on the motorola page I should choose. I simply tried the “US / Sprint, USC, TMO” entry, clicked on the “Unlock” link and it worked like a charm for my retail-de XT1052.

    BTW: you can lock the bootloader again, e.g. after returning to stock ROM, with “fastboot oem lock”.

  • Amaya Raito

    I have unlocked the Bootloader on my Moto X 1st Gen but my Sim card is still not working.