How to Take Screenshot on LG G6 Manually or Automatically Using Apps

Check out the easiest way to take Screenshot on LG G6. With the LG G6 soon to smash the stores very soon, LG’s potential users are excited as well as extremely curious about its design and various features. Millions of questions do pop up in the minds with the launch of every new Smartphone. One of the most common queries that need to be addressed is the screenshot of the newly purchased handset each time.

Screenshots are mainly essential to capture, save and share whatever is there on the screen which you liked or is important to go through after that. The screenshots taken can be edited and cropped the way you want, and sometimes it becomes very handy in many ways.

How to Take Screenshot on LG G6 Manually or Automatically Using Apps

Although LG G6 comprises round display, still when the screenshot is taken, it will appear with squared edges when viewed on any other device. Keeping in mind the interested customers, we have jotted down different ways on how to take screenshot on LG G6.

Methods to Take Screenshot on LG G6 Manually or Automatically Using Apps:

Those who are interested in taking screenshots from their LG G6 should consider implementing any of the following methods:

How to Take Screenshot on LG G6 Manually or Automatically Using Apps

Method 1:

The first method can be said to be the universal method meaning it is being used for years. It involves pressing the power (fingerprint scanner) and the volume down buttons at the same time and hold. After a few seconds, an image is captured, notified with a sound and automatically gets saved in the gallery.

Method 2:

The second method is quite a simpler one. Slide down the screen from the top which consists of shortcut keys to various functions. Among these shortcuts, LG G6 possesses “capture” option. Just tap on the “capture,” the slide down bar will disappear, and the image on the screen is shot which can be accessed from the photo gallery and can be edited with the editing tools in the usual manner.

Method 3:

Lastly, screenshots can be taken and shared by using Google Now. Firstly, new users will need to enable this, and it is highly recommended for quick searches as well. Next, for taking a screenshot, all you need to do is to press long the circular “Home” onscreen key, the Google Now will pop up. It quickly analyzes whatever is on the screen and shows results like directions to a nearby restaurant or a movie in the text message. It consists of a share button which is represented by two dotted lines. Tap it, and Google Now will instantly take the screenshot and opens up the share menu as well. Through share menu, users can send the screenshots via messages or can upload it on the social network sites.

Screenshots are saved in a separate folder in your gallery titled “Screenshots” So, whether it is a funny post from any social media site or any other important mail of yours, screenshots are the easiest and quickest ways to store things for future purposes.