How To Fix ‘Failed To Fetch’ Error In Cydia On iOS 7

A huge buzz was created over the internet, when Evasi0n releases Untethered iOS 7 Jailbreak For iPhone, iPad and iPod. Truly, this was the most awaited update by the iDevices users, which helps in installing unapproved apps and games on their devices. Currently, everyone is enjoying the update and getting their hands-on Cydia app. Cydia is the wonderful app consists of various packages that can be installed on the iPhone, iPad or iPad. It also manages arbitrary repositories to install software unavailable on the Apple App Store.

Fix Failed To Fetch Error In Cydia On iOS 7

As this is the preliminary update, we might face some hectic problems in Cydia. Well, here is the first error reported by many of the users called “Failed To Fetch” in Cydia on iOS 7. This “Failed To Fetch HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found” error in Cydia appears every time when the user request a package refresh and it’s caused by the Ultrasn0w repository. It’s true that nobody like to see such errors in their newly Jailbroken devices. However, this error is no longer exists because an easiest way has been found out to get rid-off  from ‘Failed To Fetch’ error in Cydia on iOS 7.

Here, the article describes the way to fix ‘Failed To Fetch HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found ‘ Errors in Cydia on iOS 7. So, you have to just go-on following the below steps and your problem will be solved for sure. Let’s jump to the tutorial then!

How To Fix ‘Failed To Fetch’ Error In Cydia On iOS 7

Step 1: From the app drawer, tap on “Cydia app” icon and select “Manage” option from the bottom menu.

Step 2: Select the “Sources”, a list of repositories will be appeared.

Step 3: From the open list, find “Dev Team’s repository” > click on “Edit” option situated at the top right hand corner > select “Delete” to delete the repository.

The ‘Failed To Fetch’ Error was due to “Dev Team’s repository” because it lies under the Ultrasn0w software unlock package.

Step 4: Now, refresh the “Cydia” and you’ll notice that ‘Failed To Fetch’ error has been resolved.

Congratulations! Your device is free from error and now, you can freely use “Cydia” app without any hesitation. While, removing the “Dev Team’s repository” will not cause any issue for the majority of the users. Besides that, there are many users who need that repository to unlock their devices, so far that they can add “Dev Team’s repository” again. To do so,

Open Cydia app > Manage > Sources > click on Add and then type repository address,

I have tried my level best to solve your error, if still the problem persists then share with us via the comments section. Also, if you have found any other solution for this ‘Failed To Fetch’ Error In Cydia On iOS 7, don’t forget to inform us! Enjoy 😀