How To Change Voice On Siri in iOS 7 from Female to Male

How To Change Voice On Siri in iOS 7: At WWDC Keynote this year (2013), Apple shows many highlights about extraordinary features and changes made in iOS lead to iOS7. Besides all the features of iOS 7, Apple announced that Siri in iOS 7 gets the new female voice update with improved speaking abilities. Hearing this, people go on chattering about it. Currently, iOS 6 already possess a male voice with some noise distortion and sounding errors. Though, it has options to change tone/gender depending on different regions inside Siri’s settings, but sometimes while changing region it freezes up.

Siri in iOS 7

That’s why to get rid of all these problems, Apple came up with a gender changing options and high quality speech characteristics on Siri in iOS 7. As well as Siri in iOS 7 comes with Twitter and Wikipedia search integration. So now users are free to change Siri voice male or female in iOS 7 or vice versa.

How To Change Voice On Siri in iOS 7 from Female to Male

Now, the new and improved Siri in iOS 7 allows users to change voice with two options, either they can change it to old female voice or new male updated voice. In order to change voice on Siri in iOS 7, traverse to:

Tap on “Settings app > General > Siri > Voice Gender”

How To Change Voice On Siri in iOS 7

There you’ll find two options “male or female“, choose as per your need.

Presently, people are not considering this as a major update because iOS 7 is not available to update officially on iDevices. However for those, who are willing to update their iPhone to iOS 7 then I have already written the post on “How To Update iOS 7 Beta 1 on iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and iPhone 4“. So, update your iPhone to latest iOS 7 and start using Siri on it. And let me know what you think, is it a major update? Is there any improvement in speech? You like the new male voice or not? Share your views with us!