GrabOn #BachatWaliDiwali is Back: Wins up to Rs 30,000 Vouchers

Hey, guys, it’s a season of festivals! And this time its Diwali, and two things special about Diwali are Lights and gifts! And gifts are the thing we have been waiting for the entire year J. We have a surprise just for you all! Here is a chance to win exciting prizes up to 30,000 INR!

Yes, you heard it right! Grabs up to 30K! because GrabOn’s #BachatWaliDiwali is back, this time bigger and better. Bringing the best deals and offers across all merchants and online shopping portals. Of course shopping is fun when it comes to a festival, but what if you could save some money? While buying the same gifts? Worry not GrabOn’s#BachatWaliDiwali aims to save all your money while shopping online!

GrabOn #BachatWaliDiwali is Back: Win up to Rs 30,000 Vouchers

Shop more, save more with GrabOn’s #BachatWaliDiwali

Grabon is a website where you save your money while buying online, for example, you need a smartphone, you go to GrabOn get some coupons that save your money! They also have huge sections including Ola and other services too!

And as its festive season and you got to buy some stuff online for Diwali, GrabOn is back with their  #BachatWaliDiwalithis season, to help you save huge while buying online, as well as using other services, GrabOn has tons of deals and coupons backed up for the Diwali, and they have another surprise for you as well! It’s a contest/game where you can win prizes up to 30k INR!! Amazing right? You are going to still have fun playing the game and saving some money even if you lose, but if you win all those exciting prizes are going to be yours!

This Diwali the only thing brighter than the fireworks will be the smile on your face!

GrabOn’s #BachatWaliDiwali is surely a tremendous gift to online shopping fans; GrabOn is launching a contest from 22nd October to 25th October. This is a game where you have to identify and locate the letters ‘B’, ‘W’ and ‘D’ within 10 seconds. This BWD (BachatWali Diwali) sequence game, will have five chances to all users to identify the correct sequence, indeed requires a tricky and quick mind to win huge prizes! It is fun to play games and win tons of exciting prizes at the same time,

Never miss this contest, it does have exciting prizes and also has a benefit of saving your money online while shopping!