Free Download HQ Trivia APK for Android to Win Real Money

Android has been generous to its users in terms of many things, but for a long time the HQ Live Trivia Game application was not one of them. On the other hand, the iPhone user have had the sole privilege of playing this app and that had always been a disadvantage for Android users who enjoyed brain-teasers with a huge reward. But finally, the OS gap has been smashed by the developers releasing HQ Trivia APK for Android. So, if you good at riddles, puzzles or general knowledge, then here is a chance to put some real money into your pocket.

Free Download HQ Trivia APK for Android to Win Real Money

What is HQ Live Trivia Game?

HQ Live Trivia is developed by Intermedia Labs and is unlike any other game you might have played before on your smartphone.

Think Quiz Up meets Jimmy Kimmel. Only, HQ Trivia do not feature your chosen trivia decks that you can just play with anyone. And the host is definitely not Jimmy Kimmel; it’s Scott Rogowsky.

The game was the brainchild of two Vine co-founders Rus Yusupoc and Colin Kroll so you can naturally expect their game to be quite the hit as their video streaming platform was!

HQ Live Trivia Game App ported to Android…What?

This Christmas season was more than just carols and stockings. HQ Trivia broke records a week ago with its access to Android smartphones. Although the game is yet to be released officially on the Play Store app, eager trivia players can enjoy the FULL version of HQ Trivia on Android with an APK file.

What you just need to do is simply download HQ Trivia APK for Android file for free and you can join in with the rest of the world on this fun live adventure.

What’s the Big Deal behind HQ Trivia?

As mentioned earlier, HQ Trivia is unlike any other game on your phone. It is played live on weekends at 9 PM EDT and 3 PM EDT on weekdays. That’s it? How one can play and enter into competition of winning real money?

The rules are simple: answer the question announced by the host in the given 10 second slot. Those who answer correctly move on to the next round while the rest are eliminated on the spot.

Players who answer the final question split a cash prize of $2000. Yes – that’s real money!

The game is fun and if you’re lucky (or smart) you can get some extra hundred dollars directly in your PayPal account. So, what are you waiting for? Grab the HQ Live Trivia game app and start earning bucks for free!

You can access free download HQ Trivia APK for Android link now and go for regular app installation.