Applock for Android – Free APK Download

We all have come across the requirement of keeping our private data safe, for example, WhatsApp chats, Facebook messages, or even our gallery. We all require application lock feature in our phones, but on Android, there’s the only lock for the home screen, and if that is bypassed, nothing can save us from sneaking up our private app data. To lock apps, we need to download app locker for Android. One can find various free and best app locks for Android, and also some file locker for Android are costly to buy on play store. So, here we bring you the APK of best app locker for android to download for free!

Best Applock for Android Free APK download

Applock for Android – Free APK Download

This app brings adequate security to lock application and hide all your private data. It functions as an external app, which you can install on any Android phone and secure your information.

App locker can be set to pattern lock as well as number lock, which can have many combinations, you can choose the difficult combination to protect your data from being sneaked up, the tougher the better, personally we prefer you to choose the number lock as it cannot be easily broken through, still if pattern lock is your preference, then go for it.

The Android app lock comes with various useful features like you can change no of attempts to unlock any app, capture person’s photo who tries to look up your personal data, etc. In short, the app gives a lot of security to our private chats, messages, and photos using app locker.

Applock for Android - Free APK Download

App locker occupies minimal space on your smartphone and does a good job to lock apps and saving your private data to the public. Below are the features for App Locker for Android.

  • Easy to use and setup, just download the apk file, install and set the pattern, confirm and you are done
  • Protect any app, like WhatsApp, Facebook, hike, Instagram.
  • Protect Chrome, YouTube from someone opening it and seeing history page, instead lock it with app locker
  • Protect contacts and call logs from someone seeing it.
  • Protect sneakers from accessing private photos and videos
  • App locker can be prevented from uninstalling,
  • Can save the hassle of worrying about it, also no need for locking home screen!

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Well, we all do have something to hide whether a private chat or something personal that you can’t show it to everyone. No matter what your problem is, the app locker for Android changes the game and lets you be hassle free. Now after setting it up, you can leave the phone anywhere, and no one is going to check out your private data and apps. Here is the best Applock for Android has it all, makes it easy for you to protect your privacy!

Grab the latest version of App Locker for Android from here. You can easily download applock apk from the below link and install it as a regular app. The applock for Android doesn’t require root access. You can quickly lock Gallery app on your Android smartphone or any other apps.