Download SuperSu for Marshmallow Android 6.0 (v2.67 zip / apk)

Download SuperSu For Marshmallow v2.67 zip apk : Rooting gives access to system files on any Android Smartphone and using that you can modify any system files or apps. So, once you have rooted your Android Smartphone, every rooted app will require root privileges to read and modify system files. One can give root permissions to any app using the “Terminal” because Android is a Linux based OS. However, it’s a quite tough way because every time you need to write a command to grant root permission to any app. In order to make the process simple, we have an app called “SuperSu” which manages the root permission of every app.

Download SuperSu for Marshmallow Android 6

Whenever any app asks for root privileges, you can grant or deny using “SuperSu” app. Once the permission is given to the app, the “SuperSu” manages all the records so that next time the permission will be automatically granted or denied. Later on, you can change the permission of any app from the “SuperSu”. The “Chainfire SuperSu app” can also be used to unroot an Android Smartphone. In short, the app is much more powerful and all that you get for free. It also comes with the PRO version which has more features to use.

SuperSu for Marshmallow Android 6.0

SuperSu is updated to support Android 6.0 Marshmallow running Android Smartphones. Many new features are added and also bug fixes to run SuperSu for Marshmallow Android 6.0. One can see the complete “SuperSu Changelog Xda” of every version coming out! You can also have all the information about Latest SuperSu Xda.

Download SuperSu for Nougat Android N 7.1/7.0

If you are running Android 7.1/7.0 Nougat version on your smartphone and searching for SuperSu, then you can download from below link. Get the latest version of SuperSu for Nougat Android N 7.1/7.0 APK / zip file.

Download Link – SuperSu for Nougat

Download SuperSu for Marshmallow Android 6.0 (All Devices)

Here we will be providing links to download latest SuperSu version. Of course, the version will support all Android smartphones running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. One can install ‘‘ via recovery or by directly installing ‘SuperSu.apk‘ on your any Android Smartphone. In this article, we will show you manual method ‘how to install supersu manually‘ and that can be done via two different ways:

How to Install SuperSu in Recovery

How to Install SuperSu without Root on Android

Download SuperSu Zip for Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Download SuperSu APK for Android 6.0 Marshmallow