Download Apple iOS 7 Theme for Android

The post covers the guide on how to install Apple iOS 7 Theme for Android. Now-a-days, most trending search on Google is related to “iOS 7”, which is the next generation iPhone mobile operating system unveiled by Apple. Undoubtedly, they have totally changed iOS interface and introduce new and innovative functions. People started loving the new look of iOS 7, which includes some functionality similar to Android OS. Still, Apple has not reveal iOS 7 release date. However if you own an Android OS based Smartphone, then you can experience the whole new look of iOS 7 by downloading Android iOS 7 theme.

Apple iOS 7 Theme for Android

Thanks to the user named “shmogt”, who has used the popular Nova Launcher and created a pack of Apple iOS 7 Theme for Android. Any Android users can apply Apple iOS 7 Theme manually to get the look similar with the UI of the iOS 7. Another name of Android iOS 7 Theme is “jbOS 7” because it based on Android Jelly Bean. This Jelly Bean Apple iOS Theme is currently meant for Samsung Galaxy S3, but this doesn’t meant that it can’t work with other Android phones.

Features of Apple iOS 7 Theme for Android

  • Apple iOS 7 standard background and app icons.
  • iOS 7 Lock Screen.
  • Home Screen + Two Additional Screen that act as apps.
  • Calender app and Weather app shortcuts on Lock Screen.
  • Fully Customized look of iOS 7

Now, you can’t wait for a single minute, you just need the link to Download Apple iOS 7 Theme for Android. If you want to install Apple iOS 7 Theme for Android then follow the below procedure:

Guide to install Apple iOS 7 Theme for Android

Step 1: First Download Apple iOS 7 Theme for Android. Extract .zip file and place the extracted folder into external SD card.

Step 2: Install “Ultimate custom widget (UCCW)” and “Nova Launcher” on your Android Smartphone.

Step 3: Open the extracted folder from your Android Smartphone and there you will find all the necessary items such as icons, fonts, wallpapers, as well as the widgets made with UCCW.

Step 4: Select the theme from Nova Launcher and for widgets you can install from “UCCW” app.

That’s it! Now, your Android Smartphone looks similar as the UI of Apple iOS 7. If you are facing problem in installing Apple iOS 7 Theme for Android then watch the below video. The video shows the complete tutorial on “How to install Apple iOS 7 Theme for Android.” Cheers! 😀