Top 5 Best Twitter Apps for Android

Twitter is one of the best social networks that many people love to stay at. The 140 character limit is one superb thing that makes many people glued to their Twitter dashboard, checking out the tweets.

But having an Android Smartphone and not getting the things you deserve is sometimes quite frustrating. The same thing happens when you try to access Twitter from your Android Smartphone through the official Twitter app. I never ever got a tweet loaded in less than 5 minutes.

It’s a frustrating thing for the tweets take so much time to load itself. But thanks to all those developers who are working to make Android a better OS. There are now many third-party Twitter apps ready at your service that gives you superb performance.

Best Twitter Apps for Android

Falcon Pro was considered as one of the best Twitter apps for Android, but a few days back it was taken off Google Play Store. We don’t know why but we can’t find it in the store. So there’s another reason to build this list.

Here we have made a list of 5 of the best Twitter apps for Android, both paid and free, that you can install in your device and enjoy your daily dose of tweeting.

Best Twitter Apps for Android

#1. Plume (Free)

PlumePlume is a very good and customizable Twitter app that you can use to access Twitter. With this app in your smartphone, you can tap the tweets to see the replies and also to see the complete conversation. Though the app looks simple, there are a lot of things that will wow you everyday.

The reason why we considered Plume in this list, is that the interface of the app. It allows multiple accounts and it puts all the accounts in the timeline for you to access. You can see how many times people have mentioned you in their tweets and you can thank them if you want. For us, especially for me, Plume is one of the best Twitter apps for Android and you must surely give it a ride on your smartphone.

#2. Twicca (Free)

TwiccaTwicca is one another simple Twitter client that represents you with a neat dashboard every time you want to access your Twitter timeline. There are just 4 buttons in a row on your timeline and the tweets from people you follow. That’s it on the dashboard.

But you will get over the simplicity once you tap on a tweet and it will present you with a number of actions you can take. The media output is superb and you can view all the images from the timeline itself. One of the best things Twicca has, if you follow a lot of people in different fields, is that you can categorize them by assigning them color labels. Like red for the tech tweets, blue for the gadgets and so on. That’s one of the many reasons that makes this app as one of the best Twitter apps for Android smartphones.

#3. Robird (Paid – $1.99)

RobirdRobird is a relatively new Twitter client but in a short time it has become quite popular with the Android users as a go-to Twitter app. One of the best things about Robird is that the app support push notifications, a very important feature people look for nowadays.

Robird comes with almost all the features that a Twitter app should have. In-line image previews, auto-complete feature, Jelly Bean notification support, drafts and many others. The feature that stands out is its super smooth scrolling and a faster performance, this takes it to become one of the best Twitter client for Android. Though it is a paid app, it is worth the investment.

#4. Tweedle (Free)

TweedleTweedle is a simple app that is made especially for someone who has just started using Twitter, but the features of this app are quite good, if not better. The app comes with super smooth scrolling and a clean look along with some customization that you can do.

The app comes packed with all the basic features of a Twitter app like TweetMarker sync, Jelly Bean notification support, in-line media previews and others. One of the good features of this app is that it supports multiple accounts, a feature that not many of the best Twitter clients have. The update work is actively in progress and you might be able to see something new very soon.

#5. Carbon for Twitter (Free)

CarbonCarbon is one of the most beautiful Twitter app for Android. The app only works on smartphones and on only some tablets, but still this is one of those apps that are beautiful and sleek and feels great when you use them. One of the best Twitter apps for Android, I would say.

The app comes with a support of multiple accounts and it presents everything all together in one screen. Support for threaded direct messages and username auto-complete are some of the few features that makes the app stand out. The black color truly makes the app look beautiful on the Android smartphone scree.

Your Views on Best Twitter Apps for Android:

There was the list of our 5 best Twitter apps for Android smartphone. There might be many more efficient Twitter client, your favorite ones as well and we would like to hear from you about them. If you have not used any Twitter client, go take one of these apps for a ride and believe me, you won’t be disappointed.

Are there any favorites of yours? Then do share them with us via the comments below and add more information to this post. I would love if you could help us make this list the ultimate list of best Android Twitter app 2013.