New Release – Best Selfie Camera app for Android / iOS from Microsoft

Here comes one of the best selfie camera app for Android and iOS from the most popular Microsoft company.

Microsoft has always been at the top position in the task of releasing new technology and updates in the market. To release the developmental based applications, it always has its target over the two best platforms, and that is the Android and the iPhone. One of the best apps released by Microsoft for these two platforms is the Microsoft selfie app.

The Selfie camera app from Microsoft was launched in the month of December last year for the iOS. Initially, the application was not available to the Android based users, but now good news for the Android users is that you peeps can also enjoy this fantastic app and take beautiful selfies.

Microsoft Selfie Camera App for Android

Within this app, an intelligent processing is performed so that you can take much better and attractive selfies. The major aim of the Microsoft Selfie Camera app for Android is to help you to take some of the best shots with the help of the excellent front camera of the phone. After taking the selfie, you can improve its balance of the color along with the contrast and the quality of the skin. You can also change and adjust the exposure, lightening, and noise, etc. along with some other related factors. While providing any types of changes, the app can also consider your skin tone, gender, and the age.

Best Features of Microsoft Selfie Camera app

The Microsoft Selfie app has a unique feature of using the slider. The slider is used to adjust the capacity and measurement of processing. It means that before applying the final edits to the photo, you can clearly specify that how much processing you need, how much brightness you need to adjust and many other things. There are extra filter features available that can make your photos more awesome. These filters come with the options like ‘1965′ and the ‘XPro.’ An average photo can be quickly transformed into the enhanced and more natural clicks in just a pinch of time with the Microsoft Selfie app.

Best Selfie Camera for Android and iOS

When Microsoft launched the application, it offered two options with it. You can both take a new photo, and then perform editing over it, or you can also edit a photo that already exists in the gallery. You do not need to take the support of any other editor or any application to edit your clicks while taking clicks with this app.

What makes it best Selfie Camera app for Android / iOS from Microsoft?

Although there are many apps available in the market that can be used for the editing of the selfies and provide them a beautiful and natural look, the Microsoft Selfie app is something different. Yes, the processing mechanism used within it is very smart. All the enhancements to be done over the image like smoothening of the skin, reduction of the noise or the brightness, etc. can be done automatically.

Thus, people who are the craziest selfie lovers and are having a freak always to click the cool images must go with the Microsoft Selfie app and enjoy its unfair advantages.