Top 10 Best iPhone Screen Recording Software 2017 (Free / Paid)

How to record your iPhone screen is one of the most inquisitive queries which trigger your mind on getting a new iPhone set. Well, as Apple does not allow any third party screen recording applications on iOS that is why it has always been a tough job to perform screen recording on iPhones. Never the less, we are here to introduce you to the best iOS Screen Recorder Application software that permits its users to record videos of different activities being performed on the iOS gadgets. Although iPhone does have some inbuilt iOS Screen Recorder Apps, they have very limited productivity.

Best iPhone Screen Recording Software

Some people simply love making videos, and in this regard, the screen recorders can be utilized in numerous ways. For instance, you can create tutorial videos that can be posted on YouTube. Moreover, you can record your gameplay to share it with your friends. Hence The Screen Recording Application software is capable of making videos of everything that is happening on the screen of your device.

 Best iPhone Screen Recording Software

Gone are those days when you need to connect your iOS device to the computer to record the videos. This task has been made easy by simply installing Screen recorder to your device and capture the amazing moments directly. So, here is the list of the Best iPhone Screen Recorder Software that is designed to facilitate you with the best of their features.

Top 10 Best iPhone Screen Recording Software (Free / Paid)

  1. Fone iOS Screen Recorder
  2. AirShou iOS screen recorder
  3. Vidyo iOS Screen Recorder
  4. X-Mirage iOS Screen Recorder
  5. Reflector 2 iOS Screen Recorder
  6. iRec iOS Screen Recorder
  7. BB Rec iOS Screen Recorder
  8. iCapture 10 iOS Screen Recorder
  9. QuickTime Player
  10. Apowersoft iOS Recorder

Dr. Fone iOS Screen Recorder

Dr. Fone is the world’s first and the best providers of iOS 10.3 compatible data recovery software. It is one of the most amazing phone manager software that works magnificently to record your iPhone screen. It not only allows you to capture high-resolution videos but also let you to wirelessly mirror your device on the computer.

Key Features of Dr. Fone:

  • Allows easy recording of the screens of your iPhone, iPads or iPods
  • Records games videos and much more on your iOS device and transfer it to your PC
  • Supports the devices that are running iOS 8.1 to iOS 10.3
  • Is capable of mirroring any iOS device to any big screen, projector or your computer wirelessly.
  • Can quickly recover call logs, videos, contacts, photos, messages, notes, and more from your iPhone
  • No jailbreak required

AirShou iOS screen recorder

AirShou iOS screen recorder, generated by the creator of Shou.TV is one of the best which has come with immensely cool features. Shou.TV is the great hub for the iOS users which allows them to host their play game and share the recorded videos on Shou.TV. AirShou iOS screen recorder consumes very little processing power but is capable of capturing some really high-quality screen recordings.

Key Features of AirShou iOS screen recorder:

  • Easily record games as well as can create tutorials for other applications
  • Compatible with almost all iOS devices
  • Offers high-quality stereo recording
  • Develop videos at 1080P with 60fps capabilities
  • Easy installation
  • Work perfectly without jailbreak

Vidyo iOS Screen Recorder

Vidyo iOS is a multi-functional and an easy to use the screen recorder. Performance wise it is quite safe and stable. On stimulating an AirPlay Mirroring connection to the application itself, Vidyo allows you to capture the screen of your device even when the app is not in use. Thus it records your home screen as well as other applications running and keeps on saving it into the video file on your device.

Key Features of Vidyo iOS Screen Recorder:

  • It renders 1080p resolution video and records screen at 60fps.
  • Enables you to capture any music or audio sound that comes out of the speakers of your iPhone
  • Add background audio to the existing videos
  • Allows you to add your own voice for the recordings
  • Audio mixing capabilities
  • Allows you to edit the recorded videos
  • It is an app without jailbreak

X-Mirage iOS Screen Recorder

X-Mirage is an iOS screen Recorder that is designed to mirror professionally any activity going on to your portable device. It offers two main functions; iOS device screening recording and AirPlay streaming

Key Features of X-Mirage iOS Screen Recorder:

  • Allows and easy and wirelessly streaming content or mirror your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad screens
  • Capable of mirroring multiple devices at the same time
  • Allows you to record lessons, tutorials, presentations, videos, slideshows, games and much more
  • Whatever is done on your iOS devices are recorded and exported.

Reflector 2 iOS Screen Recorder

Reflector 2 is the latest version of the Reflector and is available at a very reasonable price. It encompasses two inbuilt functions; Google Cast and AirPlay.

Key Features of Reflector 2 iOS Screen Recorder:

  • It includes the most inspiring feature called screen mirroring
  • Screen Mirroring allows streaming movies and shows that you play on your iPhone to the TV. Moreover, cables are exempted for this purpose.
  • It is capable of supporting Amazon Fire TV and Smart TV.
  • It intellectually chooses the layout when multiple devices are connected
  • With a simple click of a button, it allows you to send the mirrored screen directly to the YouTube.
  • It is capable of hiding the devices which are not being used without disconnecting it.

iRec iOS Screen Recorder

iRec is another amazing application that does not require the jailbreak. This application offers an easy to use interface and records high-quality videos without affecting the performance of your device.

Key Features of iRec iOS Screen Recorder:

  • Records on-screen activities, videos, and audios.
  • Record the screen while gaming or browsing and impart it to your companions.
  • This application has the potency of sharing the recorded recordings from the application itself.
  • iRec Screen Recorder works with the device which is even non-jail braked.

BB Rec iOS Screen Recorder

BB Rec iOS Screen Recorder is a neatly designed application that allows you to directly record your iOS screen. It offers a user-friendly interface with easy navigations.

Key Feature of BB Rec iOS Screen Recorder:

  • Records games and applications
  • Make tutorials with crisp and clear quality
  • Allows you to stream and pre-loaded clips
  • Drag and drop to transfer videos quickly
  • Offers you to record your device for a continuous period of 2.5 hours

iCapture 10 Screen Recorder

Whether you are interested in making iOS tutorials or need to record the gameplay progress, iCapture 10 Screen Recorder is all set to do it all for you. It is compatible with iOS 7 and later versions including iOS 10.

Key Features of iCapture 10 Screen Recorder:

  • Consumes little room on your phone and does not influence the execution of your device
  • Makes a best quality screen recording
  • No jailbreak
  • Helps you to create useful tutorials

QuickTime Player

QuickTime Player is one of the best screen recorders which records iPhones and iPads screens professionally and vigilantly.

Key Features of QuickTime Player:

  • Offers recording movies from your camera and audio from a microphone
  • Creates brief tutorials for the students
  • Use of playback controls to rewind, forward, pause, play or adjust the volumes
  • Stream videos to your Apple TV from QuickTime Player

Apowersoft iOS Recorder

Apowersoft iOS Recorder is yet another popular software available to record your iPhone screens.

Key Features of Apowersoft iOS Recorder:

  • Connects iPhone/iPad to computer wirelessly
  • Stream any screen activity with audio to your PC
  • Enables its users to customize settings for capture and display
  • Allow taking HD shots instantly

Wrapping up:

Go with the app that fits in best for your iOS device. Create high-quality videos of your iOS screen with any one of the finest available iOS screen recorders which do not even require a jailbreak anymore.