Best IDM Internet Download Manager for Android Free APK Download

Do you need to download big files on your Android smartphone and searching for best IDM Internet Download Manager for Android? Then, here is the latest version of IDM free download for Android.

Each time you download something big on your phone like an apk file or a video clip, you keep on checking the screen to check whether the file is being downloaded or it stopped by an error. Very few unlucky times, or due to bad connection your download ends up stopping at 90% or at some point in time, which makes it frustrating to download it again from the beginning!

The Download Managers are the thing for PC’s which solves every problem of downloading huge files. Using IDM on your PC has lots of advantages and now you can get all of its advantages on your Android smartphone too. The good news is, you can download internet download manager for Android.

Best IDM Internet Download Manager for Android Free APK Download

The IDM for Android is one of the best and comes with the same features as of PC. Unfortunately, you cannot find IDM android in Google Play Store, but you can find various alternatives. Here is the “Advanced Download Manager”, an alternative to IDM for Android.

How does it work?

The Advanced Download Manager helps you to download large files uninterruptedly. Besides that, it also gives you many features such as pausing the download midway and continuing when you get proper internet. Basically, the download manager app serves you as a client to help you download files effortlessly.

Why do I need it?

Obviously, we all need the best IDM Internet Download Manager for Android to have the same control of downloads as we have on our PC. On the PC, we can download many files at once and organize them, pause them and use it on our wish. But on our phones, it’s not that easy to manage many downloads, and pausing is impossible, and if it fails it’s miserable, so we need the best download manager for Android.

Best IDM Internet Download Manager for Android

So picking the best download manager is really a tough job, because of many fake apps which are fully of ads, worry not, we have provided you the link to the best download manager for Android in the form of an apk file at the end of the post, so that you can easily use it for downloading large files.

IDM Free Download Manager for Android

Features of Internet Download Manager for Android app

  • Multiple file downloads: download multiple files at once, and also keep track of all the downloads (works best for 3 downloads at once).
  • Built-in browser: for sites which require registration, you have a built-in browser in which you can sign in or register and download the necessary file.
  • Multithreading (9 parts): the download manager multithread downloading which boots up the download speed, and downloads files faster than ever.
  • Save wherever you want, basically, on Android you get downloaded files in the download folder, which is pretty annoying, so Android manager can change the default folder and download wherever you want.
  • Pause, stop, continue where you left off: this is the feature everybody wants on their phone to pause, stop their downloads and have all the control over downloads.
  • Using links from clipboard or browser: you can directly paste links from clipboard or even download straight right out of your browser without any hassle
  • Scheduled downloads: you can schedule a download to start at particular time, which is very helpful if you are activating an internet data connection at particular point of time and you want your download to start automatically
  • Widgets on home screen: one of the shortcuts which stop you from opening the app all the way and handling the downloads, you can have access to all the above features right from your home screen which is pretty impressive.
  • Notifications: the download manager app notifies you at ease about finished downloads via vibrations or sounds.

IDM for Android

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So the best download manager for android basically makes things easier in downloading files, it is the best solution for downloading large files on android.