Best Apps to Make Videos from Photos and Music 2016 (Android / iPhone)

Got a lot of different occasional photos and want to convert it into a beautiful memory? Then check out the best apps to make videos from photos and music. These apps will going to help you make beautiful videos by merging your photos and include any music in the background. Pick any of the app to make videos from photos and music, which are available for both Android and iPhone.

We believe that video is the most powerful way to communicate the things that you most care. Whenever you go through your old albums and recall your memories. Instead of that, you wish you had the videos of all those memories. Videos helps you to relive all the memories that have been captured. Be it birthdaysmarriages or graduation videos turns all these into a story.

Best Apps to Make Videos from Photos and Music

The craze of selfies and taking pictures on your mobile phones have reduced the usage of digital cameras. The captured pictures can be combined and made into a movie within momentsThere are thousands of apps that help you to use your photos in your videos. Today we are here to help you out in choosing an application that makes your photos come alive.

Best Apps to Make Videos from Photos and Music 2016 (Android / iPhone)

Animoto Video Maker

Animoto Video Maker

It is a cloud based video creation service that produces videos from photos. It is one of the apps featured in CNN, BBC, The New York Times. It has different features for family videos, professional videos, business videos or presentations for education. It can be easily used by the beginners. The app also provides various themes to choose from. The videos can also be customized with music and words. It simplifies video editing by limiting the number of customization options. This app does not allow to capture pictures or videos within the application. Filters and embellishments can be added to your pictures by selecting the theme style in the app.

Download Animoto Video Maker for iPhone
Download Animoto Video Maker for Android

PICOVICO Slideshow Maker

PICOVICO Slideshow Maker

Picovico is an effective app that transforms your photos into videos. This app allows you to access the photos in your social websites directly. You can make your memories into a movie just in few minutes. It is a fast way to make your videos using your photos. This app does not have limitations of templates. This application allows the user to produce unique videos. It allows the you to add visual assets from your device. This application also offers an easy, concise tutorial that allows you to edit even faster. This app has customizable themes, music and text.

Download Animoto Video Maker for Android

Quik – Free Video Editor

Quik - Free Video Editor

As the name suggests Quik is the fastest app to create videos. It is an adept app that has the music auto sync, different styles, filters. It allows the users to trim shots manually. This app gives numerous fonts for the. There are 24 video editing styles. Anybody can use the app with an ease. This app has the best user interface. For the people who do their work at the nick of time this is the best app. Turn your photos and videos into movies with immaculate transitions, perfectly synced to your choice of music. Quik also scan your phone’s videos and presents you with an automatically edited highlight video every week.

PicMotion – photo video slide

PicMotion - photo video slide

PicMotion is yet another app to create your own video stories from your pictures. This app has beautiful transition effects and filters. It allows you to add music or your own voice to personalize your videos. It takes few seconds to generate the videos (although the procedure is a bit longer!). It is a user friendly app which does not require much of video editing skills. This app allows you to bring your photos to life with the many editing options.

VivaVideo: Free Video Editor

VivaVideo Free Video Editor

This is the most used video editing apps. This is not only used for editing videos but also for making videos using the photos. People also use it for recording their dubs. This app has awesome special effects to add to your video. But the fine tuning and editing is very precise. This app also has plenty of tools and filters to edit. This application lets you shoot in normal and wide screen, as well as in fast or slow motion. You can enhance your experience and your videos with in-app purchases. This is a great companion app to upload short videos on Instagram.

Magisto Video Editor & Maker

Magisto Video Editor and Maker

Magisto is an app that turns your photos and videos into professionally edited slide shows. It is one of popular choice for many video editors. This app will automatically arrange and add effects to your videos. This app produces videos with innovative styles. It comes with an easy to learn interface. In-app purchases include unlimited cloud storage and the ability to make longer movies. It is a fully automated video editing app. If you are not that creative or just don’t have time to obsess over a single video, this is the app made for you.

Your View on Best App to Make Videos From Photos and Music

This list is just an overview of the video editing apps that are available today. All these applications give you the ability to transform your photos and videos into anything special, allowing you to tell your story in a unique way. the technological development has indeed created a great ease in the field of editing. Just a few taps your video is ready to be shared.