5 Best Battery Saver App for Android 2016

Here in this article, you can find 5 Best Battery Saver App for Android 2016. Now-a-days, owning an Android Smartphone is not a big deal, but to maintain its battery level is really a tough task. Everyone is complaining about the battery drain problem in Android Smartphone and keep on saying that why manufactures don’t increase the battery life of an Android Smartphone? Leaving that question to the manufacturer’s side. Though, have you ever thought how effectively you are dealing with your Android Smartphone? I must say NO! You simply go on chatting with friends, play games, background downloading with many more running apps, hence you’re are eating up battery’s life faster than we would like. Now, think how extensively Android manages these all tasks and that’s what we called multitasking, that’s the reason battery doesn’t seem to live up to our expectations.

Best Android Battery Saver Apps

Forget that all, that are technical jargon’s. Presently, the question is: How to improve battery life of an Android Smartphone? Firstly, thanks to the developers who keeps on searching to improve the life of a Smartphone’s battery. Today, I will not provide you any trick to improve Smartphone’s battery life; instead of that some best Android Battery Saver Apps, which will really help you a lot! I have gone through many Android Battery Saver Apps and finally came up with my most favorite 5 Best Battery Saver App for Android 2016 that will surely amplify the life of your Android’s battery. Let’s go through all of them on by one in brief.

5 Best Battery Saver App for Android 2016

1. Battery Saver – Battery Widget

Battery Saver for Android

One of the best Android Battery Saver Apps in terms of the free version is Linpus Battery Saver because it includes tremendous optimization features never seen before in other apps. Depending on your battery level, it will predict how much time you can use an app before the battery is drained. You can also see the line-up of apps which consumes the most power and also lets you to kill immediately on a tap. The app is fully optimized with power usage plans and with intelligent power saving.

Download Battery optimizer and Widget from Google Play Store

2. NQ Easy Battery Saver

Best Free Battery Saver App

I hope you remembered “NetQin Mobile Manager” for Symbian mobile. From that manufacturer only, here comes the NQ Easy Battery Saver – The most creative optimizer for Android. You can optimize your battery from the home screen only, a smart assistant is made available on the home screen just click on it and you will be ready to boost your device’s battery. Besides that, you can keep an eye on all running apps and memory usage of them. The most amazing feature is that you can permanently put a lock on the apps which you want to run constantly.

Download NQ Easy Battery Saver from Google Play Store

3. Battery Doctor (Battery Saver)

Best Android Battery Saver Apps

For us, the doctor is always there to cure any disease. Similarly, for the Smartphones we have Battery Doctor to save and extend battery’s life. This is another Best Android Battery Saver Apps I have encountered; it offers plenty of features at no cost. You might not know that your phone doesn’t show the accurate battery percentage, but this app does. The app has inbuilt task killer to terminate apps that consumes power while not in use, Unique 3 charge cycles that boosts battery life, Widgets that improves battery performance, and of course it increases the speed of the device.

Download Battery Doctor (Battery Saver) from Google Play Store

4. GO Battery Saver &Power Widget

Easy Battery Saver App Android

A best Free Android Battery Saver app designed by Go Dev Team for optimizing and extending battery’s life. The app offers ONE CLICK OPTIMIZATION with several pre-defined modes as well as you can define custom battery saving mode for the personal usage when it requires. It also keeps an eye on your app which continuously eats up your battery. For the faster optimization, it suggests you what to be open or close depending on battery percentage. You can refer Smart Tab for defining task which you want to turn on at a particular event or a time. A power packed Battery Saver for Android from the Go Team, seeing the powerful features I have included this app in my 5 Best Android Battery Saver Apps list.

Download GO Battery Saver & Power Widget from Google Play Store

5. DU Battery Saver & Widgets

Best Android App Battery Saver

Herein the last app in my list is DU Battery Saver – the most powerful app to extend your Smartphones battery life. The app includes SMART PRE-SET MODES to choose from that fits your battery power usage, or customize the right balance of battery life and performance. One Click Optimize releases the running background apps and unlock detailed settings to super-tune your battery savings. It automatically changes to battery saving mode based on the preferences as well as automatically shuts down power-draining apps running in the background. Hence, I must say this is one of the Best Battery Saver App for Android 2016 for effective usage of your Smartphones or Tablets.

Download DU Battery Saver丨Power Doctor from Google Play Store

Your Views on 5 Best Battery Saver App for Android 2016

Now, it’s your turn! Which Android Applications you use to improve and extend the battery life of your Android Device? Is it included in my above list or you use some of the other applications? I would surely like to hear your favorite Android Battery Saver Apps in the comments below.