Asus ZenPower Review – Best Credit Size 10500 mAh Power Bank

Asus is one of the most popular Taiwanese manufacturer of electronic gadgets. Last year, the company came-up with an Android smartphones under “Asus Zenfone series” featuring high end configuration and affordable rate. Well, this year, the Asus has brought an another exciting and a wonderful product to fulfil the daily needs of every smartphone owners, called “Asus ZenPower”. The Asus ZenPower is a power bank with a capacity of 10050mAh and equivalent to the size of a credit card. It not only features an exceptional design, but an exceptional metallic body for better insulation and safety of users. Besides, the all-new Asus ZenPower is a feature-full product, so let’s have an in-depth review of it.

Asus ZenPower Review - Best Credit Size 10500 mAh Power Bank


The Asus ZenPower comes in a simple box with an USB charging cord and a user manual.

Asus ZenPower Unboxing

Initially, I was amazed to see the size of packing because all these things reside inside a small white box, which shows that the company has done an excellent job.


Asus is quite attached to an aluminum design and of course, the zen power front-body wraps featuring aluminum alloy built with a finish texture design which gives a premium look and feel.

One of the most attracting thing about “10050mAh Asus ZenPower” is its size. Its dimensions are 90.5 x 59 x 22 mm, which is nearly same as of credit card. Also, it weighs only 215g which is much lighter than any other power bank exists in the market.

On the top, you will find a power button, 4 LED indicators and 2 ports. The power button is used to check the charging left inside the power bank which is indicated by 4 LED blinkers. Besides, there are two ports – the USB port is for charging the device, while microUSB is to charge the power bank using an external source.

Asus ZenPower Design and Features


No doubt, the Asus ZenPower is a commendable product from the house of Taiwanese manufacturer which can charge your smartphone minimum three times on a full-charge. The company already claims that, “It can charge Asus Zenfone 2 or Zenfone 6 for two times and Zenfone 5 for three times on a 100% charging of ZenPower”.

It comes with lots of features such as automatic detection of device, self ON/OFF, automatically stops charging once your device is fully-charged to avoid flooding, Input/Output Voltage protection, temperature resistance, no heating issues, fast charging, and many more.


The Asus ZenPower is available under five different color options including silver, black, pink, gold and blue. The price of Asus ZenPower is Rs 1499.0 for all the colors except black which is priced at Rs 1599.0.


Asus ZenPower is handy and durable power bank present in the market with a capacity of 10050mAh. Undoubtedly, it’s a premium product with many features which you can find in most of the power banks. So, ZenPower can be your smartphone’s best friend if you’re planning for a long journey.

Finally, it’s your turn to let us know about this awesome product and what you personally feel about it.