5 Apps to Save your Time and Money Efficiently

Do you think that all millionaires are in financial abundance because of their business? Not absolutely. In fact, people who have agglomerated numerous sums of money were firstly good at making savings. They were careful in making expenses because they avoided unthoughtful money waste. Rich people usually hold records and tables of money income and outcome. As you see, you don`t need to have super specific skills to save your budget in right way.

So, it is really possible to can join the ranks of rich. Nowadays, to save money you don’t even need to make records. There are many apps that can bring discipline to your finances. From the great variety of apps on the modern market I have selected five, that will suit the best. You must understand that if you devote some time to enter data about your expenses you can save impressive sums. So, check out best finance apps, spend money wisely and make savings.

5 Apps to Save your Time and Money Efficiently

5 Android Apps to Save your Time and Money Efficiently

1) MoneyWiz

This one is one of the most popular finance apps. It helps to lead the account of personal finances and of finances of the whole family. It is possible to pledge the budget for given period of time and trace the sources of income and outcome. When you know where your money goes it becomes possible to optimize your expenses and shorten them.

With MoneyWiz users can lead two accounts (online, cash, on credit cards, etc.), make the planning of the expenditure and add them to the calendar, look through the statistics of the specific period (e.g. how much money have you spent this week).

Moneywiz app

Another essential advantage of MoneyWIz is SYNCbits service. It synchronizes information between different gadgets. It means that if you had accounts of your finances in another app, you can import this data into other formats.

2) HomeBudget

This app is perfect for controlling the budget of the whole family. All family members can have access to the group account of your family and provide necessary data for accounting and planning. In such a way, you will learn how much earn and spend each member of the family and plan family budget accurately to make savings. Talking about other functions of this app, there is a search tool where you will be able to find important records about your financial state. There are far more functions, but it is up to your choice to use it or not.

HomeBudget app

With apps and internet sources you can ease your life and save time for other useful things. Both graduates of high school and working adults can reach financial success with the use of them. For example, after I used money and time-saving apps I got a chance to learn how to do my research paper and devote more time to studying.

3) DebtControl

The aim of this app is to draw you out from the debt hole. If you have many credits and don`t know how to deal with that this app is for you. Because it creates for you a unique strategy of how to get out of your debts. It prioritizes your payments, so you will know how to pay your debts gradually without going deeper in debts. This app will evaluate how much will it take to become completely free from the debts too.

Moreover, this app will come in handy for people who are not in the critical situation currently and who want to prevent themselves from it. If you are afraid going to debts, you make in this app notification of when and where you must pay on time. Because the more you linger with the outstanding payment, the more you will have to pay in the future.

4) Daily Budget

It is an excellent planner for your daily expenses. It calculates for you the norm of how much you can spend every day. So, you will save money on something more than for the dinner in the canteen.

Daily Budget app

The principle of its work is simple. First of all, you must enter your average month income and highlight the sum of regular expenses (like utility bills, payments for housing, tv, internet) and define the amount that you want to put into the moneybox. Consequently, “Daily Budget” will give a sum that you can spend during the day without hurting your budget and savings plan.

5) Plates by Splitwise

This app will assist you in evaluations of your expenses in restaurants. If people visit cafes or restaurants with a company they usually split a check. Most people spend extra 30 minutes in the cafe just calculating home much each of them must put to reach the sum stated in the check. This task is much harder when you are not completely sober and just want to leave home. The fact is that many people lose much money because they pay somebody`s part just to avoid lengthy calculations. Fortunately, with “Plates” you can save your precious time and money in the restaurant.

Plates by Splitwise app

The principle of its work is simple. Firstly, you put names of all people from your table and distribute to the sections with dishes and drinks that they have ordered. You can also split equally group refreshments and sets of drinks just with switching on one bottom. Another useful function is that if you have paid for the person that had accidentally forgotten his wallet, you can send him a notification about his debt immediately.