Android O Features List for Users and Developers: What’s New?

Excitement about the brand-new version of Android O, then here is all-new Android O Features list, which you might want to look at it. So, go through all the new sweetness which comes under Android O Features list.

Any new Android release boosts up the excitement and the curiosity at the same time to explore its fresh and advanced features. As Google’s recent release of its next Android Operating System currently called Android O, the developer version has landed, fans are craving to discover big sweeping changes as well as the smaller updates.

Android O Features List for Users and Developers

Developer or not, with the launch of the new operating system, everybody is inquisitive to sneak peak the brand new features and updates that will soon be coming to our Smartphones. The developer preview highlighted a couple of new Android O features along with the improvement to the existing OS, Android Nougat. Scroll down to have a closer look at the exciting additions to Android O Features.

Android O Features List for Users and Developers: What’s New?

  • Background limits for better battery life
  • Notification Channels
  • Picture – in – Picture
  • Autofill Apps
  • Adaptive Icons
  • Wide Gamut color for applications
  • Improved keyboard navigation
  • High-Resolution Audio Support
  • New Connectivity Features

Background Limits for Better Battery Life:

Google is still striving to maximize battery life which started with Android Nougat and now Android O promises to add in more to this cause even further. This time Google has added additional automatic limits to what apps use to do in the background. These limitations fall into the following three categories:

  • Background services
  • Location updates
  • Implicit broadcasts

This will allow the developers to fine tune the activities that their app performs while running in the background with minimum impact on the battery life of the Smartphone.

Notification Channels:

Notification Channels Android O

To have greater control over the app notifications, Google is grouping notifications into channels. There are going to be app defined categories for notification content which when set right will allow its users to have excellent control over the different kinds of notifications for an app. It will eliminate the idea of managing all app’s notification together. Moreover, Android O will provide you the opportunity to snooze notification by sliding your finger and also offers you to make a selection for how long to snooze it; like for 15, 30 or 60 minutes.

Picture – in – Picture:

PiP (Picture-in-Picture) features to enable its users to continue watching videos while working within another application. This feature is very similar to YouTube App where you can hit the play button, press the back button while the video is still doing and go for browsing other interesting stuff. The PiP windows will also encompass playback controls and will be supporting Multi-Display.

Autofill Apps:

Autofill Apps Android O

Using password manager app, Android O will give you an easy and secure access via Autofill across your Android device. Autofill would let the password to managers automatically input the credentials other apps and web pages. You will be allowed to select which password manager app you want to take advantage of. This is going to be similar to the way you can bow select which keyboard to use across various applications on your Android device.

Adaptive Icons:

Depending on the manufacturer’s preference, Google has now added a feature that will allow the developers to use different shaped application icons. The system also has an ability to animate interaction with the icons which can be used in shortcuts, settings, etc.

Wide Gamut color for applications:

The makers of the imaging applications can now benefit from the stunning wide gamut color displays developed by the manufacturers. Imaging and the photo editing applications can now be adjusted to take advantage of the devices that support and exhibits Wide Gamut Colours.

Improved Keyboard Navigation:

Keeping in mind the arrival of the Play Store on the Google Chrome OS, more users are navigating the applications using physical keyboards. Thus, in this regard, Google has streamlined the use of a keyboard in Android O and make certain improvements to cater the crowd.

High-Resolution Audio Support:

Contributing a big plus to audiophiles out there, your Smartphone will now be able to stream high-quality audio via Bluetooth. Obviously, for clear high resolutions, it depends upon the quality of the audio recording and the headphones or the speakers you are using.

New Connectivity Features:

This is a fantastic feature that will allow nearby applications and devices to discover and communicate over WIFI without acquiring an internet access point. This new connectivity feature is WIFI Aware which was previously known as NAN (Neighbor Awareness Networking).

Additional Changes:

In addition to the features mentioned above, Android O will bring us:

  • Enhanced WebView that will enable multiprocessing mode by default.
  • A new API will allow the applications to better handles the crashes and errors.
  • Support to several new Java Languages.
  • The Android runtime is going to be much faster than before.

Wrapping up:

These are the very early Android O Features. What’s more going to add in will most likely to reveal at the Google’s Annual Software Developer Conference in May. So, stay tuned for more updates!