How to root HTC One (M7) | Easiest Method

The HTC Quick Root method: How to root HTC One (M7)

Recently, HTC launched HTC One (code-named M7) flagship device in the market. There is a huge clash between top three Android Devices manufacturer’s and their phones, i.e. HTC One from HTC, Galaxy S4 from Samsung and Xperia Z from Sony. No doubt! These all three phones are tremendous with various features. So, it’s totally depend on you which phone you want to purchase?

How to root HTC One (M7) - Easiest Method


I know; you own HTC One (M7) that’s why you are here. I will not waste time in discussing features, let’s come to the point. Today, in this article I will show you the simplest way to root HTC One (M7). As you will traverse below, we will surely guide you through the complete process on how to root HTC One (M7). But, before that please read the prerequisite, disclaimer and other important notes. Let’s start our journey!

Disclaimer: Rooting will void your phone Warranty. We are not responsible if anything happens to your phone. This article is purely for HTC One (M7), applying these steps on another device may gets damage  Don’t miss any of the steps, firstly read and understand the whole tutorial then go for the actual process.


1. Make sure your mobile should possess 70 to 80% battery

2. Enable USB debugging mode (Menu (app drawer) > Settings > Manage Applications > Development > USB Debugging – check box)

3. Ensure that you have backed up your all important data.

4. Your phone Bootloader must be unlocked. If not then unlock from HTCdev site.

5. Install USB Drivers. (Download HTC USB Drivers or Download HTC Sync Manager (Contains Drivers))

Step by Step Guide on:

How to root HTC One (M7)

Step 1: Download Rooting Package and extract it on the desktop.

Step 2: Switch off your phone and enter into bootloader mode by “pressing & holding Volume down + Power Button together“.

Step 3: When the phone is in bootloader mode, connect your device to your computer via USB cable.

Step 4: Now, from the extracted folder you will find “install-superboot-windows.bat“. Open that file.

Step 5: You have to just follow the on-screen instructions and your HTC One will be rooted in a few minutes.

So, this is the most simplest guide on How to root HTC One (M7). If you encounter any problem while rooting your device, then put your problem/queries below via comments and we will surely help you! Happy Rooting :D

  • Danny Kennedy

    I’m not getting any on screen instructions. It simply restarts to the start up screen. I have followed the instruction to the letter above, am I doing something wrong? Is my device rooting?

    • Sohil Memon

      No! It’s perfectly correct :)

  • Cuanto lo Siento

    I get an error message.

    Cant start. missing AdbWinApo.dll file is not missing,
    i have it in system 32, androidfolder, SDK folder, and eaven fastboot folder.

    • Alex Lee

      you need to have it in the folder where you open your command prompt.

      • Cuanto lo Siento

        Thanks, now I have M8. And don’t know how to root thisone

  • Memyselfand

    I am stuck with the rooting … It wouldn’t go further than “downloading boot.img” any suggestions?

    • A_Almograby

      same thing happened to me!!

  • Lori Downs

    I got an error message, then application not found

  • VM

    The Biggest shit which i see

  • Omar

    I don’t have any on-screen instructions (Step 5)

  • Amantis

    Step 4-5.

    install-superboot-windows.bat just says and never does anything, I have the drivers installed my htc connects up when I power up into the OS Why isn’t my device being detected?

  • christian

    my phone wont be recognized by my computer after i bootloaded

  • Dalci Vieira

    perboot>fastboot-windows.exe boot temp.i

    downloading ‘boot.img’… OKAY

    booting… FAILED (remote: not allowed)

  • Molly Anna

    im scared